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Wildcats lifters second in Rains Invitational

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News-Telegram Sports Editor
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    EMORY — The Sulphur Springs High School powerlifters did well in the recent taking second at the Rains Invitational meet.
    Greenville took first with 49 points, the Wildcats were second with 48, while Rains was third turning in 33 points.

    “Every kid that lifted, placed and won a medal. We competed well and I was proud of the effort, said Jeremy Offutt, Sulphur Springs powerlifting coach.
    In the 114-pound class — Tanner Swinson was third. He has squat of 205, bench of 110, dead lift of 235 for a total of 550 pounds.
    Jesse Ortiz was first in the 123-pound division. He squatted 355, bench press of 195 and dead lifted 380 for a 930 pound total. Dillon Izzi took second, he  had a squat of 300, bench press of 195, dead lift of 325 with an 820 pound total.
    Luis Gamez bested the 132-pound field with a 1,015 pound lift. He has a 375 squat, benched 250 and dead lifted 390. Taylor Ibarra took second. He had a 315 squat, benched 200, had a dead lift of 300 for a 815 pound total.
    In the 165-pound class, Chris Miles was third. He had a 400 squat, benched 215, dead lifted 375 for a 990 total.
    Three lifters did well in the 181-pound class led by a first place finish by Dedric Smith, lifting 1,220 pounds. He had a 460 squat, benched 260 and dead lifted 500 pounds. Zach Spigner was second, squatting 395, benching 260 with a 465 dead lift for an 1,120 total. Tyler Rosamond was fourth. He squatted 400, benched 225 with a 395 dead lift for a total of 1,020 pounds.
    In the 198 class — Bryton Wood was third. He had a 450 squat, benched 275, dead lifting 425 with an 1,150 total. Alex Gamez was fourth. He had a squat of 455, benched 255, dead lift of 415 for a total of 1,125 pounds.
    In the super heavyweight division — Jess Jenkins was fifth. He squatted 465, had a bench of 325, dead lift of 500 for a total of 1,290 pounds.
    The SSHS powerlifting team will be in competition, Feb. 20 in Paris.




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