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Bowling league report for Aug. 22

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Justin Haggerty took center stage Monday night during the mixed trio league, compiling a career high 791 three game scratch series. 

Haggerty, lead off bowler for Batteries Not Included, charted scores of 266, 279 and 246 to help his team crush their opponents and take four wins.  
    Shannon Hague led the women this week with her 631 three game scratch series on lanes three and four during Tuesday’s doubles action.  Hague, with a 183 average, posted a pair of 211 games and a 209 to end the bout 82 pins above her average for series.  Hague’s set helped her team, Shannon & T.D., to a four win victory over their competition for the evening.
    Shane Quinn had an impressive outing Sunday night, rolling a 648 three game scratch set on his 188 individual average.  Quinn, team captain for Split Happens, tossed two exceptional games of 256 and 211 to boost his team into a two way tie for third place in the team standings.    

Monday Night Trio
    Smucker’s boys unloaded on their competition Monday night with a combined 1714 scratch series.  Leadoff bowler, Debbie “Smuckers” Miller, booked games of 196 and 203 on her 186 average to help set the pace for the team.  
    Juan Peralta was above his 138 average all night, with scores of 161, 158 and 185.  Peralta finished the session 90 pins above his average for series with his 504 scratch set.  Zane Calderon secured the team’s four wins with his 638 three game scratch set that included scores of 253 and 217.  
    Betty Russell posted the women’s high set Monday night with her 630 scratch series on lanes seven and eight.  Russell bagged games of 206 and 236 on her 189 individual average.  
    Russell’s teammate, Tarry Davison, bowled the men’s second high set of the night with his 754 scratch effort.  Davison, competing on a 237 average, rolled games of 243, 266 and 245 to help the team to three of the four possible wins.

Tuesday Night Doubles
    Roger Honea took the reins for his team, Poor Roger, firing a solid 633 three game scratch set.  Honea annihilated his competition with games of 225 and 226 on his 192 individual average.  Honea’s wife and teammate, Tammy Honea, chipped in with scores of 151, 161 and 168 on her 150 average.  The duo completed the match with four wins and a two way tie for third place in the team standings.  
    Danny Weems, a newcomer to the sport this summer, rolled games of 150 and 226 in a 511 three game scratch series.  Weems, who has been persistently working on his game all summer, proved that practice pays off.  Weems helped his team, Holy Rollers, take three wins for the session.  
    Jerry Condra has been doing his fair share of practice as of late.  Tuesday night he showed off his improved skills, firing a 570 three game scratch set.  Condra, with a 166 average, nailed scores of 202, 172 and 196 to help his team, Double or Nothin’, take two wins.  Condra also finished the night 72 pins above his average for series.   

Thursday Men’s Trio
    Adam Thompson led his team, The Geezer Plus Two, to four impressive wins over their opponents Thursday night with his 801 four game scratch set.  Thompson started the night strong with games of 233 and 212 and followed up with scores of 192 and 164 to end the competition 93 pins over average.  
    Tarry Davison charted the men’s high set of the night with his 921 four game scratch series on lanes nine and ten.  Davison booked games of 235, 244 and 259 to help his team take three of the five possible wins for the evening.  
    David VanSickle provided some fierce competition for Davison, knocking down a total of 918 pins.  VanSickle tossed scores of 238, 198, 246 and 236 enabling his team to snatch two games from Davison.  VanSickle and his team, Been Framed, climbed their way into a five way tie for third place in the team standings after Thursday’s action.   
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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