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Stovall's 738 series at Classic Lanes sets the pace

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Larry Stovall fired his first 700 series this summer during the Sunday night mixed league.  Stovall opened the night with a game of 227 and steadily increased with games of 255 and 256.  Stovall finished the night 136 pins above his average. 
Corey Ogle rolled a 735 during Tuesday night doubles competition, this is his second 700 of his career, just beating his previous high of 727.  Ogle strung games of 256, 228 and 251 to help his team take three out of four games. 
Another top gun, Duane Anspon, flew into Thursday night’s action with a 276 to start the night, just one frame away from the coveted perfect game.  Anspon rolled a 709 series including two other games of 223 and 210.  Anspon was exactly 100 pins above his average after three games. 
Pacing the women this week was Karla Dailey with a 664 series.  Dailey shot not only the highest series on lanes 11 and 12 but had the highest first game with a 235.  Dailey followed up with games of 225 and 204 on a 186 average.  Dailey finished the night with a 221 average.
Other notable efforts for the week ending June 25 included, by league:
Sunday Night Mixed
Ding O’ Danged 10 Pin team member Jason Parmer revived his bowling this week with a respectable 685 series, second highest of the night for the men.  Parmer rolled games of 248, 225 and 212 off his 192 average.  Parmer finished the night 109 pins above his average in the series. 
Parmer’s teammates Allan Hague and Justin Haggerty both finished above their averages for the night as well.  Hague strung games of 222, 226 and 214 to finish the night with a 662 series.  Haggerty finished below Hague, for the first time this summer, with a 619 series including games of 226, 203 and 190.  Haggerty averaged 206 for his three games, 31 pins above his 175 average. 
Melissa Shelton and Erika Gammill both rolled their highest career games with 175 and 185.  Shelton also put up a second game of 160 off her 129 average.  Shelton finished the night 115 pins above her average series.  Gammill finished 22 pins above her 121 average.  The pair helped their team Three Hotties and a Naughty take two out of four games.
James Allen finished Sunday’s competition with a 679 series on games of 244, 226 and 209.  Allen has been coaching teammates Kellie Booth and Tera Smith.  During this week’s action Booth and Smith were both above their averages of 131 with series of 457 and 428.  Booth rolled games of 134, 182 and 141 while Smith put together two solid games of 147 and 159, helping the team to take three out of four games.  Kevin Booth is married to Kellie and is the team’s fourth member. 
Split Happens team members Shane Quinn and Anthony Sweat rolled games above their average.  Quinn proved to be the more consistent of the two with games of 182, 188 and 199 off his 184 average.  Sweat finished with a 639 series including games of 215 and 234. 
Brett Stovall went into Sunday’s action with a 184 average and rolled games of 220 and 207.  Mark Miller posted a second game of 224 while wife Debbie  fired a 215.  Brian Gammill came back strong this week with his 616 series.  Gammill fired games of 220, 195 and 201.  Becky Bowden rolled a 229 for her first game, while two lanes away Sybil Galloway shot a 200 game off her 147 average.  Vernon Wilkins booked a 257 his last game of the night. 
Tuesday Night
Colby Pullen just missed 700 by 10 pins.  Pullen opened the night with 279 and followed up with a 236 the second game.  Pullen finished with a 690 series, averaging 230 for the night.  Chad Dailey, following Pullen, led the first game with 278. Dailey came back the second game with a 225 and finished with a respectable series of 676.
Don Gammill rolled an impressive 638 series including games of 194, 243 and 201.  Gammill was 140 pins above his average series.  Keeping it all in the family were Gammill’s daughter and son-in-law, Deonna and Dale Watkins.  Deonna finished the night with a 662 series, highest of the women.  Deonna fired games of 199, 228 and 235 while husband Dale posted two solid games of 233 and 221.  The pair took all four games.
Following the pace set by Mrs. Watkins were Amy Sharp and Amanda Breaux with series of 640 and 635.  Sharp rolled three solid games of 216, 211 and 213.  Breaux’s partner and husband Brian went into  Tuesday’s action with a 112 average.  Brian fired games of 160 and 166 to finish the night 101 pins above his average.  The Breauxs went on to win all four games.  
Dana and David Strain continue to prove they are a tough team to beat shooting a combined 1120 scratch series.  Dana, with a 125 average, fired games of 176, 129 and 154 while David shot games of 254, 205 and 202.  The couple ran away with three out of their four games. 
Kathy Bell also finished well above her average with a 463 series including games of 148, 140 and 175.  Donna Soeder fired a 200 game to finish her night’s competition with a 558 series.  Greg Pullen fired a third game of 237.  Shannon Hague put up a 224 her last game.  Kevin Sharp came out of the gate with a 206 showing little brother Ken he has game too.
Thursday Men’s Trio
Dave Gholson was high man during Thursday night’s action.  Gholson put together a solid 712 series with games of 226, 239 and 247.  Just behind Gholson was Dewayne Roach with a 706 series.  Roach started slow with a first game of 206 then came alive with two solid games of 243 and 257. 
Tony Wallace posted a four-game set of 911.  Wallace rolled games of 192, 214, 226 and 279 off his 163 average helping his team to annihilate their opponent four out of five games.  Wallace finished the night 259 pins above his average. 
Dewayne Allen and Trenis Turner helped their team take four out of five possible games during Thursday’s competition.  Allen with a 154 average, rolled games of 180, 176, 157 and 171 while Turner strung games of 162, 180, 190 and 192 off his 166 average. 
Bruce Michaelson posted a 917 four-game series that included games of 226, 225 and a pair of 233s.  Michaelson finished the night 105 pins above his average for series.  Teammate Shayne Wilson took his bowling off life support this week with his 903 series that included games of 243, 219, 205 and 236.
Harold McClure Shot a pair of 236 games to help post an 882 four-game series.  Justin Haggerty rolled a second game of 234, while two lanes over Mike Love rolled games of 220 and 218.  David Holt bagged a 225 for his final game of the night.  Tony Moffe posted two solid games of  225 and 224.  Matt Parker fired a 231 for his second game, while his opponent Neldon Smith booked a 223 his last game.  Charles Harred rolled a 245 and 231 while teammate Curtis Sewell put together two solid games of 255 and 237.



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