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Bowling league report for Feb. 18

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Tarry Davison just missed the 800 mark during Tuesday’s mixed play this week, shooting an overwhelming 795 scratch set.      

    Davison clobbered his competition with scores of 268, 269 and 258 to help his team, The Underdogs, take three of the four possible wins for the session.          
    After this week’s stellar performance, Davison has a stronghold on first place in the men’s high average category, with a 229.49.  
    Kathleen Walker posted the women’s high set of the week with an awesome 670 three game scratch series.              Walker tossed games of 233, 215 and 222 on her 192 individual average during the Super Bowl Post Bowl league Sunday night.  Walker led her team, Packers/Chargers, to four wins and third place in the team standings with the completion of the fourth six week period of the season.  
    Walker’s teammate, Shayne Wilson, chipped in with a 718 three game scratch set that included games of 259 and 241 on his 226 average.  Mike Fletcher pitched in with scores of 236, 218 and 239, while Susan Shelton added a 215 to close out the match.  

Super Bowl
Post Bowl
    Jason Keller set the pace for the men Sunday night with his 742 three game scratch series while bowling on lanes three and four.  Sunday marked the fourth position round of the fall season and Keller was focused on trying to clinch a playoff birth for the end of the season.  Keller charted amazing scores of 247, 246 and 249 but was unable to come up with a win Sunday, due to his stiff competition from Walker.  
    Duking it out for first place were the Vikings/Colts and the Bears/Ravens on lanes one and two.  Vikings leadoff bowler, Jeremy Dixon, unloaded on his opponents with games of 234 and 258.  Ralphie Harrod booked games of 207 and 197 in her 563 three game scratch set.  Darreyl Dixon bagged two solid games of 237 and 247 to help the team take two wins for the night.  Anchorman, James Allen, nabbed a notable 232 the last game of the session.  
    Bears/Ravens team captain, Steve Burrows, never missed his mark Sunday night firing games of 183, 181 and 204 on his 169 individual average.  
    Burrows teammates, Colby Pullen and Zane Calderon shot scores of 258, 235 202 and 185 to help the team capture first place in the team standings and take the four six week position round title.  

Monday Night Ladies
    Rhonda Stephens recorded the high series of the night Monday with her 527 three game scratch effort.  Stephens rolled games of 181 and 192 on her 178 individual average helping her team, The Lake Fork Hookers, take three wins from the bout.  
    Cathy King and Amy Austin led their team, Shoulda Been, to three wins on their scratch sets of 495 and 480.  King bowled scores of 168 and 183 on her 165 average, while Austin tossed games of 166 and 180 boosting the team into sole possession of third place in the team standings.  

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Jason Parmer, starting Tuesday’s action with a 215 average, nailed games of 258, 259 and 247 for a magnificent 764 scratch series.   
    Larry Stovall finished Tuesday with a solid 725 three game scratch set enabling him to claim third place in the men’s high series category.  Stovall booked games of 248, 232 and 245 on his 198 average while leading his team, Who Cares, to take all four possible wins for the evening.  
    Dave Gholson and David Soeder, of team X-It, rounded out the top five with their scratch sets of 707 and 702.  Gholson rolled games of 224, 277 and 206 while; Soeder shot scores of 216, 234 and 252.  
    Lonnie Austin concluded Tuesday’s mixed play with a career high 696 three game scratch series that included a career high 258 shot during the second game of the match.  Austin added games of 205 and 233 to help his team, Silent but Deadly, take three wins and move into four way tie for sixth place in the team standings.

Thursday Men’s Commercial
    Dave Gholson led the men’s league Thursday night with his 771 three game scratch series while competing on lanes seven and eight.  Gholson, leadoff bowler for team Just Do It, tossed games of 257, 235 and 279.   
    Steve Edwards climbed out his slump this week with a respectable 695 three game scratch set on lanes five and six.  Edwards fired games of 255, 235 and 205 on his 192 individual average.  
    Team Git R Done proved to be fierce competition Thursday night with a combined scratch 2745 series.  Donnie Wooten Jr. rolled games of 195, 201 and 206 for a 603 scratch set on his 183 average.  Kenny Turner and Ronnie Wooten both added 600 series to help the team take two wins for the night.  Turner booked a 617 set that included games of 206 and 223.  Wooten was above par all night with games of 201, 225 and 193 for a 619 scratch set.   
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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