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C-P JH track meet has area competitors

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COMO — It has been a busy week for the Como-Pickton Junior High, they hosted two JH track meets (boys competed on Monday and girls on Tuesday).

Overall for the girls eighth grade division, Lone Oak took home first with 155 points, fifth place went to North Hopkins with 52 points, Cumby had 44 points for sixth, Como-Pickton placed seventh with 32. For boys eighth grade, Como-Pickton won second with 117 points just behind Rains with 180, seventh went to Cumby with 22, and nine points was eighth place for North Hopkins.

"I want to note that I have very small numbers in athletes.  I have nine seventh graders and six eighth graders. My girls compete with much strength and integrity. I had one non-sprinter eighth grader  last night who ran a leg in the 1600-meter relay, but she did it because her team needed her to step up. My vaulter Tori Fuller fell on the bar during one of her attempts and still ran over and triple jumped and placed," said C-P girls track coach Virginia Green. "I also want to thank Coach Mowat, Coach Bates, and Coach Woods for helping the girls with their events. Thanks to all who helped make the meet go well including Coach Yates, Coach Tullis and Coach Roller. That is one thing I can say about Como-Pickton is that we do work as a team." Eighth grade girls division

100-meter run-  sixth-Carmen Schakel Como-Pickton     14.68.

200-meter run- fourth-Karli Emmons, Cumby 30.96, sixth-Kaci Fields, Como-Pickton 31.50.

400-meter run- third-Karli Emmons, Cumby 1:09.94, fifth-Kayla Akers, Cumby     1:12.47, sixth-Natalie Pirrone, Como-Pickton 1:13.62.

800-meter run-fifth-Briana Wilson, Cumby 3:00.44.

1,600-meter run- first-Samantha Gamez, North Hopkins 6:37.43, second-Stephanie Gamez, North Hopkins 6:47.25, fifth-Taylor Gifford, Cumby 7:25.75, sixth-Denise Calixto, North Hopkins 7:27.27.

2,400-meter run-first Samantha Gamez, North Hopkins 10:23.50, second-Stephanie Gamez, North Hopkins 10:30.25, sixth-Denise Calixto, North Hopkins 11:55.09.

400-meter relay- sixth-Morgan Bryant, Karla Ibanez, Vanessa Cross, Candice Horrocks of Cumby 1:05.37.

800-meter relay-fifth-Morgan Bryant, Karla Ibanez, Vanessa Cross, Candice Horrocks of Cumby 2:17.97.

1,600-meter relay-fourth-Candice Horrocks, Taylor Gifford, Karli Emmons, Kayla Akers of Cumby 5:15.60, fifth-Natalie Pirrone, Carmen Schakel, Aldyn Green of Como-Pickton 5:28.22, sixth-Macy Griner, Stephanie Gamez, Samantha Gamez, Ashley Latimer of North Hopkins 5:28.23.

300-meter hurdles-fifth-Bailey Wagonner, North Hopkins 1:04.56, sixth-Vanessa Cross, Cumby     1:06.69.

Long jump-fourth-Carmen Schakel, Como-Pickton 13-5.25, sixth-Karli Emmons, Cumby 12-11.

Shot put-second-Carrie Ann Gay, Cumby 28-8, third-Nerly Ramirez, Como-Pickton 28-1.5, fourth-Molly Nance, Cumby 27-9.5.

Discus-first-Macy Griner, North Hopkins     64-5, third-Nerly Ramirez,     Como-Pickton 63-9.

Triple jump- sixth-Tori Fuller, Como-Pickton 27-3.

Pole vault- second-Tori Fuller, Como-Pickton    6-5.

Eighth Grade boys division

100-meter run-third-Bryce Steele, Como-Pickton 12.31.

200-meter run-third-Matthew Sharp, Como-Pickton 26.65.

400-meter run-first-Hank Tullis, Como-Pickton 59.78, fourth-Ray Brown,     North Hopkins 1:02.35.

800-meter run-fourth-Corbin Flora, Como-Pickton 2:28.65, sixth-Ray Brown, North Hopkins  2:32.88.

2,400-meter run- second-Daniel Quintero, Cumby     9.03.

