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Fall bowling leagues get back into action

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Greg Pullen fired the high game of the week with 289 during the opening night of the Tuesday mixed league.  Pullen tossed the first 10 strikes in a row, on the 11th ball Pullen left one pin standing, but he converted the spare.


Pullen finished the night with games of 206 and 237 for a series of 732.

Allan Hague was fired up for the new fall season firing his highest career series with 796.  After his 12 weeks of practice and preparation for the new fall season, Hague proved he was ready by booking games of 268, 242 and 286 during the Tuesday night mixed league.  Hague averaged 265 a game for the evening.

James Allen started Thursday night men’s league action with a 724 series.  Allen started the night with 258 and followed up with games of 264 and 202.  Allen averaged 40 pins above his 201 average with 241 and finished the night 121 pins above his average for series.

Charles Harred tried his summer teammates approach of watching the television instead of concentrating on bowling and it paid off the week when he shot a 717 series during Thursday night men’s play.    Harred bagged games of 208, 246 and 263 and finished the night 123 pins above his average for series.

Amanda Breaux continued to show the men on her team who the real bowler is this week with her 613 series.  Breaux, with a 173 average, bagged a pair 194 games and fired a 225 for good measure.  Breaux cleared the way for her team to take two games from the session.

Other notable efforts for the week included, by league:


Tuesday Mixed League

Summer league high average bowler Tarry Davison just missed the 700 mark with his 691 three-game set.    Davison, with a 225 individual average, tossed games of 237, 206 and 248.  Davison’s teammate Donna White started the league with an average of 170 and rolled games of 183, 195 and 199 for a series of 577.  White ended the night 67 pins above her average for series and averaged 192 for the set.

Bruce Michaelson came back to the Tuesday night mixed league this season after a few seasons off and rolled a 688 series for the evening.  Michaelson shot out of the gate strong with 245 for his first game and followed up with 255.  Michaelson along with teammate Allan Hague took three wins for the session.

Justin Haggerty’s sharp shooting rolled over into the new fall season with his 629 three-game set.  Haggerty, competing on an average of 187, bagged games 192, 223 and 214.  Haggerty averaged 209 for the night.  Brother and teammate Jesse Haggerty out bowled Justin by one pin firing a 630 series that included games of 191 and 257. Jesse averaged 210 for the session keeping that one pin lead alive all evening.  The pair led their team to a three game victory.

Larry Siegert, after taking the summer session off, rolled games of 211 and 210 off his 185 average.  Newcomer Justin Gustafson bowled games of 181 and 169 on his 161 average for a series of 483.  Gustafson’s anchorman Mike Dunahoo proved that his summer practice helped his game by shooting 188 and 204 on his 170 average.  The duo along with the rest of their team swept their competition by taking all four wins.

Steve Edwards charted a 643 series with games of 215, 227 and 201.  Edwards finished the night 31 pins above his average for series.  Dave Gholson shot games of 227 and 204 for a three-game series of 629.  Betty Russell booked games of 178 and 196 on her average of 174.  Jim Galloway rolled games of 200 and 226 on his average of 183.  Galloway and his team Charlie’s Gang ran away with all four wins.


Thursday Men’s Commercial

Matt Parker, with a 207 average, shot games of 229 and 268 for a series of 696.  Parker led his team to win three out of four games and averaged 232 for the night.  Jay Stearns, Parker’s teammate, tossed games of 232 and 222 for a series of 653.  Cory Love, competing on an average of 142, rolled games of 170 and 189 for a series of 493.

T.V. man, Phillip Coleman, shot a 537 series including games of 166 and 223 on his 161 average.  Coleman finished the session 54 pins above his average for series.  Larry Stovall charted games of 213, 224 and 208 for a three-game set of 645.  Stovall helped his team to win one game.  Stovall’s teammate Red Skelton was present to give teammate a pat on the back for their good bowling.

Ronnie Wooten of Commerce fired games of 222 and 203 in a series of 585.  Wooten averaged 24 pins above his 171 average with 195 for the night.  Wooten’s teammate Kenny Turner rolled a 501 series that included games of 176 and 180 on his 164 average.

Colby Pullen paved the way for his team, Pullen & Co., to win three out of four games during Thursday night men’s league action.  Pullen going into the competition with  an average of 193 tossed games of 220 and 221 for a series of 611.  Pullen averaged 42 pins above his average for series.  Pullen averaged 10 pins above his 193 average for the evening with 203.

Shayne Wilson carried his team, the King Pins, to win one game with his 722 three-game series.  Wilson started the night strong with 258 and followed up with 254 and 210.  Wilson finished the night 35 pins above his average for series.  Chris Brooks of Greenville fired a pair of 202 games and 199 for a series of 603.

Joey Burton, with an average of 107, strung games of 145, 150 and 141 for a series of 436.  Burton averaged 145 for the session and finished the night 115 pins above his average for series.  Keith Millsap’s scouting paid off this week rolling games of 131, 135 and 179 for a 445 series on his 128 average.   Millsap’s team, the Storm, mowed down their competition to win three out of four games.

Remember Junior League is coming up with the first week of competition starting Oct. 3.  If you or someone you know is interested please contact Justin Parmer at Classic Lanes.  Classic Lanes would also like to announce their Saturday night nine pin no tap sweeper starting Sept. 19.

The sweeper will run every first and third Saturday of the month at 9 p.m.

For details on this special or any other promotions please contact Classic Lanes at 903-885-5046.




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