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Jason Parmer leads high series for the week

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Jason Parmer comes off a mediocre showing during the summer session to light up the lanes for the first two weeks of competition of the fall season. Parmer fired a 762 three-game series during the Tuesday Night Mixed league. Parmer’s set was the center’s high for the week. Parmer steadily increased with each game rolling 236, 248 and 278. After just two weeks of competition Parmer is averaging 228 and holds the third high average for the league.


Harold McClure opened the night with a bang by shooting a 255 in his first game. McClure followed up with 288 for the second game that included 10 strikes in a row. McClure shot a 734 series for his effort and averaged 35 pins above his average for series. McClure finished the competition with a 244 average for the night.

Jason Keller led his team, during Thursday night men’s action, to a three-game victory with his 719 series. Keller, competing on an average of 221, tossed games of 258 and 256 for his first two games. Keller coasted through the third game of the night with 205. Keller averaged 18 pins above his 221 average with 239 for the evening.

Debbie Miller has tweaked her game in the last few weeks and her Tuesday night performance showed it with her 642 three-game series.  Miller bowled 129 pins over her average for series, the high for the center of the week. Miller tossed games of 171, 214 and 257 on her average of 171.  Miller averaged 214 for the session.

Other notable efforts for the week ending September 10, 2009, included by league:

Tuesday Night Mixed

Laura Ballard, with an average of 188,  strung games of 204, 204 and 191 for a series of 599. Ballard shot the high series of the night for her team, Irish Pride. Ballard averaged 199 for the session and was 35 pins above her average for series.

Dave Gholson just missed the 700 mark with his three-game set of 696.  Gholson bagged games of 267, 200 and 229 during Tuesday night play.  Gholson finished the night 23 pins above his 209 average with 232. Gholson led his team to win three games.

Tarry Davison rolled a 688 series on games of 216, 238 and 234. Davison helped his team sweep the competition winning four games. Davison finished the night with an average of 229. Teammate Donna White followed Davison’s lead by shooting games of 176 and 181 on her average of 170.

Jamie Tomlinson, competing on an average of 115, rolled games of 156 and 130 for a series of 392. Tomlinson averaged 130 for the night and fished the session 47 pins above her average for series. Mike Gilliland is back for action this fall after a 20-week rest from the last fall season from an arm injury. Gilliland fired a 660 series that included games of 234 and 227.

Jesse Haggerty continued his reign of terror on his opponent this week with his series of 676. Haggerty opened the night with 210 and followed up with games of 265 and 201. Haggerty finished the night 103 pins above his average for series. Haggerty’s brother Justin proved to be a one hit wonder with his game of 249 during the first game of the night.

Betty Russell Booked games of 211 and 204 for a series of 577. Russell continuing to school her husband from week to week firing 55 pins above her average for series. Russell’s husband Chuck paid attention this week and took notes long enough to fire a 230 during the last game of the competition.      Amber Sharp rolled games of 178, 179 and 159 on her average of 145.  Sharp averaged 27 pins above her 145 average with 172. Sharp led her team to win one game for the night. Sharp’s husband Kevin tried to steal her thunder by shooting 204, but he was only good for one game.

Thursday Men’s Commercial

Shayne Wilson shot seven pins above his average for series with a three-game set of 694. Wilson had the second high series on his team, the King Pins, just behind Jason Keller. Wilson tossed games of 267 and 234 then napped through the third game for a 193. Wilson averaged 231 for the night’s competition.

Nevil Soloman returned to the Men’s Commercial league this fall season after a season off. Soloman rolled a 650 series that included games of 225, 202 and 223. Soloman led his team, Jim’s Pro Shop, to win one game and finished the night 50 pins above his average for series.

Jerry Thompson, with an average of 182, tossed games of 184, 235 and 226 for a series of 645. Thompson averaged 215 for the night and led his team to win three games. Duane Anspon competing on an average of 201 fired games 269 and 224 in a series of 677. Anspon finished the session 74 pins above his average for series.

Wes Crist led his team, the Crew, to sweep their competition with his 618 three-game series. Crist bagged games of 185, 223 and 210 on his average of 174. Rague Propes shot a 201 for his first game on his 176 average. Kenny Turner Fired games of  237 and 179 for a 564 series.

Buddy McClendon charted games of 211 and 198 in a three-game series of 597. McClendon shot 27 pins above his average for series and averaged 199 for the night. McClendon and his team Git-R-Done took three of four games for the session.

Chris Brooks, with a 192 average, booked games of 236 and 258 for a 660 series. Brooks, teammate and newcomer James Hagen bagged games of 224 and 198 on his 167 average. Hagen shot 58 pins above his average for series and averaged 19 pins above his 167 individual average with 186 for the competition. Brooks and Hagen led their team to take a three-game victory for the night.

Notable bowling news:

Starting Saturday, Sept. 19, Classic Lanes will be holding a nine-pin no-tap sweeper at nine p.m.  the sweeper is not limited to league bowlers’, anyone may participate.

For details on this event or any other promotion please contact Justin or Allan at 903-885-5046. Classic Lanes will have site number 120 at the Hopkins County Stew Cook-Off and will be handing out brochures and flyers for birthday parties and special event information as well as giving out coupons and gift certificates. Come visit the Classic Lanes staff and have fun with us and the other stew cook-off contestants.




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