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Tarry Davison fires 726 series in Sunday night action

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Tarry Davison came to Sunday Night Mixed league action ready to compete shooting a 726 series for three games.
Davison started the night with 209 and followed with games of 238 and 279. Davison’s last game was just one strike away from the coveted perfect game. Davison averaged 242 for the night and led his team to win two games.

Jason Keller started the night off slow with 204 but rallied the last two games for 257 and 263 for a three-game series of 724. Keller’s series was the high for the Thursday Men’s Commercial league. Keller averaged 241 for the night and was 61 pins over his average for series. Keller led his team The King Pins, to a three-game victory.   
Jim Beard of Jim’s Pro Shop just missed shooting 700 with his 697 effort.  Beard started the night right on target with his 289 during his first game with the first 10 strikes in a row. Beard also bagged a game of 223 in the final game of the set. Beard finished the session 94 pins above his average for series and had the third high series during Thursday Men’s Commercial action. Turk Morgan never missed his target Thursday night with his three-game series of 693. Morgan, a seasoned veteran of the sport, fired games of 219, 217 and 257 to lead his team to sweep their competition.  Morgan and his team, Classic Lanes, shot above their average for the evening, Morgan finishing 93 pins above his average for series.  Morgan also averaged 231 per game for the session, not too shabby for a bowler in age of 70-plus years.       
Becky Bowden led the women this week for all leagues with her three-game set of 607 September 13. Bowden opened the night with 194 and followed up with games of 191 and 222. Bowden averaged 202 for the night and had the high series for her team.

Sunday Night Mixed
James Allen finished Sunday night’s session with the second high series for the men with 681. Allen, with an average of 200, rolled games of 257, 216 and 213 to help his team take three wins. Allen averaged 81 pins above his average for series and finished the set 27 pins above his individual average with 227.Michael Bowden went into Sunday’s action with an average of 171 and fired games of 214, 221 and 193 for a series of 628. Bowden, in only his second season of competition, averaged 115 pins above his average for series and led his team to a four-game victory. Bowden also averaged 209 for the night.     
Joey Burton continues to improve from week to week and proved it this week with his 519 three-game series. Burton tossed games of 168, 207 and 144 on his 107 average. Burton, a recent newcomer to the sport, shot 198 pins above his average for series and averaged 173 for the set. Burton led his team to a three-game victory against opponents that he was out-averaged by 73 pins, proving he picked the right team name, The Underdogs. Wade Crist, with an average of 142, fired games of 173, 153 and 157 for a series of 483. Teammates Kathy VanSickle and Terry Kozeluh carried their spouses to win three of four games.
VanSickle, after taking the summer session off, came back for a three-game series of 524 including a first game of 213 while Terry Kozeluh rolled games of 183 and 197 for a series of 518. 
Karla Dailey bagged a game of 236 on her 184 average.Kalie Burton, with an average of 116, rolled a game of 150 to open the set. 
Teammate Catalina Torres tossed 28 pins above her individual average of 144 with a first game of 172.  Shannon Hague fired a 225 during the second game of her series to help her team take two wins. Harold McClure shot games of 256 and 219 on his average of 213 while four lanes over Colby Pullen booked games of 224, 204 and 209 to end his night with a three-game series of 637.

Monday Night Ladies
Donna White started the first week of the Monday Night Ladies league right with her three-game series of 599.  White charted games of 206 and 228 to average 199 for the evening. White led her team, Spare Me, to take three wins from their competition. Teammate Linda Gammill tossed a pair of 180 games to help with the winning effort. DeOnna Watkins, with an average of 158, strung games of 176, 181 and 173 for a series of 530.  Watkins finished the night with the third high series.     
Shannon Hague, after warming up Sunday, booked games of 177, 192 and 226 on her average of 177. Hague finished the night with a three-game series of 595 and averaged 198 for the session while leading her team to win three games. Kathy Kirkpatrick went into Monday night’s action with a 141 average and rolled a pair of 154 games and a 161 for a series of 469.     
Tina Phillips bagged games of 204 and 171 for a series of 520. Phillips averaged 16 pins above her average for series and averaged 173 for the night. Debra Sutterfield, competing an average of 146, fired games of 181 and 175 for a series of 481. Sutterfield averaged 160 for the session and helped her team win one game. Linda Brazil tossed games of 166 and 163 on her average of 140, while Betty Russell fired a 190 during the second game of competition. Cindy Butler, with an average of 136, rolled games of 158 and 159 in a series of 450.  Teammate Pat Michael shot a series of 444 that included games of 166 and 163. Penny Shelton fired 45 pins above her average during the second game of the night for 197. Shelton completed the session with a series of 486 and averaged 10 pins above her 152 average with 162.

