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A fore-word about SS youth spring soccer

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This is the first time the Sulphur Springs Soccer Association has offered youth spring soccer to area youngsters. With this new addition, came a few changes. As a sports writer, fan, and soccer mom I thought I would clear up some of the wonders about “Quickfoot” soccer, what the spring soccer participants will be playing.

Sportsmanship. First and foremost, spring soccer is all about having fun.
New to all. Quickfoot soccer is new to the coaches, players, and officials so allow for a learning curve.
Smaller field. Spring soccer will be played on a smaller field.
No goalie. Players will not be allowed to cross half circle in front of goal, if so it is a score for the opposing team.
Co-ed. This is also new. A team will not be allow to compete if both genders are not represented.
4-on-4. There will be four players on the field in rotation.
Half field. The player kicking the ball must cross half field before a score can be counted.
Intitially, each team was to play six games and then that would be followed by a tournament.But with the rain cancelation on Saturday, that is still to be determined.
Quickfoot by definition is usually  played in a shorter time frame,the fields may be half the size, but Quickfoot soccer is as challenging as its larger counterpart. Yet, it seems to be growing in popularity.
For more information on schedules and a soccer field map of Coleman Park, go to the Sulphur Springs Soccer Association website at www.sulphurspringssoccer.org. Spring soccer players range in ages from 4 to 14 and teams are identified by color.
More youth sports photos can be found on the News-Telegram website at www.mySSnews.com under youth sports tab.
NOTE: Schedule change–The U10 Oxford vs. Deep Purple that was scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Saturday has been moved to Tuesday at 6 p.m.



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