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Colby Pullen rolls 299 at Classic Lanes

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Colby Pullen, a 17-year-old Sulphur Springs high student, came close to breaking the record for the youngest person to shoot 300 at Classic Lanes but just missed the mark by shooting 299.    

The record is currently held by Jason Parmer for his 300 at age 20 in April of 2003. Pullen started the night with a 208 and followed up with games of 299 and 233.  Pullen ended the evening with a 740 series and had an individual average of 246.   Mark Smith followed the example set by Pullen this week with his own 299 during the first game of Thursday Men’s Trio action. Smith, joining the league just last week, fired a 973 four-game series including games of 227, 203 and 244. Smith led his team to a three-game victory and averaged 243 for the night.     
Dakota Painter rolled a 226, his highest game of the summer season, during Tuesday’s junior league. Painter, a third generation Classic Lanes bowler, fired games of 165 and 209 for a series of 600 for the afternoon.  Painter was 99 pins above his average for series and averaged 200 a game for the session.     
Amanda Breaux, competing on a 175 average, tossed games of 236, 182 and 211 for a 629 series.  Breaux was 104 pins above her average for series.  Breaux carried her team to a sweep of the competition all four games.  Breaux’s husband, Brian, was there to root her on and to roll her bowling equipment to the car after the session was over.
Sunday Night
Justin Haggerty rolled a solid 279 on his 197 average during Sunday night‘s action.  Haggerty, after napping through the second game, booked a 203 to end the evening. Haggerty finished with a 655 series and helped his team, Ding O’ Danged 10 Pin, win three games.     
Rhonda and Vernon Wilkins proved to be a force to be reckoned with for Sunday night‘s competition.  Rhonda, going into league play with a 158 average, fired a 534 series including games of 206 and 179.  Vernon, determined to beat his wife and not be picked on this week, rolled a 632 series with games of 200, 217 and 215.     
Kevin Booth took the role of the anchorman this week, holding up his team with his 527 series.  Booth shot 83 pins above his average for series, and tossing games of 155, 180 and 192 on his 148 average. Joey Burton, with a 116 average, bagged games of 188, 190 and 152 for a 530 series.     
Shawna Hall showed the guys that she had what it took this week with her 508 series.  Hall bowling on a 155 average, shot games of 167, 183 and 158 to end the night 43 pins above her average for series.  Hall led her team to win three of four games.  Seven lanes over Melissa Shelton rolled her first 500 series of her career with 516.  Shelton put up games of 154, 194 and 168.          Jim Galloway took a few weeks off but decided get back in the swing this week, firing a 605 series on his 183 average.  Galloway started the night with a 190 and followed up with games of 213 and 202 to end the night 56 pins above his average for series.  Galloway averaged 201 for the evening. 
Jim Mason’s Junior League
This week marked the end of the Jim Mason’s Have a Ball junior league. Position round proved to be an exciting event for the junior bowlers. The Cowboys topped the standings at the conclusion of the session with 20 out of 24 wins and an 83 percent winning record. Cowboys anchorman Tristen Painter led his team to win three games for the afternoon and clutching first place in the process.     
Painter rolled a solid 577 series including games of 195 and 207. Painter’s teammates Lane and Bryce Ogle pitched in with their 376 and 136 three-game series. Lane tossed games of 117, 156 and 103 on his 98 average, while Bryce threw in a 73 game on his 60 average for good measure.  Blake Nolen, second bowler on the team’s roster, also competed well, charting a 282 series. Nolen booked games of 100 and 108 on his 95 average.     
Taking second place in the standings were the Wildcats.  Alex Burney carried the team through a tough day of competition to emerge with one win for the afternoon. Burney fired a 459 series that included games of 160 and 163. Teammate Landon Watkins shot a 384 series on his 105 average.  Watkins strung games of 133, 140 and 111.          Rounding out the top three teams for the league were the Flame Throwers.  Kaci Powers locked up the most improved bowler for the girls with her 315 series.  Powers strung games of 121, 95 and 99.  Powers ended the afternoon with an average of 95, improving 38 pins from her 57 average of the first week.      Trevor Williams, Power’s anchorman, tossed a 501 series that included games of 161 and 205. 
Tuesday Night Mixed Doubles
Jesse Haggerty, jumping on the band wagon with his brother Justin, fired a 700 of his own during doubles play with 709.  Haggerty opened the night with a 247 and followed up with 268 and 194 on his 192 average.  Haggerty’s much better half, Sabrina, shot games of 236 and 187 on her 146 average to help the duo claim all four games.     
Danilee and Corey Ogle came back from their hiatus this week to shoot series of 514 and 632.  Danilee, determined to stick to the team name and give no mercy, put up games of 185 and 177 on her 154 average.  Husband Corey bagged games of 226 and 223 to end the night with a 210 average.  The couple left the session with three wins and seventh position in the team standings.          Greg Pullen just fell short of the 700 mark with his 682 series.  Pullen, competing on a 211 average, strung games of 212, 224 and 246 to end the evening 49 pins above his average for series.  Amanda Sims, with a 103 average, rolled games of 108 and 141 for a three-game series of 347.  Sims averaged 115 for the night.      Amber and Michael Burnett were out for blood Tuesday night.  Amber rolled games of 201 and 197 on her 163 average for a 549 series.  Hubby Michael fired a 678 series including games of 232, 222 and 224.  Burnett finished the competition 102 pins above his average for series.  The pair ran away with a four game victory, shutting out their competition.
Thursday Men’s Trio
Dewayne Roach rolled a solid 907 four-game series during Thursday Men’s Trio play.  Roach, after struggling the first two games, fired 254 and 279.  Roach helped his team, Stumpy’s Crew, win four out of five games.  Teammate Jason Keller tossed a 224 and an 835 series.     
Greg Pullen became an overachiever this week, bowling well again Thursday night.  Pullen tossed a 709 series for his first three games that included 237, 225 and 247 and led his team to win three games.  Pullen added a 245 the last game to ensure victory and averaged 238 for the night.    Kevin Brown of Greenville kept his team on track to win four out of five games with his 891 series. Brown rolled games of 224, 231 and 242 in his four-game set. Teammate Shayne Wilson helped out for one game with a 279. Lead-off man Allan Hague showed up to fill in the recap sheet.      Ronnie Wooten and Buddy McClendon showed that the old timers still had game with their 753 and 851 four-game series. Wooten, bowling on an average of 183, strung games of 189, 211 and 184 while McClendon fired games of 193, 232, 236 and 190 on his 185 average. The team went on to sweep their competition for all wins.     
Chris Pearsall, with a 172 average, booked a 757 series that included games of 192, 183, 195 and 187. Pearsall averaged 189 for the evening.  Jim Beard shot an impressive 878 series that included games of 206, 244 and 247. Teammate Paul Davault was no slouch this week with his 817 series on an average of 184. Davault bagged games of 199, 190, 216 and 212.  The duo and anchorman Tony Wallace took all five games with the help of Wallace’s games of 227 and 216.



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