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Bowling league report for July 30

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Monday night proved to be very entertaining with the Three P’s and Batteries Not Included teams going head to head.  

Both teams were led by stellar performances from their respected anchor bowlers, who happened to be father and son.  
    James Parmer had an exceptional night tossing games of 231, 213 and 267 for a 711 scratch series.  Parmer completed the night 108 pins above his average for series and boosted his individual average from 201 to an impressive 213 after Monday night’s effort.  
    Parmer’s son and opponent for the evening, Jason Parmer, was also geared up for the session charting scores of 211, 279 and 227 for an intimidating 717 scratch set. Jason’s 279 score, during the second game of the night, included nine strikes in a row.  
    At the end of the match it was the elder Parmer and his team the Three P’s taking three of the four possible wins and taking control of third place in the team standings.   

Sunday Night Mixed
    The summer of the Sharp was continued Sunday night after a solid 623 scratch set was rolled by Amy Sharp on lanes nine and 10.  Sharp has been unstoppable since the summer season began in June.  After posting games of 223 and 224, Sharp clinched all four wins up for grabs Sunday night and boosted her team atop a three way tie for first place in the team standings.
    Team Split Happens was ready for a fight Sunday boasting a 2,137 combined scratch set. Shane Quinn, leadoff bowler for the team, executed an impeccable 639 three game scratch set that included games of 226 and 234 on his 183 individual average.  Quinn’s wife and teammate, Laura, chipped in with respectable games of 137 and 145 on her 119 average.  Kay Dunahoo, competing on a 148 average, recorded scores of 151 and 168.  Anchorman Brian Stegall held the team steady with his games of 214, 253 and 188.  
    Stegall’s 655 was enough to give the team four wins at the conclusion of the match.  
    Debbie Miller and Betty Russell carried their husbands to a flawless victory Sunday night with scratch sets of 592 and 574.  Miller, who went into Sunday’s action with a 178 average, fired games of 224 and 210.  Russell booked two consistent games of 201 and 203 on her 179 average.  Mark Miller and Chuck Russell were present to cheer their wives on and keep up with the recap sheet.  

Monday Night Trio
    Jason Keller bowled the third high set of the night with his 709 three game scratch series.  Keller started the night slow with games of 212 and 209 but ended the evening with a miraculous finish, compiling ten strikes in a row for a notable 288 game.  
    Lynn Mills showed signs of life in his game Monday night amassing 610 total pins for the session on his 183 average.  Mills, leadoff bowler for team Hot for Teacher, shot games of 204, 193 and 213 to help his team take two wins for the night.  
     James Allen also showed vast improvement this week with a solid 645 three game scratch series that included games of 230 and 225.  Allen, competing on a 181 individual average, boosted his team into a two way tie for third place in the team standings after Monday’s bout.  

Tuesday Night
    Corey Ogle claimed bragging honors Tuesday night charting the men’s high series of the night with his 703 three game scratch set.  Ogle, an intense competitor, improved with each game as the night went on, shooting scores of 215, 230 and 258 to help his team, The Odd Couple, take three wins.  Ogle’s teammate, Cathye Michaelson, posted games of 157 and 211 on her 154 average to aid in the duo’s accomplishment.
    Tina Phillips led her team, C.A.T., to a four win night with her 563 scratch set on lanes one and two.  Phillips bagged games of 180, 190 and 193 on her 165 individual average to help the team climb into a three way tie for third place in the team standings.  Phillips teammate, Chuck Russell, decided to go with Sunday night strategy and let his teammate carry him to the winner’s circle.  
    Angel Large busted out of her shell Tuesday night, knocking down 407 total pins for the evening.  Large, competing on a 117 average, unloaded on her competition with games of 124 and 175 to take three wins for the contest.  

Thursday Men’s Trio
    Shayne Wilson led the men this week with a substantial 988 four game scratch set.  Wilson, who has been out most of the summer season, returned with a vengeance Thursday night shooting games of 255, 237, 242 and 254.  Wilson completed the event 68 pins above his average for series and led his team, Shh!!! Not While I’m Bowling, to four of the five possible wins for the set.  
    Vincent Smith guided his team, Watkins, to four wins during men’s action on his 845 scratch series.  Smith nailed games of 206, 215 and a pair of 212 games to complete the match 73 pins above his average for series.  With Smith’s effort the team barreled its way into a four way tie for second place in the team standings.  
    Jason Parmer, flying high from Monday night’s energy, recorded the second high set of Thursday’s session with a strong 976 four game series.  Parmer never missed his mark all evening firing games of 269, 216, 246 and 245 to lead his team, Been Framed, to an unblemished record thus far in the second half of the summer season.   
    Justin Parmer, advertising director for Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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