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Three bowlers hit personal best scores at Classic Lanes

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Jim Galloway, Jamie Tomlinson and Trenis Turner shot their top scores to date in the Tuesday Night Mixed league at Classic Lanes on April 28.
Galloway, bowling with the Charlie’s Gang team on lanes 11-12, fired a 745 series on lanes 11-12 with games of 277-279-189. It was Galloway’s first 700 of the season and the second of his career, and topped his previous high series by three sticks in a set rolled about five years ago. He entered the night’s action with a 181 average.
Tomlinson and Turner turned in their best efforts to date as teammates on the Avid Reader Books squad on lanes 3-4.
Tomlinson, averaging 114 to open play, shot her career-first 400 series, a 422 on games of 150-144-128. Turner, a Marine veteran back on the lanes after a 35-year layoff, recorded his first 200 game since his return to action. Turner rolled a 216 in game two and went on to card a 519 series for the night, 111 pins above his average. Turner also leads the chase for most improved average in the men’s division of the league, up 18.68 pins for the season with two weeks remaining on the fall-winter schedule.
The personal best scores were among some solid game and series efforts posted during the week, listed by league:
Sunday Night Mixed
The Frickin 10 Pin team of Jason Parmer, Shannon Hague, David Strain and Allan Hague won the league championship by the thinnest of margins. The squad won 100.5 points for the season, topping the Shady Bunch team by a half-point. Members of the Shady Bunch crew are Shawna Hall, Brett Stovall, Gerald Chaney and Larry Stovall.
For the year, David Strain took high scratch game honors with a 300, followed by Colby Pullen at 297. Pullen’s handicap game score of 306 topped that category. High series went to Chad Dailey with a 780, with and Harold McClure second at 771.
Women’s high scratch game score was Becky Bowden’s 290, with Angela Allen second at 289. Karla Dailey topped the scratch series standings for the year with 735 and Bowden was second at 713. Allen had the high handicap game, 307, with Dailey second on a 306.
Wesley Crist took the most improved average for men with plus-24.50, while Maddene Harred raised her average by 25.78 pins for most improved woman bowler.
On the final night of league play on April 26, Chad Dailey again led the men with a 770 series. Joy Kozeluh fired the women’s high game with 234 and Karla Dailey posted a 646 to top series action. Chad Dailey’s set came on games of 247-265-258 and Karla Dailey’s 221-202-223 accounted for her score.
Elsewhere on the lanes, Jason Parmer carded a 222 game and 636 series; David Strain hit a pair of 214 games in a 612 block; Danilee Ogle fired a 200-even game; Corey Ogle a 216 game; Brett Stovall a 202 game; Larry Stovall a 621 series in a steady 210-206-205 outing; Ace Wiginton a 217 game; Richard Allen a 218 game; and Angela Allen a 202 game.
Wade Crist, averaging 141 to begin play, fired 188-158-190 for a 536 series; Brian Stegall carded games of 200 and 215; Robert Huggett shot 189-247-167 for 603 off a 162 average; James Allen had a 202 game; Tarry Davison’s 691 featured a 247 in game two; Alan Roberts shot 615 with a 232 high; Harold McClure had 215 and 225 games; Mark Miller shot a 213 game; and Amber Burnett hit a 200-even game.
Sybil Galloway closed her set with a 192 for a 519 series; Terry Kozeluh had a 228 game; Justin Parmer rolled 225 and 245 games in a 626 series; Greg Pullen shot a 255 game and 640 series; Nathan Crist a 226 game; and Adam Thompson shot 183-198-184 for 565 on a 169 average.
Monday Night Ladies
Debbie Miller’s 601 series and Betty Russell’s 233 game set the scratch scoring pace, while Kelly Sutton posted the high handicap game with 270 and Miller carded the high handicap series with 676.
Melva Shugart was 30 pins over average in a 157 game; Linda Brazil, averaging 140, shot 159-142-145 for 446; Vikki Moore rolled a 168 game on a 136 average; Amanda Breaux fired a 566 with 205 and 190 games included; Amy Sharp shot 200 and 210 games for a 572 series; and Amber Sharp opened with a 191 and went on to a 471 series off a 145 average.
Erika Gammill, averaging 98, compiled games of 130-125-137 for a 392 series; Danilee Ogle shot a 519 with a 182 game included; Pam Parmer was over average each game in a steady 491 with games of 163-160-168; and Shannon Hague rolled a 216 game.
