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Bowling league report for Jan. 7

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Special to the News-Telegram

     Justin Parmer’s timing couldn’t have been better – on the calendar, the schedule and the lanes as 2013 moved toward its close.

    It was the last Sunday of the year, second quarter position round in the Super Bowl league at Classic Lanes, when bowling center manager Parmer rolled his career-first 300 game to pace his Saints-Steelers team to a three-game, four-point sweep and quarter title Dec. 29 on lanes 1-2.
     Parmer entered the night’s action with a 190 average and opened his set with a 199.  Then in game two, he made an adjustment with his release, started with the front 11 strikes and hammered the pocket on ball number 12 to put 10 in the pit for the perfect game.  Parmer didn’t lose much of his stroke in game three, closing with a 225 for a 724 series.
    He had some help along the way from teammates Debbie Miller, Mark Miller and Chuck Russell.  Debbie Miller ripped a 196-191-226 for 613, tying the high series score of the week for women in the center’s league play.  Her husband, Mark, rolled a 242 in the opening game, and Russell added a 210 in game two.  The team carded an almost unreal record of 21 wins against just 3 losses for the quarter.
    Their opponents, the Dolphins-49ers, scored well – just not good enough to overcome Parmer and company’s big set.  Allan Hague posed a 238 game, David Strain shot 225 and 221 games in a 646 set and Amy Sharp matched Debbie Miller’s 613 on games of 205-195-213.
    Parmer’s 300 stood as high game for the week’s league action, but Justin Haggerty’s 771 in the Thursday Men’s Commercial league took high set honors for the week ending Jan. 2.  Mike Fletcher fired a 770 and Corey Ogle hit 762 in other leagues to round out the top three series scores.
    Shannon Hague, bowling the Monday Trio on Dec. 30, rolled a 227 – one stick better than Debbie Miller’s score – for women’s high scratch game honors for the week, and finished the night’s play with a 601 series.
     Haggerty’s solid 771 came on lanes 5-6 of the Thursday Men’s Commercial as he opened with a pair of 268 games and closed with a 235. Fletcher fired a 244-279-247 block for the 770 on lanes 7-8 in Sunday’s Super Bowl action.
     In the Thursday Men’s Commercial league, Juan Peralta continued his high-scoring tear with a 201-233-189 block for 623 on his 176 average, and Classic Lanes and Dallas Bowling Association Hall of Famer Wes Campbell added games of 211 and 232 to pace the Find the Way team to a tie for first place with Harrison’s Crew and set the stage for the second-quarter showdown in this week’s position round.  Peralta currently leads the most-improved average race with an increase of 28.3 pins, and has helped carry his team for several weeks.
     While Parmer’s first-ever sanctioned 300 highlighted the week, several other bowlers posted admirable scores during league play.  Those efforts, by league, included:
Super Bowl
    Tarry Davison rolled a 249 game; Evan Tinnet shot 246-213-200 for 659 on a 190 average; Neldon Smith racked up a 718 set with a 216-259-243; Jason Keller rolled a 236 ame; Jim Beard fired a 224 game; Roger Honea a 211 game; Phillip Coleman a 210 game; Jeremy Dixon carded a 242 game; Darreyl Dixon, 215 and 227 games; James Allen, 220 and 258 games, 669 series; and Carla Dixon was 23 pins over average in a 168 game.
    Sybil Galloway was 24 pins over average in her 177 game; David VanSickle closed with a 234 game; Deona Baker shot 149-145-180 for 474 after opening play with a 129 average; and Deborah Crist hit a 170 final game and 438 series on her 124 average.
    Also, Kathleen Walker fired a 207 game; Susan Shelton a 215 game; Shayne Wilson a 257 game; Shawna Hall, averaging 150 at the start of play, hit games of 193 and 175; Larry Stovall closed with a 244 game; Ace Wiginton carded a 225 game; Shannon Hague a 200 game; Wes Campbell a 242 game; Damion Shields fired an impressive 224-198-225 for 647 on his 168 average; and Kelly Shields rolled a 641 series with 213 and 255 games included.