400-meter relay-second-Matthew Sharp, Justin Simmons, Bryce Steele, Hank Tullis of Como-Pickton 50.03, sixth-Tarence Berry, Jessie Williams, Silas Whaley, Dylan Morgan of North Hopkins 57.96.

800-meter relay-first-Hank Tullis, Bryce Steele, Yoan Preciado, Corbin Flora of  Como-Pickton 1:49.30, sixth-Ray Brown, Tarence Berry, Silas Whaley, Dylan Morgan of North Hopkins 2:01.42.

1,600-meter relay-first-Hank Tullis, Corbin Flora, Yoan Preciado, Justin Radney of Como-Pickton 4:11.88, fifth-Dustin Heer, Arsenio Ugalde, Brandon Gomez of Cumby 4:32.02

300-meter hurdles-first-Yoan Preciado, Como-Pickton  50.24, third-Arsenio Ugalde, Cumby 53.28.

Long jump-second-Matthew Sharp, Como-Pickton  16-10.5, sixth-Bryce Steele, Como-Pickton16-10.75.

Shot put- fifth-Justin Simmons, Como-Pickton 32-7.5

Discus-fourth-D.J. Lackey, Cumby     88-11.

High jump- second-Bryce Steele,    Como-Pickton     5-8, third-Matthew Sharp, Como-Pickton     5-6.

Pole vault- fifth-Hank Tullis, Como-Pickton 7-0.

In the girls seventh division, Como-Pickton placed fourth with 55 points, sixth was Saltillo with 21, ninth was North Hopkins with one point. For the seventh grade boys division, Winfield won first with 171 points, Saltillo took sixth place with 28, and Como-Pickton was seventh with 26.5.

Seventh grade

girls division

800-meter run-third-Joy Den Hartog, Como-Pickton 2:55.75.

2,400-meter run-sixth-Hannah Wade, Saltillo 11:47.32

800-meter relay-fifth-Karli Brewer, Courtney Goldsmith, Reagan Hicks, Luz Nunez of Saltillo 2:15.57.

1,600-meter relay-fourth-Taeler Schepp, Ashley Matthews,  Kendall Bain, Joy Den Hartog of Como-Pickton 5:13.43.

100-meter hurdles-first-Savannah Shockey, Como-Pickton 20.09.

Long jump-third-Savannah Shockey, Como-Pickton 12-10, fifth-Luz Nunez, Saltillo 12-2.

Shot put-second-Courtney Goldsmith, Saltillo 29-4.5, fourth Mikaela Jacks, Como-Pickton 26-5.5, sixth-Chelsey Crouch, North Hopkins 25-10.75

Discus- fourth-Mikaela Jacks, Como-Pickton 58-1.

Triple jump- sixth-Joy Den Hartog, Como-Pickton 25-8.5.

High jump-first-Taeler Schepp, Como-Pickton 4-6, third-Karli Brewer, Saltillo 4-2.

Pole vault- third-Averi Cain, Como-Pickton 5-5.

Seventh grade

boys division

100-meter run- third-Erich Holder, Como-Pickton    12.26.

1,600-meter run-fourth-Nicky Elizondo, Como-Pickton 6:26.10.

2400-meter run-first-Clayton Jones, Saltillo 9.17.

400-meter relay-fifth-Conner    Moss, Cade Daniel, Adam Moore, Richey Clover of Saltillo 59.57.

800-meter relay-sixth-Conner Moss, Cade Daniel, Adam Moore, Richey Clover of  Saltillo 2:05.90.

1,600-meter relay-fifth- Conner Moss, Tyler Davison, Salvador Olayo, Adam Moore of Saltillo 4:59.30, sixth-Tristen Griner, Jace Sturgill, Erich Holder, Reuben Hernandez of Como-Pickton 5:00.16.

110-meter hurdles-sixth-Cole Mitchell,  Como-Pickton 22.41.

Long jump-fifth-Erich Holder, Como-Pickton 15-4.

High jump-second-Cade Daniel, Saltillo 5-0.

Pole vault-first Erich Holder, Como-Pickton 8-0, fifth-Cole Mitchell, Como-Pickton    6-6.




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