Tuesday Night Mixed
Tarry Davison, determined to be an overachiever this week, fired a 699 series giving him the high series of the night for the league and third high of the center for the week. Davison charted games of 225 and 267 on his average of 225. Jason Parmer shot games of 225, 213 and 204 for a series of 642.  Parmer finished the night hitting his average right on the nose with 214.      Dale Watkins took the reins for his team rolling games of 210 and 246 for a three-game series of 630.  Watkins averaged 93 pins above his average for series. Kevin Sharp thought for sure he had his wife, Amber Sharp, beat this week with his first game of 226. Amber, never one to give up so easily, closed out the last few frames for a 235, its okay Kevin, there is always next week.

Laura Ballard rolled games of 194, 206 and 198 for a 598 series just missing the 600 mark. Teammate Ace Wiginton strung games of 213, 200 and 202 for his 615 series. Wiginton and Ballard led their team, Irish Pride, to three wins. Opponent Deana Hale fought back with her 580 series that included games of 204 and 205 but fell short, winning just one game.     
Amy Sharp fired a 231 during the second game of league play, while just one lane over Betty Russell continued this week to show her husband Chuck that he still has a thing or two to learn. Russell rolled games of 182, 216 and 189 for a 587 series while husband Chuck bagged games of 185 and 217 for a series of 568, just 19 pins behind Betty. The moral to this story, Chuck, is practice, practice, practice.     
Steve Edwards woke up this week to shoot a 629 series that included games of 205 and 225. James Parmer also showed up ready for action, rolling games of 215, 201 and 196 for a series of 612. Parmer fished the set 30 pins above his average for series and averaged 16 pins above his 194 average with 210. Vonda Douglas, Parmer’s leadoff bowler, played her role well shooting games of 189 and 140 on her average of 136.     
Terry Douglas saved his best for last, firing 239 in his final game of the session. Following Douglas’s lead, Pam Parmer rolled an impressive 192 during her last game of the night to help her team, Judge and Jury, take three wins. Craig McBrayer went into Tuesday night play ready to compete tossing a 525 series that included games of 189, 157 and 179.  McBrayer’s teammate Mike Gilliland was good for one game, rolling a 241 to open the night. 

Thursday Men’s Commercial
Keith Etheridge returned to Thursday night men’s action this week with a 671 series. Etheridge, with an average of 202, shot games of 213, 249 and 209 to finish the night 65 pins above his average for series. Lynn Mills, competing on an average of 184, fired 226 in the final game of the session.  John Lambert rolled games of 214 and 204 for a series of 596.     
Buddy McClendon strung games of 191, 239 and 202 for a series of 632 on his average of 190. Teammate Kenny Turner booked games of 198 and 174 on his average of 164. Dewayne Roach, with an average of 204, rolled games of 220, 221 and 219 for a series of 660. Shayne Wilson fired a 675 series that included games of 236 and 232.
Larry Stovall started the night off right by firing a 242 while teammate Wes Crist bagged games 207 and 205 on his 174 average. Greg Pullen tossed games of 204 and 267 in a three-game series of 623. Pullen led his team to win all four games. Mike Gilliland charted games of 244 and 215 on his average of 214 and teammate Bo Duncan shot a 622 series that included games of 222 and 204.     
Neldon Smith rolled an impressive 240 game to help his team take three wins. David Strain shot the high series on his team, C.N.C., with his 610.  Strain booked games of 226 and 202 on his average of 198. Jay Stearns, with an average of 194, fired games of 221 and 259 in a 669 series.  Matt Parker rolled games of 225 and 246 in a three-game series of 657. Keith Millsap strung games of 129, 134 and 155 on his average of 128.

Brothers Cory and Scott Ogle showed up prepared for action Thursday night by shooting games of 211, 223, and 224. We won’t report that Scott beat little brother Cory by one pin with his 630 series. Michael Burnett, the Ogles anchorman, bagged games of 211 and 219 in a series of 616 to help the team sweep their competition.




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