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Bowling league report for June 11

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Tarry Davison annihilated his opponents Monday night with his 784 three game scratch series.  Davison, competing on a 230 individual average, bagged a pair of 242 games and the coveted perfect 300 score during the second game of the match.  Davison led his team, the Underdogs, to three of the four possible wins for the evening.  

    Amy Sharp monopolized the spotlight Tuesday night during mixed play.  Sharp tossed an outstanding 666 three game scratch set on her 184 average.  Sharp was able to secure two impressive games of 237 and 248 to help her team, Sky Is the Limit, to a three win victory.  
Sunday Night Mixed
    Allan Hague finished Sunday night mixed action with the high set of the week, thanks to his valiant 788 three game scratch series shot on lanes one and two.  Hague recorded a pair of 277 games and a respectable 234 to help his team into a three way tie for first place in the team standings.  
    Tarry Davison shot the second high set of the Sunday Night Mixed league, with a solid 758 performance.  Davison helped his team, 1st Place, claim two wins with his games of 254, 215 and 279.  

Night Trio
    Tammy Honea took the reins for her team, Disney World, Monday night posting a 484 scratch set.  Honea, with a 143 average, shot games of 166, 160 and 158 to end the session 55 pins above her average for series.  
    Justin Haggerty helped his team, Batteries Not Included, into a three way tie for third place in the team standings with his stellar 681 scratch set.  Haggerty, who has been on fire as of late, booked games of 221 and 247 on his 214 individual average.  
    Shannon Hague charted the women’s high set of the night with a solid 616 three game scratch series.  Hague, captain of the team Hot For Teacher, recorded scores of 225 and 232 on her 185 average.  
    Debbie “Smuckers” Miller bagged the only other women’s 600 of the night, with her awesome 608 scratch set rolled on lanes seven and eight.
     Smuckers started the night at a steady pace with games of 187 and 185, but demolished her competition the last game of the night, posting a 236 on her 169 average.  
Night Doubles
    Tarry Davison continued his strike-a-thon Tuesday night shooting an intimidating 769 three game scratch set.  Davison, with a 230 average, bowled games of 257, 268 and 244 to complete the match 79 pins above his average for series.  
    Allan Hague nabbed the second high set of the night, with his 707 three game scratch series.  Hague rolled games of 266 and 226 on his 222 individual average.  Hague led his team, the Cat’s Meow, to three wins for the evening.  
    Jim Galloway took his “A” game off the back burner this week posting an extraordinary 634 scratch series.  Galloway, with a 178 average, nailed games of 193, 216 and 225 to end the session 100 pins above his average for series.  Galloway’s effort helped his team, Double Trouble, claim all four possible wins for the match.  
    David VanSickle tossed an interesting 662 three game scratch series on lanes one and two during Tuesday’s mixed play.  VanSickle started the night with a mere 159 during the first game, but was able to compose himself quickly to fire two impressive games of 257 and 248.
Thursday Men’s Trio
    Justin Haggerty led the pack Thursday night, with his 992 four game scratch set.  Haggerty unloaded on his opponents with scores of 278, 212, 289 and 213.  Haggerty’s teammate, Duwayne Benson, chipped in with games of 278, 258 and 227 to help the team into a four way tie for fifth place in the team standings.  
    Doug Tatman has shown vast improvement over the last few weeks and the week was no disappointment.  Tatman, competing on a 197 individual average, shot scores of 266, 237 and a pair of 216 games as well, helping his team take four of the five possible wins.  
    Billy Painter rolled an intense 946 four game scratch set on lanes seven and eight Thursday night.  Painter, Classic Lanes Youth Director, charted scores of 247, 279 and 228 on his 206 individual average.  
    Bruce Michaelson led his team, Shhh!! Not While I’m Bowling, to a flawless victory Thursday evening with his 930 scratch set.  Michaelson, the team’s leadoff man, was above par all night with games of 225, 257, 213 and 235.  After the dust settled, Michaelson was 86 pins above his average for series.  
    Justin Parmer, advertising director for Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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