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Home News-Telegram Sports Larry White has 768 series — his highest career bowling ever

Larry White has 768 series — his highest career bowling ever

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Tuesday night mixed doubles competition has proved to be Larry White’s niche for his recent high scores.

This past Tuesday night White put together three extraordinary games that totaled for a 768 series which was 177 pins above his average series.  White started with a 235 for his first game of the night.  White dominated his opponents all three games by finishing the night with 267 and 266.

Greg Pullen came alive Sunday night long enough in the second game of the competition to post a solid 298 off his 191 average.  Pullen helped his team to snatch the second game from his opponent by 95 pins.  Pullen ended the night with a 608 series.

Tarry Davison kept his streak alive by shooting a 297 during the first game of Thursday night men’s action.  Davison stayed dialed in all night with games of 238, 258 and 223 finishing with a 1016 series for the four game set.     Chad Dailey fired a 737 series during Sunday night’s action to claim the high series for the men. Dailey came off the bench from the last two weeks to string together games of 255, 257 and 225.  Dailey was 101 pins above his average series for the night.          Trevor Williams paced the junior league this past week with his high game of 190.  Williams is anchor man for the Flame Throwers team. Manning  his position well, Williams helped his team finish with a four-game victory.  Williams threw a solid 164 for his third game to finish with a 465 series.  Williams ended Tuesday’s session 69 pins above his average.

Other notable efforts for the week ending July 9, by league:

Sunday Night Mixed

Sybil Galloway went into Sunday night mixed league play with a 164 average and proceeded to give her opponents a run for their money.  Galloway, fired up for her first game, rolled a solid 206.  Proving that the first game was no fluke, Galloway booked a 212. Finishing the night with a 189, Galloway bagged a 607 series, which put her 115 pins over her average for the series. Justin Haggerty and Allan Hague shot a pair of 660 series during Sunday’s league session.  The duo tied for the second high individual series of the night.  Haggerty strung games of 248, 223 and 189, while Hague, determined to try to beat Haggerty, tossed three solid games of 257, 209 and 194.  Both men bowl with Jason Parmer and Shannon Hague on the Ding O’ Danged 10 pin team. Parmer showed up Sunday just to be a one hit wonder by firing a 276 his second game while teammate Shannon Hague rolled a 605 series including games of 214 and 216.  The team took three out of four games and now holds the season high total series of 2555. Vernon Wilkins, bowling with team XXX Out, carried his team to a four-game victory with his 632 series.  Wilkins started the night with a 181 average and rolled a first game of 187, Wilkins then hit 245 and 200.  Anchorman Darren Brown, from Greenville, put in a solid effort his first game by posting a 247.

All in the Family team members Dale Watkins, Linda Gammill and Don Gammill punished  their opponents by shooting a combined 2421 handicapped series.  Watkins bagged a 203 his first game and a 221 his third game while mother-in-law Linda rolled games of 152 and 185 off her 145 average. Don tossed a 191 his first game. DeOnna Watkins is the team’s fourth team member and was there for moral support this week with games of 177,186, and 188.    Tera Smith continued to improve her skills this week with her three-game series of 478.  Smith help her team capture four wins by rolling games of 191, 133 and 154 off her 136 average.  Debbie Miller rolled a 213 her first game while her teammate,  Gene, booked a 191 off his 174 average.  Jesse Haggerty fired a 224 his last game of the night.

Mother-daughter duo Becky Bowden and Angela Allen took four wins with games of 244, 224 and 198.

Jim Mason’s Junior League

Tristen Painter rolled the highest series during Tuesday’s junior league action.  Painter tossed a 509 series including games of 166, 170, and 173 off his 148 average.  Painter improved his average 10 pins to 158 for next week’s play.  Lane Ogle, the Cowboys lead-off man, rolled three consistent games of 108, 108 and 115 off his 94 average, improving to a 102 average.          Jed Wallser booked a 173 for his last game of league play.  Wallser was 40 pins above his average and led his team to victory for that game.

Teammate Carlee Gibson shot 150 pins above her average series during Tuesday’s action.  Gibson’s 261 series included games of 91, 87 and 83.              Hunter Manson put together a 204 series that included games of 80 and 83.  Lessie Meece, bowling off a 43 average, rolled games of 47 and 54.  Russell Edwards rolled three games above his 49 average.  Edwards strung games of 64, 73 and 70.  Jessie Williams proved to be one of the more consistent junior league bowlers this week with his three games of 76, 73 and 72.

