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Soeder, Burnett post first sanctioned 600 series

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Three bowlers hit career best sanctioned scores in action at Classic Lanes during the week ending March 26.
Donna Soeder and Amber Burnett each reached the 600-plus mark to highlight women’s scoring, and Donald Davis stroked his first sanctioned 300 game in his first appearance at Classic Lanes. Burnett hit her first six in the Sunday Night Mixed, while Soeder cracked that mark in the Tuesday Night Mixed. Davis fired his perfect game in the Thursday Men’s Commercial League.
Soeder almost bypassed the 600 series honor in favor of a 700. She ripped games of 214-245-212 for a 671 to post the high scratch women’s series of the week. With her handicap added, she took the lead in the chase for high handicap game and series at 284 and 788.
Soeder, a smooth-stroking right-hander with a textbook approach and follow-through, entered the night’s play with a 161 average for the Magic Markers team on lanes 3-4. Those of us who have watched her bowl over the course of the season were a bit surprised that it was her first 600-plus career score – but she made it a lofty one in the process.
Burnett started the week’s scoring with her initial 600, a 608, after breaking out a new bowling ball in the Sunday league on March 22.
Shooting with the Git-R-Done squad, the down-and-in stroking right-hander hammered the pins on games of 182-243-183 for her 608. Adding her handicap off a 156 average, she scored a 713 series and 278 game, tops for women bowlers for the night. Chances are she’ll keep that ball for a while. And her series also came on lanes 3-4.
Davis, who carried a 198 book average last season, got his breakthrough 300 in his initial Classic Lanes venture. The southpaw, bowling with The Storm squad on lanes 11-12, opened his set with a pair of 205 games before slamming all 12 shots in game three for the perfect game for a 710 series. He admitted later to being a bit nervous, understandably, on shots 11 and 12, but pulled off solid pocket hits to finish out the set.
Davis joined David Strain, Joe Freeman and Shayne Wilson in the perfect game listings at the local bowling center this season.
Other bowlers also put impressive numbers on the board during the week. Those included, by league:

Sunday Night Mixed
While Burnett was nailing her first 600 series, three other women fired six-plus scores. Shannon Hague set the pace with 622; Karla Dailey followed with a 617; and Kathy VanSickle hit 612. Richard Allen led the men’s scoring with a 703, the only seven posted in the league on March 22. Nathan Crist logged the high men’s game with a 265.
Shannon Hague’s 622 came on games of 191-207-224 on lanes 7-8. Karla Daily hit her 617 on a 191-211-215 on lanes 1-2. Kathy VanSickle’s 246 game anchored her 612 on lanes 15-16. Richard Allen shot 215-231-257 for his 703, also on lanes 15-16.
Others scoring well included Wade Crist with a 174 game and 469 series on a 137 average; Deborah Crist hit a 164 game off a 139 average; Myra Crist, averaging 141, shot games of 147-153-178 for 478; Wesley Crist fired 194-217-181 for a 592 on his 167 average; Shane Quinn Rolled a 669 series in a 204-224-241 outing; Laura Prewitt nailed a 52-pins-over-average game with a 176; Brian Stegall carded a 204 game; and Anthony Sweat had a 249 game.
Maddene Harred, averaging 102 going in, shot 114-139-161 for a 415 series; Adam Thompson had a 224 game; Joey Burton shot a 143 game on a 100 average; Ralphie Harrod, who’s been a tear lately, compiled a 541 set on games of 183-187-171 after opening play with a 165 average; and Greg Pullen had 222 and 233 games in a 644 set.
Jason Parmer opened with a 259 game and went on to a 625 series; David Strain popped 220 and 224 games in a 614 series; Allan Hague rolled a 220 game; Corey Ogle shot 210 and 213 games in his 603 effort; Michael Burnett authored a 630 including games of 217 and 224; Gerald Chaney, averaging 153, fired a 501 series with a 181 high; Larry Stovall shot 204-242-229 for 675; and Nathan Crist followed his opening 265 with a 220 and finished the night at 648.
Joe Freeman bagged a 225 game; James Allen a 212; Tera Smith a 179 game off a 132 average; Chebna McClure hit a 205 game; Harold McClure a 224 game; Joy Kozeluh a 190 game; David VanSickle a 231 game; Ace Wiginton a 254 game and 600-even series; Angela Allen a 212 game; and Becky Bowden a 226 game.

