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Men’s Commercial league windup ends bowling season

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Russ Nuss’ 742 series and Glen Taylor’s 269 game topped the scoring in the final week of the 2008-09 league bowling season at Classic Lanes on May 21.

Nuss, bowling with the R J Hauling team on lanes 13-14 in the Thursday Men’s Commercial league, fired games of 242-268-232 for the 742 set. Nuss was averaging an even 200 to open play in the last night of the league.

Taylor, averaging 197, rolled his 269 in game two and followed that with a 203 for a 648 series.

Jason Keller accounted for the second 700-plus series of the night, a 258-235-225 for 718.

The Welding Store team of Dave Gholson, Bo Duncan, Jason Smith, Neldon Smith, Mike Gilliland and Roy Schutz wrapped up the fourth quarter title with a 28-8 record, followed by the King Pins and Watkins in a 22-14 tie.

King Pins took the regular season title with a 98-46 record. Team members are Mike Fletcher, Keith Ethridge, Bruce Michaelson, Jason Keller, Shayne Wilson and Mark Smith. The Welding Store finished second with a record of 86-58.

Wilson’s 300 game and 802 series took high scratch honors. Steve Edwards’ 831 accounted for the year’s high handicap series, while my Trashmaster 310 stood for high handicap game.

The most improved average award went to Robert Spurgeon, who increased his average by 20.28 pins during the season, shading teammate Curtis Berringer’s plus-19.57.

A number of solid performances went on the recap sheet during the league’s final week.

Gholson shot 647 with a 237 game included; Duncan had a 223 game and 619 set; Jason Smith shot 662 in a 235-204-223 block; Neldon Smith had games of 232 and 221; Duane Anspon closed with a 243 game for a 619 series; Steve Edwards rolled a 225 game; Harold McClure also shot 225; and Vincent Smith had a 214 game.

Michaelson carded a 237 game and 658 series; Wilson rolled a 257 game; Jess Wright posted a 203 game; Joe Freeman a 213 game; Randy Youngs a 210 game; Rocky Propes shot games of 221 and 237 for 618; Ronnie Wooten hammered a 265 in the opening game off his 172 average; and Buddy McClendon rolled 227 and 226 games in a 645 series.

Colby Pullen closed with a 224 game; Greg Pullen hit 216 and 212 games in a 607 series; Darreyl Dixon shot a 236 in game one and went on to a 645 series; Ken Hood had a 212 game; Lynn Mills, a pair of 213 games; Matt Arnold fired a 656 with 220 and 239 games included; John Lambert shot a steady 214-218-213 for 643; Turk Morgan rolled a 212 game; and Wes Campbell posted a 239 game.

Red Skelton fired a 241 game; Larry Stovall a 203; James Allen a 215; Danny Burns shot 267 and 226 games in a 681 series; Richard Allen had games of 221 and 201; Delane Pace carded a 175 game on his 128 average; Brian Gammill closed with a 212 game; Joe Bell had a 204 game; Scott Ogle a 253 game and 622 series; and Allan Hague posted 215 and 220 games.

Philip Coleman fired a 203 game; Mike Love had a 612 series with 190-220-202; David Holt shot a 214 game; Jerry C. Thompson had games of 201 and 203; Ace Wiginton put a 223 game on the recap sheet; Brett Stovall authored a 213 game; Jason Parmer opened with a 235 and went on to a 652 set; and James Parmer’s 233 anchored a 607 series.

Chad Nuss carded a 222 game; L.T. Gaby put up a 234 in game two; and Mike Miller had games of 205 and 202.

This is the last bowling league report I will be writing for quite some time because of a new long-term project in a different media.  After this week, reports will be submitted by the staff of Classic Lanes.

I would like to thank individual bowlers, team captains, center staff and others for alerting me to bowlers’ milestone scores that otherwise probably would have gone unrecognized. Without them, I might have missed those important first-200 games, first 400, 500, 600 or 700 series, or individual games high enough to earn national or local association awards. I’m sure many escaped my attention along the way.




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