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Bowling league report for Sept. 17

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Tarry Davison demolished his opponents Thursday night during men’s action, with his extraordinary 806 three game scratch series. 

Davison, with a 230 average, was on target all night shooting solid scores of 267, 263 and 276 to end the session 116 pins above his average for series.
    Duwayne Benson tossed an impressive 707 three game scratch set on lanes one and two Tuesday night during mixed league match play.  Benson nailed games of 207, 280 and 220 on his 206 individual average.  Benson’s 280 during the second game of the night included 10 strikes in a row.  

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    Larry Stovall led his team, the Eagles, to take two wins Sunday night during the Super Bowl Post Bowl League, with his above par 664 scratch set.  Stovall bowled games of 203, 257 and 204 to help his team into a three way tie for third place in the team standings.  
    Damion Shields, a Sulphur Springs High School junior, led his team, the Broncos, to a three win victory on his 565 three game scratch set.  Shields booked scores of 201, 165 and 199 on his 159 individual average.  
    David Strain charted the men’s high series Sunday night with his 678 scratch effort.  Strain shot scores of 232, 230 and 216 to complete the match 66 pins above his average for series.  Strain’s performance was enough to boost his team into a three way tie for third place with Stovall.  
    Wes Crist led his team, the Patriots, to three of the four possible wins Sunday night with his 595 three game scratch set.  Crist, who has been in a slump as of late, turned his game around Sunday night with scores of 217 and 195 on his 166 individual average.  Crist feat was enough to help his team claim sole possession of second place in the team standings.  

Tuesday Night Mixed
    David Soeder recorded the men’s second high set of the night with a respectable 719 production on lanes 15 and 16.  Soeder shot out of the gate, with games of 251 and 266 on his 216 individual average.  Soeder’s better half, Donna, chipped in with games of 203 and 181 to help their team, X-It, to three wins for the evening.
    Ace Wiginton led his team, Irish Pride, to three wins on his 658 three game scratch set.  Wiginton, started the night with a 184 individual average, charted scores of 214, 255 and 189 to help the team seize third place in the team standings.  
    Amy Austin had a stellar night Tuesday, executing a honorable 535 three game scratch series.  Austin, in her sophomore year this fall season, posted incredible games of 193 and 194 on her 118 individual average. Austin’s awesome set enabled her team to take three wins for the night.  

Men’s Commercial
    Allan Hague produced the second high set of the week with his 749 three game scratch series Thursday night.  Hague was consistent all night shooting scores of 259, 243 and 247. Hague helped his team take two wins for the evening.  
    Shayne Wilson fired the only other 700 set shot during Thursday’s session on lanes five and six.  Wilson’s 734 set helped his team, The King Pins, take three wins and second place in the team standings.  Wilson, competing on a 233 average, tossed game of 245, 256 and 233.      
    Duane Anspon and Vincent Smith led their team, Champs!, to an undefeated night with sets of 659 and 686.  Anspon bowled games of 201, 245 and 213 on his 198 average, while Smith recorded scores of 202, 278 and 206 on his 201 average.  
    Kenny Turner had a career night with his 658 three game scratch set on lanes three and four. Turner, who has been out of the spot light for quite some time, rolled two magnificent games of 242 and 235.  
    Travis Sutton, who returned this season after several season away from the sport, booked a solid 604 scratch set.  Sutton, with a 167 average, rolled games of 193, 174 and 237 to help his team, Red & Company, take two wins from Thursday’s bout.
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.    




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