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Keller fires 288 in Classic Lanes league action

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Jason Keller was red hot for Thursday night men’s league action.  Keller started the night off with a bang with a 288 and then followed up with a pair of 235 games and a 248 to help seal the fate of his competitors for the evening. Keller and his team, Stumpy’s Crew, walked out with all five wins.

Jesse Haggerty fired a 703 three-game series during doubles play Tuesday night. Haggerty, with a new partner this week, took all four wins thanks to his 231, 238 and 234 games. Haggerty averaged 37 pins over his 197 average at 234 for the night.          Amanda Breaux continues to slaughter the competition from week to week moving four games into the lead on the team standings board with 30 wins and only 10 losses. Breaux rolled an impressive 648 series that included games of 267 and 212. Breaux finished the night 111 pins above her average for series. Breaux’s husband continues to show from week to week to cheer her on and fetch the occasional drink refill. Ironically, the Breauxs chose the team name of “He’s not Bowling”. Go figure.

Richard Bursby bagged an extraordinary 681 series during the Sunday Night Mixed league. Bursby, averaging 185 in the league, charted games of 225, 246 and 210. Bursby averaged 227 for the night and was 126 pin above his average for series. Bursby led his team, Riff Raff, to a three game victory.

Sunday Night Mixed

Following closely behind Bursby, Chad Dailey rolled a 678 series that included games of 235, 207 and 236. Dailey and his team, Easy Money, ran away with all five games and moved into seventh place on the team standings board. Jim Galloway, Dailey’s father-in-law and leadoff man, contributed a 262 for the effort.

The Shady Bunch team won all of their games during Sunday night’s league play with teammate Greg Pullen leading the way rolling  a 667 scratch series. Pullen tossed games of 241, 207 and 219 for the set.  Teammate and anchorman Larry Stovall pitched in for a 638 series including games of 213 and 224. Stovall’s son, Brett, competing on a 181 average, booked games of 189, 200 and 194.

Three Hotties and a Naughty team member Melissa Shelton rolled her first 200 game on Sunday evening. Shelton, with a 144 average, also shot a 163 for a 500 series. New teammate Ron Braswell of Leonard, fired games of 184 and 176 on his 173 average.

Shane Quinn rolled games of 210, 189 and 179 on his 177 average while teammate Brian Stegall tossed a 606 series on games of 223, 191 and 192.  Anthony Sweat Quinn and Stegall’s third bowler in their team lineup shot a superb 659 series on  games of 227, 203 and 229. Sweat ended the night 80 pins above his average for series and his team, Split Happens, won four games for the evening.

Tuesday Night

Mixed Doubles

Michael Burnett has come out of his shell in the few remaining weeks of summer league competition. Burnett just missed shooting 700 with his 682 series on games of 252, 235 and 195. Burnett and his wife, Amber, took four games from their competition. Amber rolled a 525 series that included games of 172 and 198 on her 165 average.

Corey Ogle fired a 657 series on his 208 average during doubles play.  Ogle booked games of 217 and 257 while wife Danilee rolled a 500 series with games of 160, 177 and 163. Danilee finished the night 32 pins above her average for series and left with four wins to boot.

Sybil Galloway proved to be a tough competitor this week with her games of 175 and 180 on her 161 average. Husband and anchorman Jim booked games of 191 and 234 for a 589 series. Jim finished the night 34 pins above his average for series.

Vonda Douglas rolled her highest game of her bowling career with a 185 during the first game. Douglas followed up with a 166 for a 455 series.  Douglas ended the competition 62 pins above her average for series in addition to raising her average six pins to 137.

Dale Watkins tossed a 655 series that included games of 255 and 221.  Watkins raised his average five pins to a 179 for his effort.  Watkins’s wife DeOnna added a 234 game to the mix to help the duo take three out of four games from their competition.  Donna White fired impressive games of 204 and 200 on her 179 average.

Sunday Night Mixed

Closely behind Keller for the night was Shayne Wilson shooting a 998 four-game series. Wilson posted games of 227, 279 and 277for the set.  Wilson led his team to win four out of five possible games. Wilson’s teammate Kevin Brown also fared well during men’s action with his 909 series that included games of 241 and 254.

Dewayne Roach rolled a 968 series including games of 259, 258 and 237.  Roach averaged 22 pins above his league average with 242 for the evening.  Roach’s leadoff man Joey Kirkpatrick booked games of 223, 214 and 215 on his 190 average.      Chris Pearsall, with an average of 174, shot games of 176, 211 and 215 in a 775 series. Pearsall ended the competition 79 pins above his average for series. Teammate Joe Bell tossed an 828 series that included games of 200, 252 and 193. Anchorman Tony Moffe showed up to give the team moral support and to watch them run away with all five wins.              Jim’s Pro Shop team has been stomping all over their competitors the last few weeks and this week was no exception. Leadoff man Paul Devault, with an average of 186, fired games of 222, 189 and 201 for a four-game series of 777.  Jim Beard rolled an exceptional 873 series that included games of 245, 248 and 206. Anchorman Tony Wallace shot an impressive 914 series with games of 227, 278 and 236. The team went on to take all five wins.

Three Stooges team members decided to all bowl well together this week shooting a combined 2511 series.

First in the line up was Justin Haggerty with an 874 series on games of 204, 205, 218 and 247. Brother Jesse Haggerty rolled games of 232, 223 and 230 for a four-game series of 867.              Anchorman Jason Parmer showed up for two games of 237 and 236 then proceeded to take the position of team cheerleader.

State Senior

Tournament Notes

Jim Galloway, a regular league bowler at Classic Lanes, finished third in his division all-event Bracket of the Texas State Senior tournament in Killeen with a 1442, and also placed in singles with a 707, just 50 pins off the championship score.              Jerry C. Thompson and Gene Shelton took 15th place in doubles with a 1351.  All tournament events were in a handicap format.      Jim Mason’s Junior League ended last week with nine teams that competed in the six-week program. Classic Lanes would like to thank all of the participants, sponsors and parents that helped out with the program.

If you or someone you know is interested in bowling Junior league, contact Justin Parmer or Allan Hague of Classic Lanes for the fall session starting October 3, 2009.

Classic Lanes Monday Night Women’s League has a few openings for the fall session.

If you or someone you know is interested contact Classic Lanes at 903-885-5046.




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