Monday Trio
    Corey Ogle’s 762 came on games of 275-241-246 to pace the men’s scoring, while Shannon Hague rolled a 601 with a 227 high to lead the women.
    Jason Keller rolled a 268 game; Lonnie Austin hit 614 with a closing 241 on his 181 average; Tarry Davison shot 246 and 247 games; Brandi Harvey posted a 203 game; Amy Sharp, a 213; Justin Haggerty, a 245 game and 656 series; Ann Haas, with a 124 average going in, rolled 144 and 147 games in a 415 set; and Allan Hague had a 247 game and 670 series.
    Damon Gessman posted games of 236 and 206 in a 610 series off his 174 average; David Whitten fired a 658 with games of 209-235-214; Tammy Honea compiled a 172 game off her 148 average; Zane Calderon, with a 169 average, racked up a 671 in a 190-206-275 set; Debbie Miller fired a 213 game; Jason Harvey put a 739 on the recap sheet in a 226-266-247 series; and Kevin Horton carded a 739 with games of 249-235-237.

 Monday Women’s
     Rhonda Stevens led the scoring with a 203 game and 576 series, keying her Lake Fork Hookers squad to a three-point win on Dec. 30.  The Lake Fork squad leads the quarter with a 26-6 record and the league with a 47-21 mark for the 2013-14 season.
    Stephens’ teammates Pat Chaddick and Diane Snyder also helped the cause.  Chaddick fired a 201 in the final game off her 157 average, while Snyder shot 184 and 172 on her 134 average.
    Jennifer Hess posted a 140 game, 25 pins over average; Virginia Maddox went 31 over in her 151 game; Elezibeth Hess, carrying a 128 average into the night’s play, rolled a 426 series on games of 158-132-136; Debra Morgan was 20 pins over average in her 125 game; and Hazel Dawes was plus-22 with a 149 effort.
    Kathleen Bailey rolled a 131 on her 116 average; Dawn Cerrtani compiled games of 130 and 169 in a 404 series after opening action on a 114 average; Mary Crabb posted a 164 game on her 138 average and rolled a 457 series; and Roelie Vellenoa shot a 143 game on her 125 average.

Men’s Commercial
    While Justin Haggerty’s 771 topped the scratch series scoring, Larry Stovall claimed top game honors with a 276 in Jan. 2 action.  Shayne Wilson carded a 729 series and Justin Parmer rolled a 723.
     Chris Brooks’ 255-227-198 for 680 paced co-league-leader Harrison’s Crew, as teammates Armin Ayers’ a 246 game and Eddie Ayers’ 247 helped the team to one win.  The Red and Company team took three of four points from the Harrison squad as Red Skelton hit a 256 in game three for a 655 series, Lynn Mills fired a steady 621 in a 204-203-214 block, Darreyl Dixon contributed a 269 in game one and went on to a 673 series, and Wes Crist chipped in a 208 game.
     Dave Gholson rolled a 217 game for Just Do It; Bobby Brown had a 211; and Mike Gilliland shot 233 and 236 games in a 674 series.  Trenis Turner, averaging 159 as play began with the Grey Beards team, shot 188 and 183 games in a 522 series; Jerry C. Thompson rolled a 223 in the opening game; Jim Williams posted a 224 game; and Jerry A. Thompson added a 214 game and 586 series as the Grey Beards team swept Gholson’s tough squad.
    In addition to Justin Haggerty’s 771 series, Mark Miller carded games of 219 and 257 for a 639 series; Larry Stovall opened his set with the 276 and went on to shoot 664; Jesse Haggerty ripped a 275 in game two in a 654 set as the Haggerty team won four.  Donnie Wooten rolled a 244 game; Doug Tatman shot a 220 game; Allan Hague rolled a 255 and 673 series; Roger Honea closed with a 221; and Keith Ethridge added 227 and 211 games for Find the Way.
    David VanSickle overcame a rough start to roll 224 and 214 games; Mark Coker shot a 198 game on a 154 average; Louis Lufkin carded a 213 game; Jason Parmer popped a 249 game; Steve Edwards fired a 237 game; Justin Parmer’s 723 came on games of 266-223-234; Jason Harp hit 655 with a steady 222-220-213 set; Shayne Wilson ripped 256 and 266 games in his 729 series; Danny Weems, averaging 159 to open play, compiled 194 and 215 games in a 552 set; Zane Calderon powered out a 211 game and 569 series off a 167 average; Kevin Horton parlayed an opening 243 game into a 622 set; and Adam Thompson was 25 pins over average in a 195 game.




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