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Joe Bell fires 300 during double action

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Joe Bell, bowling off a 190 average, fired a 300 during the second game of the Tuesday night doubles action. 
Bell was a bit wobbly the last ball of the game and sent the shot Brooklyn and just carried to get the 12th strike.  Bell finished the night 111 pins above his average series with 681.Darren Brown rolled a 711 series for Sunday night mixed league play.      Brown shot games of 236, 209 and 266 off his 202 average.  Brown’s team  XXX Out took all four games from their opponents and moved up two places on the team standings board.   
Curtis Sewell booked a 700 series during Thursday men’s trio action.  Sewell opened the night 32 pins above his 202 average with a 237, then followed  with 224 and 239 to finish 85 pins above his average series. 
Tristen Painter took the high average in the Jim Mason’s junior league this week with his 565 series.  Painter went into junior league play with a 159 and raised his average nine pins to a 168.  Painter bagged two solid games of 209 and 208. 
Painter is anchorman for the Cowboys team and led his team to a four win victory for the afternoon.   Other solid effort for the week included, by league:
Sunday Night Mixed   
Chad Dailey fired yet another 700 series for the summer.  Dailey, determined to stay off the bench for next week, charted a 244 his first game.  Proving that was no fluke, Dailey started the second game with the first ten strikes in a row for a 287 game.  Dailey ended the night with a 713 series and three wins for his team Easy Money.     
Dailey’s wife Karla used Sunday night league play for good practice shooting a 620 series.  Karla fired a 223 and 226 to end 38 pins above her average series.  Karla added a 171 her second game just good enough to help take that win for the team.  Just ahead of Karla for the night was DeOnna Watkins with her 639 series.  Watkins tossed two solid games of 206 and 258.            XXX Out team member Rhonda Wilkins went into Sunday night play with a 146 average and rolled games of 177, 164 and 196 to finish the evening 99 pins above her average series with a 537.  Teammate Jody Morrison shot games of 136 and 142 off her 120 average.      Two lanes over, newcomer Kalie Burton helped her team win one game by shooting games of 114 and 130 off her 100 average.  Burton finished the night 20 pins above her average for series.  Opponent for the evening Kevin Booth booked a 185 his second game off his 142 average.  Booth’s team the Crew took three out of four games.  Linda Gammill bagged two games over her average of 152 with 171 and 174.   
B.J. Threlkeld went into league play with a 130 average and tossed games of 166, 146 and 150 helping his team Riff Raff take one game.  Debra Sutterfield, back from her two-month vacation, bowled the most consistent on her team by rolling games of 172, 171 and 175.  Sutterfield and her team Ding O’ Danged 10 Pin ran away with all four games.     
Brian Stegall started the night with a 180 average and rolled games of 232, 186 and 218 to finish with a 636 series.  Stegall raised his average six pins to 186 and helped his take one game.  Michael Bowden broke loose this week for a 640 series.  Bowden started the night with a 196 and continually improved each game with 216 and 228.  Bowden ended the night 145 pin above his average for series.
Jim Mason’s
Junior League   
Dakota Painter finished just behind little brother Tristen with his 543 series with games of 202 and 201. 
Teammate Mariah Goree rolled the third highest series of the girls for the day with a 191.  Goree shot games of 70 and 72 off her 67 average and helped her team take one game.     
Russell Edwards is a third generation bowler at Classic Lanes.  His dad Steve Edwards and grandparents Betty and Chuck Russell all bowl on the Tuesday night mixed fall league.  Edwards put the knowledge of the game that has been passed down to him to use this week by firing two games above his 59 average.  Edwards started with a 98 and followed with a game of 67 to finish with a 213 series. Weston Valquez raised his average eight pins from a 26 to a 34.  Valquez opened the afternoon with a 59 and followed with games of 43 and 28.  Valquez’s anchor man Trevor Williams tossed a 175 during the second game of the session to help his team take hold of three out of four games.  Blake Nolen, bowling off a 90 average, fired two games of 128 and 120 for a 336 series.  Kaden Douglas of Blue Ridge returned to league action this week in full force with his 305 series.  Douglas went into the afternoon with an average of 64 and rolled solid games of 88, 85 and 132.  Douglas raised his average 19 pins to an 83 and set the pace for his team to win three out of four games.              Another junior league bowler vastly improving this week was Mason Virgel.  Virgel fired an impressive 392 series including games of 126, 135 and 132.  Virgel improved his average 10 pins from 99 to 109.  Virgel and his team, the Bombers, took three out of four games and moved into sixth place on the team standings board.      Bombers teammates Cole Copper and Hunter Powers rolled three games significantly above their averages of 66 and 88 with games of 84, 97 and 105.  Colten Burnett Rolled two games over his 104 average with a 124 and 134.  Brother and teammate Hunter booked a 136 off his 116 average.  Alex Burney fired a pair of 144 games and ended with a 162 game while Demetrius Brown tossed a 92 his third games to finish with a 263 series. 
