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Wildcats earn 13-4A basketball honors

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The history was not lost on Sulphur Springs head basketball coach Braughn Curtis who described the memorable year in basketball.
Many hoops coaches would be jealous of the success of a gridiron program that produced a state champion and left the basketball team short-handed, Curtis  took it all in stride.

13-4A honors
First team
Jonathan Lee, Colton Nash

Second team
Joey Davis
Tyrik Rollison, Kedrick Dial.

Honorable mention
Alvin Frazier, Anthony Mills

Academic awards
Lee, Nash, Rollison

Curtis and the Wildcats were rewarded with a 7-5 district mark and a third place playoff berth. The Wildcats earned a ticket to postseason basketball play for the first time since 2002.
“I thought both our teams played very well this year. We had two teams —prior to football and after football,”  Curtis said. “We accomplished a few more of our goals this year than we did last year and that is good news. We are making good strides in improving what we do and how we play.”
The coach continued, “I thought that we were fairly represented in the all-district selections. We definitely had a good showing and the other district coaches I thought (the coaches) were very generous toward all the playoff teams in getting their players all-district awards.”
First team selection Jonathan Lee averaged 11.6 points, 6.1 rebounds a game; Colton Nash scored 10.9 a game and averaged 8.9 rebounds a game.
Tryik Rollison and Joey Davis averaged six points a game and Dial pulled down seven rebounds a contest.
Curtis said all the selections were great young men and fine players.
Curtis then talked about each player and what he meant to the team as they went from a last place finisher in 2008 to a playoff squad in 2009.       
“Jonathan Lee — I always appreciate his willingness to get there early and stay late and come often.  He will be great at whatever he does in life.  He is a winner.
Colton Nash —  He was blessed with a great basketball body and he has a great work ethic to go along with that body.  He has many great days ahead for him in the future.
Tyrik Rollison—He is also blessed with a great basketball body and an eye for making the unselfish pass.  He is a great teammate and he is always looking for ways to improve his team and his teammates by his attitude in practice and games everyday.
Kedrick Dial—  He is always ready to go 100 percent. I never have to get his fire going because it is always going.  Kedrick will be a big contributor for us next year and I look forward to his senior season.
Joey Davis —  He is one of the best shooters in our district by far.  He is coming back to us for his senior season and I am looking forward to seeing great things from him.  A great young man and very hard worker.
Alvin Frazier — He is a sophomore and will be with us for two more years.  I will love every minute he will be with us.  He goes hard everyday and loves to compete.  He is going to be a team leader for us in the years to come and he has started to show some of those qualities already and I can't wait to see what he will do in years to come.  A great young man that one of the best defenders in the district by far.
Anthony Mills —He is one of the most gifted athletic players I've ever seen. He can do so many things that are very spectacular but just routine for him because of his athletic ability.  Mills has been our sense of humor from day one and he has developed a lot confidence this season at leading our team when we needed it the most.  He has done a tremendous job improving his skills and he will do great things when he leaves SSHS I guarantee it.”
The Wildcats advanced to the bi-district playoffs, losing 62-56 to Jacksonville in the first round.


2008-2009 DISTRICT 13-4A
Boys Basketball
District Most Valuable Player
School                   Name            Class    Height
Pine Tree               Terrance Sparkman         Sr               6-6
Offensive Player Of The Year
Longview             Damian Lawson            Jr    5-8
Defensive Player Of The Year
Pine Tree             Ladarrius Taylor        Sr    6-2
Co-Newcomer Of The Year
Pine Tree            John Brisco            Soph    5-10
Texas High            Greg Pollins            Soph    6-3
Coach Of The Year
Pine Tree            Rick Dowdle
First Team
Hallsville            Cole Christy            Jr    6-3
Hallsville            Larry Nesbitt            Sr    5-11
Longview            Brandon Strawn        Sr    6-1
Lonview            Clema Holland        Jr    6-0
Marshall            Tracy Carson        Sr    6-0
Marshall            Marcus Smith        Jr    5-8
Mt. Pleasant            Jason Armstead        Jr    6-1
Mt. Pleasant            Ray Savage            Sr    5-11
Pine Tree            Ben Goodman        Jr    5-8
Sulphur Springs        Jonathan Lee        Sr    6-1
Sulphur Springs        Colton Nash        Sr    6- 7
Texas High            Willie McClure        Jr    6-1
Second Team
Hallsville            Chase Jordan        Sr    6-1
Hallsvile            Spencer Horn        Jr    6-4
Longview            Cory Levering        Sr    6-2
Longview            Aaron Johnson        Jr    6-2
Marshall            Edward Allen        Jr    5-10
Mt. Pleasant            Tarmaine Elliott        Sr    6-2
Pine Tree            Kevin Bitting            Jr    6-1
Pine Tree            Tyler Kids            Jr    6-0
Sulphur Springs        Tyrik Rollison        Sr    6-2
Sulphur Springs        Kedrick Dial        Jr    6-5
Sulphur Springs        Joey Davis            Jr    6-0
Texas High            Chris Garrett            Sr    6-4
Honorable Mention   
Hallsville            Ryan Rawson        Sr    6-0
Hallsville            Sheldon Glezen        Sr     6-1
Longview            Lamarcus Howard        Sr    5-10
Longview            Addison McGee        Jr    5-6
Marshall            Darius Bryant        Sr    6-3
Marshall            Michael Dade        Jr    5-7
Marshall            Xavier Else            Sr    5-6
Mt. Pleasant            Patrick Flanagan        Jr    5-10
Mt. Pleasant            DeMarcus King        Sr    6-0
Sulphur Springs        Alvin Frazier            Soph    5- 7
Sulphur Springs        Anthony Mills        Sr    6-0
Texas High            Kentrell Manning        Soph    5-8
Texas High            David Boone            Jr    6-1
Academic All-District
Sulphur Springs        Jonathan Lee        Sr
Sulphur Springs        Colton Nash        Sr
Sulphur Springs        Tyrik Rollison        Sr
Hallsville            Billy Call            Sr
Hallsville            Luke Johnston        Jr
Hallsville            Ryan Rawson        Sr
Hallsville            Chase Jordan        Sr
Hallsville            Sheldon Glezen        Sr
Hallsville            Eric Kroyer            Sr
Hallsville            Jared Simpson        Jr
Hallsville            Cole Christy            Jr
Hallsville            Harris Arnhar        Sr
Hallsville            Spencer Horn        Jr
Longview            Alex Brew            Sr
Longview            Seth Bridges            Sr
Longview            Aaron Johnson        Jr
Longview            Addison McGee        Jr
Marshall            Tracy Carson        Sr
Marshall            Edward Allen        Jr
Marshall            Marcus Allen            Jr
Mt. Pleasant            Patrick Flanagan        Jr
Pine Tree            Ben Goodman        Jr
Pine Tree            Kevin Bitting            Jr
Pine Tree            Jay Hemphill            Sr
Pine Tree            Blake Howe            Soph
Pine Tree            Tyler Kids            Jr
Pine Tree            Keith Brenner        Soph
Pine Tree            Jherremy Grant        Jr
Texas High            Willie McClure        Jr
Texas High            Levi Saxby            Soph
Texas High            Jordan Davis        Sr




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