Monday Night Ladies
No reports were available from March 23 league play.

Tuesday Night Mixed
All but lost in the flurry of strikes and spares from the women’s side of the ledger were 721 series scores by Tarry Davison and Jason Keller. Davison posted the high men’s game of the night, a 279. Keller’s set came on games of 227-237-257, while Davison opened with 249, slipped to a 193 and then recovered with the 279 for his 721.
Joe Bell just missed a 600, shooting games of 204-190-203; Mike Dunahoo carded a 214 game; Kay Dunahoo opened with 140 and 151 games off a 120 average; Sybil Galloway posted a 517 series with a 191 game included; Jim Galloway shot 606 with 196-200-210; Larry Siegert hit a 225 game; Kathy VanSickle, a 222 game; Smitty Smith, a 684 in a 214-235-235 set; and Mike Gilliland a 225 game.
David Soeder carded a solid 689 series on games of 235-201-253; Cliff Whitney shot 616 with 226 and 208 games; Jerry Thompson had a 204 game; Ace Wiginton a 237; Marlo McKnight shot 512 with 179 and 178 games included; Larry White had a 204 game; Melissa Shelton fired a 163 game on a 132 average; and Darrell Green had a 242 game.
Mark Irvin, averaging 129, fired a 162 in his closing game; Justin Haggerty strung games of 202-259-206 for 667; Jesse Haggerty, a pair of 200 games; Jason Parmer, 228 and 238 games in a 661; Rick Pearce, 234 game; Dave Gholson, 211; Steve Edwards, 215 game; Justin Parmer, 200 game; and Vonda Douglas was 30 over average in her 165 game.

Thursday Men’s
While Davis was firing his perfect game and 700-plus set, Greg Pullen posted the high series with 738 and Allan Hague was close behind with a 732, Danny Burns came within one strike of a perfect game with a 279, Tarry Davison fell one pin short of a 700 and Dave Gholson just missed a 700 series with 695.
Gholson’s 695 came on games of 212-215-268; Bo Duncan had a 612 with a 219 high; Jason Smith a 601 with a 212 closing game; Neldon Smith a 636 with a 257 high; Larry Stovall a 246 game and 608 series; James Allen a 661 set with 234 and 236 games; and Burns opened with his 279 and went on to post a 659 series.
Brian Gammill had a 221 game; Joe Bell a 211; Scott Ogle a 612 series with games of 223 and 211; Glen Taylor had 203 and 211 games; Hague’s 732 came in a 212-262-258 set; Chad Nuss had a 207 game; Mike Nolen, 200 and 203 games; Rodney Miller, 247 game and 627 series; Lynn Mills, 215 and 224 games; Turk Morgan, 221 game, 618 series; and Wes Campbell, 246 and 221 games, 651 series; and Matt Lambert, 210 game.
Jim Beard carded a 206 game; Koy Cline 203 and 202 games; Jason Parmer, 266 game and 652 series; Justin Haggerty, 215 game; James Parmer, 228 and 211 games, 621 series; Darrell Green, 253 game, 616 series; Keith Ethridge, 212 and 216 games, 619 series; Bruce Michaelson, 221 and 225 games, 625 series; and Jason Keller, 255 and 237 games in his 693 series.
David VanSickle posted a 205 game; Jim Galloway a 212; Ace Wiginton a 214; Kieth Millsap had a 178 game on a 125 average; Adam Thompson a 202 game; Tom Swingle a 204 game; Colby Pullen a 667 series in a 213-225-229 outing; Greg Pullen’s 738 was a steady 248-254-236 set; Charles Harred hit 234 and 221 games in a 647; and Darrell Dixon posted a 216 game.
Mike Miller fired a 670 series with a 224-248-198 effort; David Holt had a 203 game; Rocky Propes a 224 game; Ronnie Wooten a 646 in a 224-194-228 off a 164 average; Buddy McClendon had a 204 game; Doug Brann a 201; Duane Anspon a 618 with a 225 high game; Tarry Davidson’s 224-268-207 accounted for his 699; Harold McClure had 259 and 237 games in a 691 set; and Vincent Smith rolled a 663 on games of 203-248-212.
Note: Last week’s report did a mention of Dave Gholson’s conversion of the nearly impossible 7-9 split.



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