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Spring soccer photos Saturday at Coleman Park

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The Coleman Park soccer fields are closed due to recent rains. Teams are currently scheduled to play games this Saturday but is subject to weather conditions. Spring soccer photos have also been rescheduled for this Saturday at Coleman Park.
Go to www.sulphurspringssoccer.org for more updates.
See chart below.
8 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under12MAR, Coach Carlos Marquez;
Camera 2-Under12IRV, Coach Brad Irving
8:10 a.m. -- Camera  1-Under8PIE, Coach Darrell Pierce;
Camera 2-Under10MCM, Coach Brian McMillian
8:20 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under6CER, Coach Daniel Cervantes;    Camera 2-Under10PIE,  Coach Darrell Pierce
8:30 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under6DAN, Coach Daniel Slade;Camera 2-Under8WOR, Coach Jessica Worth
9 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under 8TAR, Coach Daniel Tarrant;Camera 2-Under14HAR, Coach Tracy Harrington
9:10 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under8BEN, Coach Terri Bench;
Camera 2-Under14HUF, Coach Shelly Huff
9:20 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under6MOO, Coach Michael Moore;    Camera 2-Under10MOO, Coach Michael Moore
9:30 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under6WHI, Coach Laura White;
Camera 2-Under12LEW, Coach Israel Lewis
9:40 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under10ABR, Coach TC Abron;
Camera 2-Under12COA1, Coach Hugo Garcia
10 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under8YAN, Coach Tony Yanez
10:10 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under8JON, Coach Tesha Jones;Camera  2-Under14MAD, Coach Butch Maddox
10:20 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under6BRI, Coach Jeremy Bridges;    Camera 2-Under12MOR, Coach Elmer Moreno
10:30 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under6TAY, Coach Blake Taylor;
Camera 2-Under10SMI, Coach Kyle Smith
10:40 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under10KIL, Coach Chris Kilgore;    Camera 2-Under14RAM, Coach Sabrina Ramirez
10:50 a.m. -- Camera 2-Under12GRE, Coach Jimmy Green
11 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under8BUT, Coach Emmett Butler
11:10 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under8HILL, Coach Julie Hill
11:30 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under14AGU, Coach Gerardo Aguilar;    Camera 2-Under14MCM, Coach Brian McMillan
11:50 a.m. -- Camera 1-Under10GRA, Coach Gerald Grafton;    Camera 2-Under12COA2, Coach Jeremy Deaton
12 p.m. -- Camera 1-Under10HUF, Coach Shelly Huff;    Camera 2-Under12GRA, Coach Gerald Grafton




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