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Flag to be flown at half staff Jan. 25 in honor of Capt. Gene Cernan, last man to walk on moon

The flags on Celebration Plaza and around town will be flown at half staff Wednesday, Jan. 25, to honor United States Navy Capt. Eugene “Gene” Cernan, who died Monday, Jan. 16, in Houston at age 82.


17 new members inducted into National Technical Honor Society

Sulphur Springs High School Monday evening honored 17 students’ achievements in career and technical classes by inducting them into the Geral Kennedy ...

Texas A&M Singing Cadets in concert locally Feb. 17

Hopkins County Area Aggie Moms’ Club is sponsoring a concert Friday, Feb. 17, featuring the Texas A&M Singing Cadets, Texas A&M University's p...

Hopkins County, deputy cleared in federal suit

A jury in United States District Court found that Hopkins County Sheriff's Sgt. Paul Fenimore did not use excessive force or unlawfully arrest Jody Be...

Adventure Awaits on the Pacific Crest Trail

Cedric Standbridge took 6 month hike up the West Coast

Cedric Standbridge has what his grandmother Billie Ruth Standbridge of Sulphur Springs considers...


Lady Cats, Cats meet Pine Tree

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