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Bowling league report for May 8

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Betty Russell led the Monday Night Ladies league this week with her impressive 637 three game scratch series.  

    Russell, a seasoned veteran at Classic Lanes, produced games of 256 and 192 on her 189 average to help her team, Shoulda Benn, sweep their opponents all four wins for the evening.  
    Jason Parmer dominated the board again this week with sets of 758 and 722 during the Super Bowl Post Bowl league and the Men’s Commercial league.  Sunday night proved to have the better lane conditions for Parmer, as he tossed games of 237, 245 and 276.  Parmer helped his team, the Chargers; clinch one of the coveted eight spots available for the playoff round on May 19, 2013.

Super Bowl
Post Bowl
    Kelley Shields kept his momentum rolling from last week, shooting an awesome 734 three game scratch set on lanes nine and ten.  Shields started the night strong with a whopping 279 and followed up with games of 219 and 236 to help his team to a flawless, four win night.  
    Phillip Coleman had an above average session rolling a 613 scratch set.  Coleman bagged scores of 195, 233 and 185 to finish the night 76 pins above his average for series.  
    Jim Galloway knocked down a total of 639 pins while competing on lanes one and two, and helped his team take four wins in the process.  Galloway charted games of 234 and 215 on his 176 individual average.  
    Shayne Wilson shot the third and final 700 series of the night with his solid 708 three game scratch set.  Wilson, a fierce competitor, booked scores of 259, 226 and 223 to help his team, the Bears, take three of the four possible wins.  

Monday Night Ladies
    Cathy King had a stellar night bowling games of 233 and 197 on her 149 average to complete the match with a 570 scratch set.  
    Rhonda Stephens posted the fourth high series of the session with her 565 three game scratch set.  Stephens, who has been steadily improving her skills over the last few weeks, shot games of 167, 231 and 167 to end the night 91 pins above her average for series.  
    Mary Crabb posted a solid 525 set, while competing on lanes one and two.  Crabb rolled games of 170, 157 and 198 on her 146 individual average.  Crabb’s effort boosted her team in to sole possession of second place in the team standings.  
    Myra Crist led her team, Wild Bunch, to a three win victory on her games of 167, 147 and 132.  Crist’s teammate, Valinda Stephenson, chipped in with games of 158 and 142 on her 126 average.      

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Jason Keller recorded the second high set of the week with his 753 three game scratch series rolled during Tuesday’s mixed play.  Keller helped his team, The Cat’s Meow, climb into a four way tie for first place in the team standings on his scores of 277, 225 and 253.
    Amy Sharp tossed the only women’s 600 of the night with her 617 scratch set on lanes eleven and twelve.  Sharp, who revived her game with a 701 just a few weeks ago, bowled consistent scores of 205, 208 and 204 to complete the night 74 pins above her average for series.  
    Mike Gilliland tossed a solid 706 three game scratch set to help his team, Brownie & Company, into sole possession of second place in the team standings with a 18 and 10 record for the last quarter of the season thus far.  Gilliland carried his team to a four win night with his scores of 265 and 237.  
    Nick and Rachel Myers of team Newbies took three of the four possible wins available Tuesday night with their scratch sets of 603 and 494.  Nick recorded scores of 236 and 192 on his 176 average, while Rachel fired an outstanding 214 on her 136 individual average.  The husband and wife duo propelled their team into a two way tie for third place in the team standings after Tuesday’s performance.  

Thursday Men’s Commercial
    Dewayne Roach set the pace Thursday night tossing the high series of the session with his 740 effort on lanes three and four.  Roach led the King Pins to three wins with his games of 257, 224 and 259.  
    Jason Parmer bagged a 722 three game scratch set to finish just two pin ahead of Eddie Ayers and his 720 scratch set.  Parmer tossed an impressive 280 during the first game of men’s competition, which also included ten of twelve possible strikes.  
    Ayers was the most consistent 700 series bowler of the night rolling games of 230, 255 and 235 to help his team, Harrison’s Crew, sweep their opponents all four wins. Ayers ended the match an astonishing 149 pins above his average for series.      Mike Gilliland rounded out the 700 club Thursday night with his 701 scratch set.  Gilliland, an accomplished league bowler, helped his team take two wins with his scores of 220 and 265 on his 204 average.    
    Justin Parmer, advertising director for Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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