Penny Shelton, bowling on a 152 average, rolled 189 and 181 games in a 518 series; Amber Johnson fired 171-182-174 for 527 off a 146 average; Miller’s 601 series came on games of 209-215-177; Debra Sutterfield rolled a 491 series with a 180 game included; Charlie Romanat, averaging 137, had games of 160 and 164 in a 463 series; and Betty Russell closed with her 233 game for a 583 series.
Debra Morgan, carrying a 119 average, fired 134-157-175 for 466; Mary Pettet had a 169 game on a 132 average; Myra Crist shot 180-148-175 for 503 off a 139 average; and Sutton, averaging 142, put a 224 game and 522 series on the recap sheet.
Tuesday Night Mixed
While Jim Galloway was tooling his 745 set, Deana Hale set the pace for the women with a 232 game and 611 series. Charlie Romanat had the high handicap game, 233, and Donna Soeder high handicap series at 654.
Melissa Shelton topped her 132 average in each game in a 439 series; Darrell Green rolled a 210 game; J.W. Skaggs a 202; Betty Russell a 203 game and 566 series; Chuck Russell a 609 series with games of 212 and 213 included; Steve Edwards, 248 and 211 games, 653 series; Rick Pearce closed with a 269 for a 640 set; Don Gammill shot a 203 game; Dave Gholson missed a 700 by just five sticks in a 228-245-222 outing; and Amanda Breaux rolled a 213 game and 565 series.
Terry Douglas rolled a 217 game; Pam Parmer posted a steady 165-160-162 off a 149 average; James Parmer hit 236 and 212 games; Smitty Smith had a 244 game; Jason Smith, 202 and 200 games; Jerry Thompson, 204 game; Ace Wiginton, 200 game; Joe Bell, 219 game; and Mike Dunahoo a 210 game.
Donna Soeder rolled 190 and 191 games in a 543 series; David Soeder had 210 and 222 games; Cliff Whitney a 213 game; Deana Hale’s 611 included games of 232 and 220; Allan Hague shot 620 with a 213 high game; Shayne Wilson posted a 673 in a 215-232-226 set; Charlie Romanat’s 181 scratch game accounted for her women’s high handicap game score; Jesse Haggerty had 203 and 201 games; and Jason Parmer hit 642 with a 238 high.
Thursday Men’s
Five gunners – Jason Keller, Tarry Davison, Mark Smith, Larry Stovall and Jason Parmer -- fired 700-plus series sets on April 30.
Keller fired 223-267-258 for 748; Davison hit 740 with 245-288-207; Smith shot 255-235-236 for 726; Stovall recorded a 724 in a 240-226-258 block; and Parmer shot 226-226-257 for 709.
Other notable scores included Donnie Wooten’s 214 game and 554 series on a 156 average; Ronnie Wooten’s 238 game; Buddy McClendon’s 212 game; Doug Brann’s 205 and 222 games in a 608 set; Mike Love’s 615 on games of 194-216-205; David Holt’s 216 game; Mike Fletcher’s 218 game; Bruce Michaelson’s 245 game; and Shayne Wilson’s 265 and 238 games.
Duane Anspon rolled a 253 game and 622 series; Steve Edwards, 656 with 233-208-215; Harold McClure, 248 and 238 games, 678 series; Vincent Smith, 225 game and 622 series; Jeff Wright, 235 game; Joe Freeman, 223 game; Randy Youngs, 243 game and 609 series; and Koy Cline, 226-202-268 for a 696 set.
Jerry C. Thompson had 218 and 201 games; David VanSickle, 222 and 223 games; Jim Galloway, 235 game; Ace Wiginton, 218 game; Brian Gammill, 222 game; Glen Taylor, 200 game; Corey Ogle, 256 game; Michael Burnett, 231-214-215 for 660; Lynn Mills, 234 and 225 games in a 615 set; Matt Arnold, 222 game; John Lambert, 250 game, 618 series; and Wes Campbell, 237 game, 608 series.
Dave Gholson shot a 247 game and 624 series; Bo Duncan a 258 game and 626 series; Jason Smith a 222 game; Roy Schutz, 216 game and 619 series; Justin Haggerty, 228-196-214 for 638; James Parmer, 243 game; Darrell Green, 232 and 224 games, 654 series; Curtis Berringer, 215 game; and Mike Miller, 244 and 230 games, 641 series.
Chad Nuss hit a 226 game; Zach Howser a 200 game; Rodney Miller a 207 game; Russ Nuss a 207 game; Kenny Turner a 221 game; Colby Pullen, 267 and 200 games in a 665 series; Greg Pullen, 226 and 214 games, 622 series; David Strain, 220-234-233 for 687; Charles Harred, 225 game; Ken Hood, 242 game; James Allen, 221 game; and Danny Burns, 234 game, 616 series.



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