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Painter gets first 600 series, leads jr. league

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Tristen Painter shot 642 for a three-game set.  Painter ‘s series is now the current high series for the Jim Mason’s Junior League.  Painter opened the afternoon strong with a 225 game and followed up his first game performance with 206 and 211.

Shayne Wilson, out of a slump?  Wilson unloaded Thursday night during league play with a 1067 four-game series.  Wilson started the night with a 258 his first game and continued to pound the lanes with games of 254, 279 and 276, for a 266 average for the set. 
Greg Pullen fired a 707 series during Tuesday night double action.  Pullen steered his team to a four game victory with the help of teammate Rhonda Wilcox.  Pullen, with a 207 average, tossed games of 225, 234 and 248.  Pullen averaged 238 for the night. 
Karla Dailey led the women bowlers this week with her 647 series.  Dailey booked games of 241, 206 and 200 on her 180 average.  Dailey’s husband and teammate Chad was present for moral support as Dailey carried  her team, Dailey Double, to three out of four wins.
Sunday Night Mixed
The Ding O’ Danged 10 Pin team moved into first place in the team standing with three bowlers shooting substantially above their averages.  The team ran away with three of four games.  Jason Parmer persevered through heavy distractions to sting together games of 247, 201 and 213 for a 661 series.  Parmer finished the night 52 pins over his average for series. 
Parmer’s teammate Justin Haggerty started the night with a 194 average and rolled a 645 series.  Haggerty’s three-game set included games of 259 and 204.  Haggerty ended the night 63 pins above his average for series.  Allan Hague, the team’s anchorman, showed up in the second game with a 266 and followed up with a 248 for a 703 series and 46 pins over his average.  Debra Sutterfield is the third bowler in the team’s line-up. 
B.J. Threlkeld continued his streak this week with a 523 series.Threlkeld bagged games of 203, 164 and 156 on his 141 average. Dana Strain, Threlkeld’s anchor-bowler, shot a 507 series including games of 166 and 193.  Richard Bursby started the night off in the first game with a 198 and ended in the third game with a 213. 
Rhonda Wilkins went into Sunday league play with a 155 average and carried her team to two wins.  Wilkins shot a 552 series, on games of 187, 197 and 168.  Vernon Wilkins helped out the third game with a 225.  Angela Allen rolled a 646 series including games of 266 and 221. 
Erika Gammill, determined to improve each week, tossed a 404 series Sunday evening.  Gammill helped her team win three and a half games by rolling games of 127, 153 and 124.  Gammill with an average of 117 averaged 134 for the night.  Kalie Burton  with  a 100 average fired games of 110 and 137. 
Jim Mason’s Junior League
Trevor Williams, anchorman for the Flame Throwers, team rolled a 518 series with games of 158, 147 and 213.  Williams moved into fourth place on the most improved bowler list after Tuesday afternoon’s session.  Williams has improved from a 132 to a 152 average. 
Kaci Powers, with on 89 average, rolled games of 113 and 121.  Weston Vasquez charted a pair of 39 games in addition to his 80 game.  Evan Fulcher’s weekly practice paid off this week with his 296 series.  Fulcher started the day with a 67 average and rolled games of 102, 89 and 105. 
Mariah Goree raised her average eight pins from 67 to a 75 with her 304 series.  Goree’s series included games of 92, 110 and 102.  Dakota Painter tossed games of 180, 171 and 193 on his 164 average.  Painter helped his team to a two game victory. 
Hunter Powers started this week with a new ball and burned up the lanes with his 322 series.  Powers, on a 97 average, fired games of 104, 102 and 116.  Cole Cooper joined us again this week and booked an 84 during the last game of the session. 
Birthday boy Lane Ogle showed improvement this week by shooting a 321 series that included games of 113 and 115.  Ogle bowled 33 pins over his average for series.  Dylan Reed, grandson of Turk and Patty Morgan, Classic Lanes Hall of Fame Bowlers, tossed a 311 series including games of 109 and 114. 
Tuesday Night Doubles
James Parmer started Tuesday night doubles play with a 185 average and tossed games of 223 and 230 for a 600 series.  Parmer finished the night 45 pins above his average for series.  Parmer carried his team to a three-game victory.  Parmer’s teammate and wife Pam was present for the secretary duties and to occasionally get the team a refill. 
Ken Sharp took a break from finishing second to his wife this week by firing a 643 series including games of 262 and 195.  Sharp’s wife Amy was close behind with a 622 series including games of 213 and 237.  Dana Strain let loose this week with her 542 series that included games of 200, 151 and 191 on her 141 average. 
Betty and Chuck Russell dominated their competition during doubles action with their combined 1111 series.  Their series included games of 211, 198, 191 and 183.  The duo finished the night 49 pins above their average for series.  The Russells took three out four games. 
Amber Sharp took the bull by the horns for her team this week with her 462 series.  Sharp, on a 142 average, booked games of 149, 152 and 161.  Sharp averaged 154 for the night.  Rhonda Wilcox rolled a 504 series including games of 168 and 198. 
Rick Teer started the night with a 101 average and rolled games of 138, 119 and 112 for a 369 series.  Michael Burnett opened the night with a 222 for his first game and ended the night with a 586 series.   Brian Breaux strung games of 156, 154 and 181 for a 491 series.
Thursday Men’s Trio
Joey Burton showed he was back at full strength after recovering from a recent injury.  Burton, who carries a 114 average, fired a 551 series that included games of 163, 146 and 129.  Adam Thompson, Burton’s leadoff bowler, fired games of 207 and 188 on his 154 average.  Thompson and Burton went on to win four of five games. 
Charles Harred tossed a pair of 236 games in his 845 four-game series and threw in a 211 game for good measure.  Harred’s teammate Curtis Sewell fired games of 267, 211 and 209 for a 889 series.  Joe Bell with a 183 average, helped his team win four out of five games with his 891 four-game set. 
Tony Moffe bagged a 952 series including games of 233, 269 and 239.  Moffe currently holds first place on the most improved bowlers list.

Moffe started the season with a 210 and has improved to a 218.  Mike Miller rolled a respectable 776 series that included games of 191, 199, and 209.  Miller averaged 194 for the night. 
Larry Stovall led his team to win all five games of the night with his 863 series.  Stovall’s set included games of 233, 236 and 201.  Stovall’s teammate Jim Galloway rolled games of 200 and 223.  Galloway and the Old Timers team moved into ninth place in the team standings. 
Mark Smith helped his team, the Out of Towners, win two out of five games with his 911series.  Smith shot games of 227, 233 and 237.  Cory Love bagged games of 179 and 212 on his 148 average.

Joey Kirkpatrick strung games of 233, 214 and 214 in his 851 four-game series.  Kirkpatrick ended the night 131 pins over his average for series.




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