Tuesday Night Mixed Doubles
Chad Dailey, trying to be an overachiever this week, hit his second 700 of the week, a 704.  Dailey rolled three solid games of 224, 235 and 245 to finish the night 98 pins above his average for series.  Dailey’s better half Karla put up a 212 for in second game.  Greg Pullen just missed 700 with his 692 series during Tuesday night doubles play.  Pullen shot out of the gate with a first game of 247 off his 203 average.  Pullen followed up with a 233 and 212.  Pullen ended the session 83 pins above his average.  Pullen’s teammate Rhonda Wilcox helped out the first game with her 202 and then coasted the rest of the night.  Wilcox and Pullen took three out of four games.     Allan Hague, barely trailing Pullen, shot a 690 series off his 221 average.  Hague bagged games of 207, 235 and 248.  Hague finished the night 27 pins above his average and helped his team, the Brownies, take two out of four games.      Debbie Miller finally let her husband Mark beat her with his 586 series including games of 206 and 200.  Mark managed to win one game for the team.  Jesse Haggerty fired games of 201 and 235 for his 600 series and helped his team win two games.     
Kathy Bell proved the be the more consistent bowler on her team, shooting games of 159, 144 and 148 off her 139 average.  Bell ended the night with 451 series and an average of 150.  Bell took all four wins from her opponent.  Marcella Mitchell started the night with a 136 average and rolled games of 168, 140 and 146 for a 454 series.  Mitchell’s average was 151 for the night.     
Betty Russell took command of her Lucky Strikes team, with her 558 series.  Russell rolled games of 189, 188 and 181 off her 174 average, helping to take three out of four wins from her opponents.  Amanda Sims fired a 130 off her 103 average while her teammate Levi Laninghan tossed games of 130, 138 and 126 off his 110 average. 
Thursday Men’s Trio   
Jason Keller fired 718 series during Thursday’s action.  Keller started the night with a 259 and followed with games of 231, 228 and shot 237 in game four.  Teammate Dewayne Roach helped out one game with a 227.  Keller and Roach, with one man short, managed to take all five wins for the night.  Larry Stovall fired a 715 for his first three games of the night.  Stovall, bowling off a 212 average, tossed games of 247, 255 and 213.  Paul Devault came alive toward the end of the night and booked a 236 and 191 off his 178 average.      Jim Beard took control for his team this week, shooting games of 203, 212, 204 and 245 for a series of 864.  Beard averaged 216 for the night, 27 pins above his 189 average.  Tony Wallace had two solid games of 205 and 209. Adam Thompson went into men’s league play with a 153 average and bagged games of 168, 162, 171 and 181 for a four-game series of 682.  Thompson averaged 170 for the evening.  Thompson’s teammate B.J. Threlkeld shot two games above his 152 average with a 194 and a178.      Bruce Michaelson fired a four-game series of 917 during Thursday men’s action.  Michaelson, with a 210 average, rolled games of 213, 217, 245 and 242 to carry his team to a five-win victory.  Duane Anspon shot an impressive 954 four-game series.  Anspon’s set included games of 276, 257 and 235.  Anspon finished the night 122 pin above his average for the series.
Dave Gholson shot 240 his last game of the night, while two lanes over Colby Pullen shot a 223.  Buddy McClendon fired a solid 201 for his opening effort.  Justin and Jesse Haggerty took a break from their normal antics and tossed games of 219 and 234.  Mike Love ended his night of league play with a 256.



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