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Home News-Telegram Sports Sulphur Springs has final grid tuneup vs. Terrell here Friday

Sulphur Springs has final grid tuneup vs. Terrell here Friday

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One word, plain and simple sums up what Sulphur Springs head football coach Greg Owens wants from his team in the Friday home scrimmage against Terrell.

The first scrimmage which was littered by turnovers and penalties did not please the head coach of the defending state champions. He wanted consistency and hopes the Wildcats will eliminate the mistakes they made Saturday in scrimmage action against Henderson.

“I really don’t know that much about Terrell. They have a new coach, they are kind of in a rebuilding process. Trying to get things going,” Owens said. “They are trying to see what they can get going.”

Owens said he knows the Tigers are a 4-2-5 defense and operate from a spread formation on offense.

Terrell went 3-7 last year, losing 24 lettermen. They have 28 lettermen returning with four offensive and four defensive starters back.

Players to watch include wide receiver P.J. Morris a 6-1 player with 4.4 speed in the 40-yard dash. They have some size with Dwight Kennedy at defensive end tipping he scales at 240 pounds; junior offensive lineman Jadarrian Vinson is 6-1, 240 and defensive tackle Colton Bodine is 5-11, 265.

Owens continued, “From Terrell it will be seeing some of the same things we see against ourselves. They have some speed, I really haven’t even seen a video. I am concerned with us. We have to be more consistent on offense and defense. When we get in the time portion of the scrimmage, our defense has to  be better tackling. We have to control the game setting and get our emotion back. Better communication on defense. We turned a couple of guys loose in the secondary against Henderson. That doesn’t need to happen again. It’s based on communicating and consistency. We need to be sharper on defense.

“Offensively, we need better communication on the line, passing things off. It was OK, we blew some assignments. We need a better effort, the kids know the plays.  They need to get out of the practice mode and into a game shape and game alertness.”

The coach also thinks the Wildcats will play better and eliminate turnovers.

“We had two fumbles and two interceptions,” Owens said. “That’s too many you can’t win ball games doing that stuff. It’s a learning process. We had two quarterbacks who had really never gone through a varsity scrimmage. It’s a deal where they have to understand the speed of the game. You can’t float stuff. On one interception the receiver ran the wrong route. We expect our kids to be fundamentally sound in everything they do. I don’t want to have to be yelling at them or coaching them up on a Friday night. They should have already learned it in practice. They have to get out  there and execute. From alignment to stance.”

Owens said the kicking game was limited against Henderson due to an injury to returning kicker Fernado Arellano. Arellano is back this week and is expected to play.

“Fernando is good and he has a lively leg,” Owens said. “We’re excited about what he proved for us with field goals and extra points.”

The coach also said the team had been working on a modified rugby type kick with Shane McQueen leading the way at that position.

“We really don’t have anybody who can boom it 40 yards down the field every time, so we are trying this,” Owens said. “It’s a type of play a lot of colleges are using it. We want to place it where we want it and not kick it to row 8 in the stands.”

Owens said several players are not a full strength due to nick and bruises of workouts.

“After three weeks of workouts, the little injuries start coming up,” Owens said. “The body is taking a beating over and over. We got to get them healed up. When we get to a regular work week, they will have their body more conditioned to football. Every day they should be a little less sore.”

Owens said this scrimmages will also let him set the line-up and see who the capable backups are for the year.

The Wildcats open the regular season Aug. 28 in Paris.

Varsity scrimmage schedule
Sulphur Springs
vs. Terrell
7 p.m. (Gerald Prim Stadium)
Sulphur Springs  defense vs. Terrell offense   
15 - 1's; 10 - 2's            Sulphur Springs offense
vs. Terrell  defense            15-1’s; 10 - 2's            Sulphur Springs defense
vs. Terrell offense
10 - 1's   (Free to Blitz)        1    0 - 2's               
Sulphur Springs  offense vs.
Terrell defense
10 - 1’s  (Free to Blitz)
10 - 2's in game situation.       
Kicking game            5 - Sulphur Springs punt block vs. Terrell punt
5 - Sulphur Springs punt vs.
Terrell punt block
5 - Sulphur Springs PAT/FG Block vs. Terrell PAT/FG    
5 - Sulphur Springs PAT/FG vs. Terrell PAT/FG Block
Live half
Running clock, fair catch punts, Live PAT/FG,
Ball starts on the 30.

JV/9th grade schedule
5 p.m.   
9th and JV
back-to-back on game field

9th grade
40 plays- Sulphur Springs defense vs. Terrell offense
40 plays- Sulphur Springs offense vs. Terrell defense
(10 -1's; 10 -2's; 10 - 3's;10 - 1's)

Junior varsity           
40 plays - Sulphur Springs  offense vs. Terrell defense   
40 plays - Sulphur Spring  defense vs. Terrell offense        (15 - 1's; 15 - 2's; 10 - 1's)   
Sulphur Springs will wear blue varsity jerseys, the JV will wear white jerseys with the Wildcat freshmen in gold jerseys




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