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Bowling league report for May 21

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Doug Tatman was all business Thursday night, posting the high set of the session with his solid 755 scratch series. 

Tatman recorded games of 253, 235 and 267 to help his team take four wins for the match.  Tatman ended the night 173 pins above his average for series and boosted his team, Git R Done, into sole possession of fourth place in the team standings.  
    Susan Shelton led the women this week at Classic Lanes with her 615 three game scratch performance during the Sunday Super Bowl Post Bowl league.  Shelton charted scores of 220 and 211 on her 185 individual average to help her team, the Bears, take two wins for the evening.  

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    Betty Russell bagged the only other women’s 600 shot this week, while competing on lanes one and two during Sunday’s mixed play.  Russell led her team, the Giants, to take two of the four possible wins Sunday night with her impressive scores of 211 and 221.  
    Russell’s teammate Alan Roberts chipped in with his 674 effort that included games of 246 and 242 on his 202 average.  
    Megan Parmer tossed a 536 three game scratch set on her 156 individual average.  Parmer rolled games of 172, 201 and 163 to complete the match 68 pins above her average for series.  
    Jason Keller bowled a 700 scratch set on lanes three and four to help his team, the Broncos, to one win. Keller shot games of 231 and 255 to help his team climb into fourth place in the team standings.  
    Classic Lanes Youth Program Director, Billy Painter, led the league with his 728 three game scratch set Sunday night.  Painter, a seasoned veteran, was steady all night posting scores of 251, 246 and 231 on his 199 average.  Painter led his team, the Falcons, to a clean sweep of their competition clinching all four wins up for grabs.  
    Damion Shields helped his team climb into sole possession of fifth place in the team standings with his impressive 596 scratch set during Sunday’s mixed action.  Shields, a rookie this season, booked a whopping 256 during the first game of the night.  Shields kept his composure all evening, finishing the match 119 pins above his average for series.  
Night Mixed
    Tarry Davison posted the high set of the week with his 771 shot during the Tuesday Night Mixed league.  Davison was above his 229 average all night charting scores of 279, 258 and 234 to help his team take four wins for the session.  
    Jason Keller matched his Sunday performance with an identical 700 scratch series shot on the same pair as Sunday’s effort.  Keller charted games of 232 and 279 on his 224 individual average.  
    Mike Gilliland tossed games of 237, 221 and 215 on his 213 average Tuesday night.  Gilliland, a veteran of the Tuesday Night Mixed league for many seasons, finished the match 34 pins above his average for series with his 673 scratch set.  
    Brian Stegall posted one of his highest sets of the fall season with his 606 scratch series.  Stegall, competing on a 171 individual average, rolled games of 213, 210 and 183 to help his team, Split Happens, take one win for the session.      David Strain bowled an outstanding 709 three game scratch set while competing on lanes fifteen and sixteen Tuesday night.  Strain, owner of Triple D Lawn Care, booked games of 211, 277 and 221 to help his team, Wide Load & Co., take three wins.  
    Duwayne Benson just missed the 700 mark with his 684 three game scratch set.  Benson improved with each game Tuesday night charting scores of 204, 214 and 266.  

Men’s Commercial
    Chris Brooks led his team, Harrison’s Crew, to a flawless victory Thursday night with his above par 659 scratch series.  Brooks, with a 198 average, rolled games of 225, 214 and 220 to complete the set 65 pins above his average for series.  
    Phillip Coleman recorded a respectable 624 three game scratch series on lanes five and six during men’s action this week.  Coleman tossed games of 194, 223 and 207 on his 183 individual average.  
    Shayne Wilson posted the second high series Thursday night with his 720 three game scratch set.  Wilson, with a 228 average, bagged games of 241 and 268 to help his team, the King Pins, take two wins for the match.  
    Knocking on 700’s door Thursday night was Tarry Davison with his 696 three game scratch set.  Davison helped his team, Watkins, into sole possession of sixth place in the team standings with his games of 256 and 223.  
    Ace Wiginton helped his team, the Grey Beards, take two wins Thursday night with his 670 scratch series.  Wiginton, competing on a 187 average, shot scores of 223, 258 and 189 to boost his team into third place in the team standings.  
    Justin Parmer, advertising director for Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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