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Bowling league report for Feb. 4

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Armin Ayers set the pace for his team, Harrison’s Crew, this past Thursday night during Men’s Commercial action, with his solid 714 three game scratch series.  Ayers shot scores of 228, 237 and 249 while competing on a 207 individual average.  Ayers’ performance Thursday was his first sanctioned 700 set of the 2013-2014 season.  

    Tarry Davison topped charts this week at Classis Lanes with a massive 743 scratch set, shot during Tuesday night’s mixed league play.  Davison led his team, The Underdogs, to a four game sweep of their opponents on his scores of 227, 268 and 248.  Davison’s effort pushed him a whopping seven pins into first place on the men’s high average board for the season thus far with a 227.52.  

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    Kelly Shields also recorded his first 700 set of the fall season Sunday night nailing a 729 scratch series on lanes one and two.  Shields, a second generation bowler at Classic Lanes, posted games of 234, 248 and 247.  Shields son and teammate, Damion Shields, kicked in two outstanding games of 236 and 234 on his 172 average.  Wes Campbell, Shields father and leadoff bowler for the team, booked a 213 to start the session and help the team take all four possible wins.
    Steve Burrows led his Bears to victory on his 646 scratch set that included games of 213 and 245.  
    Shayne Wilson nabbed his third perfect game of the 2013-2014 Fall season and 42nd career 300 during the second game of Sunday’s match play.  Wilson, a fierce competitor, rolled a 242 to start the night and completed the set with 689 pins, 8 pins above his average for series.  
    Wilson’s teammate, Joey Davila, was steady all evening shooting scores of 266, 225 and 217 on his 203 individual average.  Davila’s 708 scratch series was enough to capture third high set of the night for the men’s division.  
    Amy Sharp and Corey Ogle destroyed their competition Sunday night with scratch sets of 688 and 712.  Sharp posted the women’s high series of the night with her 688 effort that included games of 214 and 248.  Ogle landed the men’s second high series on incredible scores of 258 and 238.  The duo led their team, the Dolphins/49ers, to a three win victory and a four way tie for second place in the team standings.  

Monday Night Ladies
    Velda Dodd took center stage Monday night during the ladies session.  Dodd, a veteran bowler of the Monday Night Ladies league, nabbed the high series of the session with a notable 508 scratch set.  Dodd led her team, Roll On, to one win on her scores of 155, 189 and 164.  
    Cathy King finished just one pin behind Dodd for the night, while leading her team, Shudda’ Been, to one win.  King, with a 167 individual average, tossed games of 187 and 183, pushing the team into second place in the team standings.
Monday Night Trio
    Tarry Davison bagged an impressive 741 three game scratch set Monday during mixed trio action.  Davison, one of Classic Lanes most consistent bowlers, bowled games of 254, 258 and 229 on his 225 average.  
    Jason Keller, anchorman for The Cat’s Meow, charted the second high series of the night with his 713 scratch effort on lanes thirteen and fourteen.  Keller shot scores of 239, 228 and 246 helping his team take two wins from the contest.  

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Mike Gilliland has been on a hot streak as of late and this week was no exception.  Gilliland tossed a colossal 740 three game scratch series on his 202 individual average.  Bowling scores of 245, 248 and 247, Gilliland was able to take three wins for his team, the Who.  
    David Strain has revived his game in the past couple of sessions and Tuesday night he was able to keep his new found momentum going, firing a solid 705 three game scratch series.  Strain rolled unbelievable games of 224, 236 and 245 to help his team, Amy’s Toy Box, take all four possible wins for the night.

Thursday Men’s Commercial
    Justin Haggerty just missed the 700 mark this week with a solid 689 effort on lanes nine and ten.  Haggerty started the night in rare fashion with a 277 and followed up with scores of 221 and 191.  Haggerty may have faltered toward the end of the bout but was able clinch three wins for his team and move into a three way tie for fourth place in the team standings.  
    Jason Keller stayed on pace with his Monday night session knocking down a scratch total 712 pins Thursday.  Keller boasted a grand 287 during the second game of the bout.  
    Team Classic Lanes has made a small lineup change and are reaping the rewards the past couple of weeks.  Since adding Michael Burnett to the roster, Classic Lanes has an 8-0 record for the last two sessions.  
    Team captain Corey Ogle tossed games of 237 and 248 in a 667 three game scratch series to set the bar.  David Strain followed Ogle’s lead with his own 666 set with games of 242 and 236.   Phillip Coleman bagged games of 203 and 258 on his 191 average, while Burnett added games of 197 and 198 on his 170 average.  Roger Honea was above his 184 individual average all evening with scores of 203, 185 and 199.  After Thursday’s match the team has an impressive 11-1 record to start the third quarter of the 2013-2014 fall season.  
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes submitted this report.




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