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Deana Hale nails 700-series at Classic Lanes

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Deana Hale fired her first 700 series this season and the second of her career in the Tuesday Night Mixed League on May 5 at Classic Lanes.
Hale, averaging 186 going into the night’s action, rolled a 714 while bowling with the Magic Markers team on lanes 11-12. She started with a 204, followed with a 247 and closed the set with a lofty 263.
She said afterwards that it was her second sanctioned 700, but “the first in a long time.” Her series was one of four sevens rolled in the Tuesday league, the only session that produced 700 or better scores for the week ending April 10.
Others posting 700s included the usual suspects – high-average gunners Allen Hague with 729, Jason Keller with 715 and Jason Parmer with 706.
Hague’s set came on games of 257-245-227, bowling against Parmer, who hit 264-227-214. Hague’s teammate, Keller, shot 267 and 252 before closing with a 196.
Hale’s series paced the women’s scoring, with Becky Bowden second at 634, followed by Betty Russell’s 595.
Noteworthy scores for the week included, by league:
Monday Night Ladies
The City National Bank team of Dorothy Harrison, Eva Phillips, Tina Phillips and Betty Russell took the season title with a record of 97.5-46.5 over the Heels-N-Wheels squad of Erika Gammill, Danilee Ogle, Pam Parmer and Shannon Hague at 89.5-54.5.
Amanda Breaux claimed season-high scratch game honors with 267 and Hague rolled the high scratch series, a 645. Tonya Moody topped the high handicap game standings with 303 and Ogle posted the high handicap series with 743. Ogle also nabbed the most improved award, boosting her average by 22.86 pins to 158.86.
Others bowling well on the final night of the league included Erika Gammill, with a 172-147-132 set for 451 on her 99 average; Ogle with games of 178 and 202 in a 538 series; Pam Parmer, 40 pins over average in a 187 game; Hague with a 634 in a 212-225-197 effort; Harrison’s 579 consisted of 222-180-177; Mary Pettet, averaging 133, fired a 456 on games of 170-142-144; and Kelly Sutton shot a 190 game off her 144 average in a 491 set.
Deborah Crist, averaging 131, rolled a 162 game in a 448 series; Deonna Watkins posted a solid 566 on games of 182-189-195; Breaux hit a 225 game and 557 series; Moody shot a 179 in game one after opening play with a 136 average; Barbara Ocha, averaging 116, hit 128-135-140 for 403; Velda Dodd fired a 208 game; Joy Hoekstra rolled a 152 game on a 115 average; Frankie Sims fired a 447 with games of 155-180-132 off her 123 average; and Catalina Torres popped a 186 game and 477 series after opening play with a 139 average.   
Tuesday Night Mixed
While Hale, Hague, Keller and Parmer were topping the 700 series mark, several other shooters posted solid scores.
Jamie Tomlinson was 42 pins over average in her opening 157 game; Jerry Thompson hit a 214 game; Laura Ballard stroked games of 225 and 201 in a 592 series; Ace Wiginton hit a 676 with 255 and 214 games included; James Parmer rolled a 200-even game; Kay Dunahoo topped her 120 average each game in a 407 series; Justin Haggerty posted games of 225-201; and Jessie Haggerty carded a 633 with 231 and 212 games included.
Shannon Hague popped a 225 game; Bowden’s 634 included games of 225 and 213; J.W. Skaggs rolled a 223 game; Betty Russell narrowly missed a six with her 184-221-190 set; Steve Edwards fired a steady 216-204-213 for 633; Rick Pearce had a 214 game; Dom Gammill a 201 game; and Dave Gholson a 218 game.
Smitty Smith shot 212 and 222 games; Jason Smith carded a 234 game; David Soeder a 217 game; Cliff Whitney a 212 game; and Darrell Green rolled a 654 set with 228-201-225.
Thursday Men’s
For the first time in several weeks, no 700 sets came from the men’s league in May 7 play. Colby Strain almost got there with a 698, Dave Gholson carded a 680 and Ronnie Wooten checked in with a 679. Strain’s 278 was the night’s high scratch game, followed by James Allen at 256 and David VanSickleand Ken Hood tied at 255.
Strain’s 698 consisted of 204-216-278 games; Gholson shot 225-234-221 for the 680; Wooten fired 235-200-244 for his 679; Mike Fletcher rolled games of 226 and 220; Keith Ethridge authored a 651 that included 212 and 243 games; Jason Keller shot a 226 game; Mark Smith had a 214 game; Greg Pullen carded a 229 game; Charles Harred compiled a 624 highlighted by a 235 game; Darreyl Dixon’s 246 game anchored a 633 series; and Hood’s 255 keyed a 644 set.
Duane Anspon shot 225 and 244 games in a 661 set; Steve Edwards’s 227 game keyed a 634 series; Harold McClure posted a 222 game and 630 series; Vincent Smith rolled a 211 game; Kieth Millsap, averaging 126 to open play, compiled a 480 on a 154-167-159 block; Adam Thompson fired a 615 on games of 236-181-198; Kenny Turner rolled a 212 game; and Tom Swingle compiled a 669 with games of 246-213-210.
Buddy McClendon hit 223 and 224 games; Doug Brann had a 221 game; Chad Nuss, games of 223 and 208; Zach Howser, 224 and 202 games; Rodney Miller, a 222 game; Russ Nuss, 238 and 223 games, 610 series; Jason Parmer, 224 game; Justin Haggerty, 211 game; Darrell Green, 253 game, 616 series; Bo Duncan, 245 game; Neldon Smith, 215 game; Roy Schutz, 209 game; Robert Spurgeon, 215 game; Curtis Berringer, 210-212-217 for 639; Red Skelton, 209 game; Larry Stovall, 204 game; James Allen’s 256 keyed a 626 series; Danny Burns, 229 game; and Brett Stovall, 223 and 221 games in a 631 series.
Lynn Mills recorded a 203 game; Matt Arnold, 235 and 213 games; Turk Morgan, 213 game; Wes Campbell, 203 game; Jerry C. Thompson, 203 game; David VanSickle’s 255 and 231 games highlighted a 654 series; Ace Wiginton, 202 game; Joe Bell, 221 game; Scott Ogle, 216 and 230 games, 640 series; Glen Taylor, 245 game, 616 series; Allan Hague, 215 game; Phillip Coleman, 236 game and 599 series off a 160 average; Mike Love, 232 game; Matt Parker, 211 and 223 games, 631 series; and Dewayne Roach, 226 and 232 games, 645 series.
Also, Jeff Wright, 203 game; Joe Freeman, 247-193-202 for 643; Randy Youngs, 216 game; Jim Beard, 254 and 203 games, 644 series; and Koy Cline, 204 and 205 games.
Summer leagues are now forming at Classic Lanes. Planned leagues, schedules and starting times are available at the center’s desk.
New this summer season is the Jim Mason League for junior bowlers, in which young competitors will receive a bowling ball at the conclusion of the league. The late Jim Mason was a popular personality and a long-time competitor in the local center.



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