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Bowling league report 5-19-09

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Jim Beard’s 279 game and 760 series led the men’s scoring in Classic Lanes league play, while Deana Hale’s 238 game and 616 set topped the women’s efforts for the week ending May 15.
Beard, bowling on lanes 3-4 with the Ball Up team in the Thursday Men’s Commercial league on May 14, fired games of 259 and 222 before closing the set a single pin carry away from a perfect game with his 279. Beard carried a 201 going into the night’s play.
Hale, shooting with the Magic Markers team on the same pair of lanes in the Tuesday Night Mixed on May 12, recovered from a slow start to finish with 216 and 238 for her 616. She entered the night’s action on a 197 average.
Beard’s 760 was one of eight 700-plus series shot during the week as league action began to wind down for the fall season. Four of the 700s came in the Tuesday league and four in the Thursday block.
Other results and top scores for the week included:
Tuesday Night Mixed
The I Don’t NO team of Jason Keller, Shannon Hague, Becky Bowden and Allan Hague took the league championship with a record of 104-40, with The Strikers – J.W. Skaggs, Betty Russell, Chuck Russell, Steve Edwards and fifth member Tarry Davison – finishing second with an 89-55 mark.
For the season, Justin Haggerty took men’s high scratch game honors with 298 and Cliff Whitney’s 765 nabbed the high scratch series title. Haggerty also had high handicap game and series with 329 and 824. Becky Bowden’s 266 game and 720 series won high scratch honors among women bowlers, while Donna Soeder’s 284 game and 788 series led the high handicap chase.
Trenis Turner, returning to the lanes after 35 years away from bowling, posted the most improved average. Turner, owner of the Avid Reader book store, increased his average by 18.62 pins. Melissa Shelton took most improved women’s average, raising her scoring by 25.78 pins.
Keller fired a 750 series for the championship team on the final night, cranking out a 268-232-250 block. Smitty Smith, Dave Gholson and Jesse Haggerty also topped the 700 mark. Smith’s 728 series came on games of 259-214-255; Gholson, who had been flirting with 700s for the past several weeks, shot 237-236-242 for 715. Haggerty fired his 718 set on games of 247-213-258.
Other notable scores from the final night of league play included Shannon Hague’s 204 game; Becky Bowden’s 212 game; Allan Hague’s 644 series on games of 215-207-222; J.W. Skaggs hit 607 with a 204-191-212; Chuck Russell carded a 619 series with a 229 high game; and Steve Edwards narrowly missed a 700, shooting 209-245-238 for 692.
David Soeder stroked a 672 set in a 222-236-214 outing; Cliff Whitney shot a steady 626 with a 215 high; Joe Bell hit a 222 game; Mike Dunahoo had a 222 game and 605 series; Justin Haggerty opened with a 234 game and went on to a 609 series; Larry Siegert popped games of 256 and 208 in a 647 set; and Rick Pearce posted a 216 game.
NOTE: On lanes 9-10 and 11-12, the computerized scoring system did not compute, dropping the third game score for every bowler on the four lanes. Of the scores the computer didn’t eat, Darrell Green shot 222 and 207 games, Sybil Galloway recorded a 203 and Jim Jim Galloway had a 213 game. The computer crash cost each bowler one game and dropped points from the combiled team’s columns for the season.

Thursday Men’s
With this week’s position round coming up, The Welding Store and Watkins teams will face off for the quarter and season championship on the line. The Welding Store paces the quarter with a 25-7 mark to Watkins’ 21-11, but leads the year’s standings by just one game in the year’s title chase, 83-57 to 82-58. That should make for an interesting matchup on week 36.
While Beard was firing his 760, Jason Keller hit his second 700 of the week’s league action with a 714 in 244-246-224 set; Allan Hague carded a 716 with a 201-258-257 block; and Tarry Davison recorded a 224-224-256 set for 704.
Rocky Propes nailed a triplicate with three consecutive 171 games.
In other league action May 14, Michael Burnett shot a 224 game; Jerry C. Thompson hit a 219 game; Jim Galloway had games of 222-264 before running into carry problems in game three to finish with 630; Ace Wiginton opened with a 258 game; Zach Howser rolled a 190-222-209 for 621; Russ Nuss hit a 228 game and 610 series; Jeff Wright had a 205 game; Joe Freeman closed with a 214 for a 609 series; and Koy Cline fired games of 220 and 245 in a 634 series.
Dave Gholson rolled a 213 game; Bo Duncan a 267 game; Jason Smith a 255 game; Roy Schutz had a pair of 203 games; Duane Anspon shot 212 and 231 in a 624 series; Steve Edwards recorded a 226 game; Randy Youngs a 232 game; Harold McClure posted 246 and 252 in a 677 set; Colby Strain had a 228 game; Red Skelton a 216 game; Larry Stovall a 237 game and 603 series; James Allen cranked out a steady 620 with a 214 high game; Danny Burns logged a 248 game; and Richard Allen hit a 204 game.
Ronnie Wooten shot 201 and 215 games; Buddy McClendon a 208 game; Doug Brann a 255 game and 628 series; Lynn Mills a 205 game; John Lambert a 229 game; Jason Parmer a 244 game and 646 series; James Parmer a 215 game; Darrell Green a 227 game; and Curtis Berringer recorded a 243 game.
Greg Pullen hit 211 and 246 games for a 650 series; David Strain shot 651 on games of 204-222-225; Charles Harred hit a 258 game and 628 series; Darreyl Dixon a 258 game; Ken Hood a 215 game; Keith Ethridge a 264 game and 642 series; Shayne Wilson a 249 game and 685 series; Mark Smith closed with a 228 for a 633 set; and Tom Swingle rolled 205 and 214 games.
Phillip Coleman, averaging 161 going in, fired 205-220-224 for 649; and Mike Love just missed a seven with a 205-221-266 for 692.
Summer leagues are now forming at Classic Lanes. Schedules for the summer are available at the center’s desk.



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