Kaci Powers started the day with a 57 average and fired games of 98, 94 and 91 for a 283 series.  Strikerz teammates and brothers, Zach and Khristian Goree, took one and half games from their opponents.

Zach rolled a 101 for his second game off his 80 average. Khristian, starting the day with an average of 63, tossed games of 76, 109 and 83.

New this week was team Evan’s Angels, and proved to be fierce competitors.  The team took all four games from their opponents.  Hannah VanVleet, the team’s second bowler on the roster, kept the team on track with her 277 series and 92 average, the highest on the team.

Evan Fulcher, son of Sulphur Springs High School security guard Gordon Fulcher, steadily increased each game with 55, 64, and 110.  Brooke McClure, the team’s anchor bowler, had the second high series on the team with her 248. Lead-off bowler Maci Shelton shot three consistent games of 24, 22 and 26.

Tuesday Night Mixed Doubles

Husband and wife team 2 Can Git-R-Done has proved just that, with a five-way tie for fourth place in overall standings. Debbie Miller came out for Tuesday‘s play ready to demolish her team’s competitors. Debbie rolled 192, 201 and 184 all three over her 181 average. Mark was there to cheer her on.

Body by Bowling team members Amanda Sims and Levi Laninghan bowled a combined 99 pins above their average at the conclusion of doubles play.  Sims, with a 101 average, booked games of 102, 111 and 129.  Laninghan  posted games of 109, 124 and 127 on his 100 average.          Amber Burnett took hold of the reins for her team, the Vipers, Tuesday night.  Burnett went into the session with an average of 166 and bolted out the gate during the first game with a 197.  Burnett kept her cool and tossed two solid games of 175 and 177 to finish the night 51 pins above average.

Classic Lanes co-owner Shannon Hague decided to school husband Allan this week with her 633 series. Shannon competing off a 187 average bagged games of 194, 234 and 205.  Allan helped out the last game with his score of 248 to propel the team into winning all four games.

Amanda Parmer, fired up to beat her mother-in-law and opponent for the week Pam Parmer, tossed a 425 series including games of 159, 149 and 117.  Amanda improved her individual average five pins from a 112 to a 117. Brian Breaux, another beginner bowler steadily improving from week to week, fired 109 pins above his average series with a 490.

Breaux started the night with a 180 and followed with games of 159 and 151.


Thursday Men’s Trio

Tony Moffe continues to home in on his skills with his 999 four-game series.  Moffe’s games were 203, 250, 290 and 256.  Teammate Chris Pearsall started the night with an average of 167 and fired a 705 series that included games of 185, 171 and 215 to help the team to take all five games.

Colby Pullen tossed a 267 during the third game to help his team, the Bushwhackers, take four out of five games.  Pullen’s father , Greg, sat on the sidelines taking notes to prepare for next week.  Two lanes over Ronnie Wooten Booked a 768 series including games of 194, 211 and 214.  Wooten averaged 192 for the night.

Matt Parker Shot a 681 series for the first three games of the night.  Parker opened with a 222 and followed up with 225 and 234 to finish 36 pins above his average.  Gene Shelton shot 35 pins above his 158 average, with a 193.  Larry Stovall booked a 224 his last game.

Jim Beard helped the Jim’s Pro Shop team take four games during men’s trio action.  Beard tossed a 214 his last game while anchorman Tony Wallace fired an 863 series including games of 234, 221 and 215.  Adam Thompson started the night with a 223.  Mike Miller charted games of 203, 214 and 183 off his 179 average.  Brothers Justin and Jesse Haggerty bagged games of 226, 214 and 225 to help their team, the 3 Stooges, run away with four games. Stooges anchorman Jason Parmer shot games of 232, 213, 254 and 222 for his 921 series.              Phillip Coleman went back to his television viewing this week and managed to put up a 214 his second game. Teammates Curtis Sewell and Charles Harred fired games of 255, 218 and 223.  Dave Gholson started the night off right with an impressive 248, while one lane over Dewayne Roach fired a solid 937 series including games of 244, 223 and 268.




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