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Bowling league report for June 18

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Doug Tatman was unstoppable Thursday night during the Men’s Trio league, shooting a colossal 1,010 four game scratch set. 

Tatman took the reins for his team, Git R Done, leading them to a flawless night and a two way tie for first place in the team standings.  Only in the second week of the summer session, Tatman is wasting no time setting the bar.  With scores of 247, 300, 212 and 251 Tatman completed the match 222 pins above his average for series. Tatman’s perfect score during the second game of the series is his first for the summer session.  
    Betty Russell led the women this week with her 608 three game scratch set during the Monday Night Trio league.  Russell, with a 186 average, booked games of 206 and 220 to help her team, the Underdogs, take sole possession of third place in the team standings.  
    Tammy Honea was a whopping 130 pins above her average for series Monday night at the conclusion of trio action.  Honea fired games of 211, 190 and 158 on her 143 individual average.  Honea’s effort enabled her team, Disney World, to take three of the four possible wins for the evening.  

Sunday Night Mixed
    Allan Hague led the league this week with his 737 scratch set on lanes five and six.  Hague tossed games of 256 and 268 to finish the set 71 pins above his average for series.  Hague’s teammate, Corey Ogle, also joined the 700 club Sunday night, with games of 217, 254 and 244.  Ogle’s 715 scratch series was the third high set of the night.  
     Tarry Davison, no stranger to the spotlight lately, posted the second high set of the evening, with a 725 scratch series.  Davison led his team, 1st Place, to a three win victory with his scores of 225, 245 and 255.  Davison recently participated in the USBC State Singles Competition with a 799 three game scratch set.  Davison’s scores of 278, 244 and 277 were enough to keep him in first place for the competition pending results from the last weekend of the competition set to conclude next week.  
    Roger Honea rolled an impressive 600 scratch set during Sunday’s mixed play.  Honea, competing on a 180 average, bagged games of 221 and 219 to help his team, the Honea Ogles, into sole possession of sixth place in the team standings
Tuesday Mixed Doubles
    Team Livin’ Large obliterated their competition Tuesday night with a combined 966 scratch series from teammates, Angel and Chris Large.  Angel, with a 112 average, bowled games of 116, 110 and 132 to end the session 22 pins above her average for series.  Angel’s husband, Chris, unloaded on their opponents with scores of 228 and 214 on his 187 individual average.  Chris’ 608 three game scratch set led the team to a four game sweep and fourth place in the team standings.  
    The Holly Rollers brought their “A” game Tuesday night producing an 808 combined scratch set.  Lynda Weems, the team’s leadoff bowler, booked scores of 146 and 121 on her 93 individual average, while teammate, Danny Weems, charted games of 131, 193 and 128 on his 128 average.  The duo completed the night a combined 145 pins above their average for series and managed the take three of the four wins up for grabs.  
    Betty Russell and David VanSickle decimated their opponents Tuesday night with their 1279 combined effort.  Russell, with a 186 average, fired games of 211 and 197 in a 592 three game scratch series.  VanSickle, the team’s anchorman, rolled games of 249, 244 and 194 on his 193 average to help the duo take three wins for the match.  

Thursday Men’s Trio
    Tarry Davison led the league this week with his 1040 four game scratch series on lanes one and two.  Davison was consistent all night tossing games of 258, 248, 255 and 279 to help his team, Watkins, take three wins for the match.  Davison ended the session 120 pins above his average for series and pushed his team into sole possession of fifth place in the team standings.  
    Sisco Zarco, leadoff man for H & H Brand Steakhouse, posted an above par performance with his 680 four game scratch set Thursday night.  Zarco, with a 164 average, shot games of 192, 172 and 179 to help the team into a two way tie for seventh place in the team standings.  Zarco’s teammate and cousin, Adrian Zarco, pitched in with games of 137, 192 and 162 on his 128 average.   

    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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