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Sunday sports beat - snocones, Romo and kind W.Va. players

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Scattershooting while wondering what ever happened to Doug Radar, Brian Bosworth and Oscar Gamble.

    Thank goodness the world of sports is a wide open, diverse place which always keeps me guessing and yes, amused.

Stinky snocones
    I am still having a hard time thinking about the Houston Astros being an American League West team. But they are and I had better accept it.
    They could make a difference. Yeah, they might win 50 games if they are lucky.
    Well, anyway, this latest story about stuff happening on a Minute Maid park will make you go - yuck. And it is not the ugly baseball being played there at times.
    A vendor at the park was recently fired after a fan caught him on video going into the potty with some snocones. He supposedly sat the tray down on the bathroom floor in the stall and then did what he needed to do. He then scooped up the snocones and left. Talk about a lack of hygiene, he is lucky my mom did not get a hold of him.
    Well, the very unclean dude was axed when the big bosses found out about this transgression. He not longer works at Minute Maid or sells snocones.
    So, in this instance. cell phones came in handy making a video of that nasty occurrence.

Cuts, rips and tears
    Let’s turn to the NFL where the news is not nearly as amusing.
    Tony Romo had surgery on his back and now can’t participate in drills. He has a cyst removed and has to wait until later. The surgery happened in April, it was supposedly minor. But still he watches and waits,  putting in “Peyton Manning-time” at Valley Ranch.
    I think, after eight years he knows the plays. He just doesn’t know the new people.
    But Romo had a better fate than former Texas Tech All-American receiver Michael Crabtree. Crabtree, formerly of Dallas Carter, was going through OTA drills for the 49ers and ripped his right Achilles tendon. He is out for at least six months and already had been through surgery. Ouch.
    Another ouch is the one fans of “Da Bears” are saying after Brian Urlacher decided he was sotired - he retired. He could not find a deal after the Chicago team let him go, so he opted for retirement. After 13 years he said he could have still played, but not up to his standard and he did not want to be a back up. So he wanted to retire as a Bear. Urlacher was a good one; too bad he did not want to try on a Cowboy uniform.

Ground Chuck
    Several weeks ago I was saddened by the death of Chuck Muncie at age 60 of a heart attack. I had labeled him “a waste.”  
    Mainly because he never seemed to live up to his tremendous potential in the NFL. Then I read his whole story. He ended his life helping others and had chased away his demons which led him down a rocky road of drugs and other problems. He served 18-months in prison on drug related charges, but his second chapter of his life was a different story. He died at age 60, happy with his contributions to world, reports say.
    I used to marvel at the 6-3, 220-pound Muncie when he played with the Saints and Chargers. He was so good big, so fast, so powerful, running behind those black-rimmed glasses. But he would you run over you. I always hoped he’d get it together. It was my late  father-in-law’s dream in the early 80s for the Cowboys to meet Air Coryell’s Chargers in the Super Bowl. It would have been fun.

It’s a TEAM thing
    Speaking of teams, let’s talk about the San Antonio Spurs. I think they irk the talking heads on TV who predict all the games, because they play as a team. Sure they have stars like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, but they play great team basketball. That is why they won championships under Gregg Popovich in 1998-99, 2002-03, 2004-05, 2006-07. That’s four big NBA World Championship rings. Almost enough to eat at the big table with Phil Jackson.
    I think the Spurs have a good chance to win it again this year. They are playing well. They probably will not be the media darlings like the Heat. But a team which has six players averaging in 10 points or more is hard to stop.

Four wide ones
    Back to baseball again for a funny story.
    The late, great Sparky Anderson was a wise and successful manager for the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers. One thing he learned:don’t let the team’s best player beat you.
    It is told and retold told, that he would see Willie McCovey of the Giants in a hotel lobby, ballpark or even in the off season, he would hold up four wrinkled fingers. Telling “Stretch” that all he was going to see from the Reds’ pitchers - four wide ones. He would not let him hit and was more scared of him than even Willie Mays.
    The Rangers need to learn that procedure about Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera hit three homers the other night, but Texas still won. They should have not pitched anything close to the plate to the triple crown winner. Take your chances with the next guy up, Prince Fielder. Odds are that he will not do as much damage as Miggy.

A-Rod gets richer
    Word from Miami has Alex Rodriguez making money, even when he is not playing baseball.
    The sale of his home netted the former MVP a $15 million profit. I am sure he needs it.
    The  waterfront residence had nine bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and a 20,000-square foot living room.
    The home sold for a confirmed price of $30 million which is believed to be the most paid for a home in Miami Beach history.
    Perhaps A-Rod should become a house flipper. He recently sold a condo in NYC for $5.5 mil, doubling his money in eight months.

Unexpected heroes
    Good deed awards go out to all the people who are helping the suffering through the terrible tornadoes in Oklahoma.
    OKC Thunder player Kevin Durant stepped up big and pledged a million bucks. So did his team and the NBA players association. Which is all well and good.
    Then comes in the little-told tale about the West Virginia baseball team. Yes, the Mountaineers, this is very interesting.
    The West Virginia team are in Oklahoma for the Big 12 baseball tournament when storms hit. Tornadoes and lots of damage witnessed by college guys who never see tornadoes. They were scared and touched by the tragedy. They wanted to do something. So they loaded up the team bus and drove as close as they could to Moore, Okla. the main area damaged. They were politely told, they had enough help and first responders. So they left, not wanting to get in the way. But they still wanted to contribute.
    So the boys pooled all their per diem meal money for the week and went to a nearby store. The Mountaineers filled up more than 20 carts and spent about $4,000 in supplies which included diapers, shoes, water, clothes and other items. They then took the heartfelt donation to a distribution center in Norman.
    The West Virginia team was not the only one to help out. The TCU baseball team gave diapers and Gatorade. Kansas also contributed.
    Good people doing good things, far from the spotlight. Just because it is the right thing to do.
    That’s another reason I like the world of sports.




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