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Tarry Davison sets the pace with his 778 series

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Tarry Davison rocketed a 778 series for his first three games during Thursday night men’s play.  Davison, anchorman for the Bushwackers,  started the evening with a 259 and followed up with games of 279 and 240.  Davison fired a 231 for his fourth game of the night to help his team win two games.

Shayne Wilson tossed the second high three-game series of the week with 726.  Wilson, a member of the House Team on Thursday night, rolled games of 213, 279 and 234.  Wilson added a 278 for his fourth game of the night to end the session 96 pins above his average for series.

Corey Ogle was pumped for Tuesday night doubles action, shooting a series of 720 that included games of 267 and 269.  Ogle and his wife Danilee mowed down their competition, taking three wins.  Ogle averaged 31 pins above his 209 average with 240.

Amy Sharp tossed a 605 scratch series in Tuesday night Doubles play.  Sharp, with a 196 average, rolled games of 204 and 208.  Sharp’s husband and summer cheerleader for the league threw in a 211 for the his last game of the night to help the team walk out with three wins.


Sunday Night Mixed

Jason Parmer rolled the second high series during Sunday night’s action with 657. Parmer fired games of 257 and 223. Teammate Justin Haggerty took the role of the consistent bowler this week shooting games of 203, 204 and 200.  Their team, Ding O’ Danged 10 Pin, ran away with three wins at the conclusion on the evening.

Sybil Galloway, rolling off a 165 average, bagged games of 191 and 178 in a 529 scratch series.  Galloway finished the night 34 pins above her average for series.  Galloway’s daughter and teammate Karla Dailey rolled games of 207 and 204 on her 193 average.  Dailey ended the night with a 588 scratch series.  The men on the team Jim Galloway and Chad Dailey, showed up to make a league lineup this week since Sunday is a mixed league and took notes from time to time.

Melissa Shelton, with a 147 average, booked games of 181 and 170 in a three-game series of 481. Teammate Ron Braswell proved to be the consistent bowler on the team with his games of 193, 191 and 182.  Braswell and Shelton went on to take two games.

Debbie Miller rolled the women’s high series Sunday night with 593.  Miller competing on a 180 average threw games of 213, 182 and 198.   Miller finished the night 53 pins above her average for series, and ironically beat her husband by 53 pins as well.

Michael Bowden and Richard Allen finally took the reins for their team, Looney Tunes, this week with their series of 585 and 579.  Bowden, averaging 172 going into Sunday’s action, shot games of 182, 201 and 202, while Allen fired games of 231 and 206. The team took three wins for the night.  We won’t mention that the women on the team, Angela Allen and Becky Bowden, just decided to take a break from carrying the guys from week to week.


Tuesday Mixed


Justin Haggerty followed closely behind Ogle during doubles play with his 676 series.   Haggerty shot out of the gate with a 231 and followed up with games of 212 and 233.  Haggerty finished the night 136 pins above his average foe series.  Haggerty’s partner in crime for the evening, Pam Parmer, fired games of 170 and 211 on her 165 average.  The duo went on to sweep their competition all four games.

Amanda Sims brought her “A” game this week to compete against her mother Amy Sharp and managed to put up a 354 series.  Sims rolled games of 118, 110 and 125 on her 108 average and helped her team get one win.  Sharp carried her and her husband to a three-game victory with games of 204 and 208.

Team Double “D’s” took three games from their competitors this week with their combined 1058 scratch series. DeOnna Watkins bagged a 218 game on her 180 average while husband Dale tossed games of 181 and 196 in a 505 series.  With Tuesday night’s victory the pair moved into a three-way tie for fourth place on the team standings board with 25 wins and 19 losses.

Rhonda Wilcox and Greg Pullen woke up this week to win all four of their games. Wilcox strung games of 195, 178 and 177, while Pullen tossed games of 211 and 217 in a 625 three-game series. Wilcox and Pullen finished 50 pins above their average for series with a combined 1175 scratch series.

Amber Burnett went into doubles play with an average of 166 and fired a series of 565.  Burnett put together games of 193, 190 and 182 to end the night 67 pins above her average for series.  Sybil Galloway was the overachiever at the center this week by charting games of 218 and 200 in a series of 587.

Galloway averaged 34 pins above her 161 average with 195.

David Soeder came back strong after a dismal week last week by firing a 673 series.  Soeder determined not to be beat by his wife this week put up games of 203, 225 and 245.  Soeder ended the night 28 pins above his average for series and walked away with four wins.  Jesse Haggerty, since finding a new partner, has shot impressive series back to back weeks.  This week Haggerty rolled a 641 series that included games of 223 and 226.


Thursday Men’s Trio

Tony Moffe came back with a vengeance by shooting a 922 four-game series after napping through last week.   Moffe started the night with an impressive game of 258 and followed up with games of 229 and 245.          Teammate Joe Bell was also on fire Thursday night, rolling games of 217, 257 and 202.  Bell ended the night with a series of 816 on his 188 average.

Trenis Turner and Mike Miller fared well this week with their series of 671 and 719.  Turner fired games of 181 and 204 on his 164 average, while Miller shot games of 199, 191 and 181.  Larry Stovall tossed an 809 four-game series including games of 222, 224 and 202.

Allan Hague, back from a family road trip, showed he was well rested and ready to bowl firing a 907 scratch series.

Hague booked games of 236, 259 and 234 during the set.  Hague finished the night 79 pins above his average for series and averaged 226 for the session.

Phillip Coleman rolled a 737 four-game series including games of 207, 195 and 183.  Coleman, with a 171 average, finished the evening 53 pins above his average for series.  Coleman’s anchorman Charles Harred booked a 736 series with games of 227 and 203.  Curtis Sewell, competing on an average of 202, tossed games of 213, 236 and 216.

Corey Love came of the bench this week to shoot a 681 four-game series.  Love bagged games of 161, 156 and 214 on his 151 average.

Love averaged 170 for the night and finished 77 pins above his average for series.  Love’s anchorman and teammate David Holt put up games of 211 and 217 to help the team win all five games of the competition.

Dave Gholson tossed a 916 scratch series that included games of 266, 213 and 242.

Gholson ended the night 60 pins above his average for series and led the team to a three-game victory, moving his team into fourth place on the team standings board.

Gholson’s teammate Duane Anspon pitched in games of 269 and 247 just for good measure.




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