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Bowling league report for March 26

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Dewayne Roach was unstoppable Thursday night during the Men’s Commercial league with a solid 756 performance.  Roach, who only bowls occasionally on Thursday nights, recorded scores of 274, 214 and 268 on his 212 individual average.  Roach posted the high series of the night and lead his team, the King Pins, to three wins for the match.  

    Shane Quinn had a remarkable set Tuesday night, posting an impressive 661 three game scratch series.  Quinn, competing on a 178 average, tossed games of 225, 226 and 210 to help his team, Split Happens, to a three win victory.  

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    Betty Russell took top honors for the women Sunday night shooting a 594 three game scratch set.  Russell, a seasoned veteran at Classic Lanes, booked a whopping 242 the first game of the night and ended the series with a respectable 193.  
    Brian Stegall tossed his highest set of the fall season during the Sunday night mixed league, firing a 686 three game scratch series.  Stegall led his team, the Cardinals, to a flawless victory on his games of 207, 225 and 254.  Stegall completed the session 152 pins above his average for series.  
    Shayne Wilson topped the men’s high series list for the night with his 705 scratch set.  Wilson was on target all night producing games of 225, 246 and 234.  Wilson’s effort kept him in first place on the men’s high average list with an astonishing 233.12 for the season thus far.  

Monday Night Ladies
    Amy Sharp bagged the high set of the night with her 573 three game scratch series. Sharp led her team, Dolls with Balls, to three wins with her pair of 189 games and 195 game.  
    Joy Hoekstra helped her team, Just Trouble, into a two way tie for first place in the team standings with her 396 scratch series during Monday night ladies competition.  Hoekstra rolled games of 159, 121 and 116 on her 114 average to help the team to four wins for the match.   
    Hoekstra’s teammate, Roelie Vellenga, pitched in with games of 148 and 156 on her 121 individual average.  
    Tonya Moody was on fire Monday night bowling games of 200 and 172 in a 492 three game scratch series.  Moody, anchor bowler for the Gutter Mama’s, was 90 pins above her average for series and led the team to half of the four possible wins.  
    Margret Hyde has been killing her competition week after week this season and this week was no exception.  Hyde , with an average of 117, tossed games of 130, 137 and 185 to finish the set 101 pins above her average for series.  Hyde helped her team, R U Kidding, take two wins for the night and jump into a two way tie for first place in the team standings.

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Amy Sharp led the women with a 603 three game scratch performance during Tuesday’s mixed play.  Sharp posted a score of 255 during the second game of the match to help her team, Wide Load & Co., take two wins for the match.  
    Betty Russell was close behind Sharp with her 589 three game scratch set.  Russell bagged games of 223 and 204 on her 181 average and led her team to take two wins for the evening.  
    Tarry Davison shot the high series of the night with his solid 738 on lanes 15 and 16.  Davison, one of the most consistent bowlers competing at Classic Lanes, booked games of 223, 258 and 257.  
    Just behind Davison was Jason Keller with a 709 three game scratch series that included games of 258 and 227.  Keller currently holds the second highest average in the league with a 223, seven pins shy of Davison leading 230.  
    Just missing the 700 mark were David Soeder and Mike Gilliland.  Soeder recorded scores of 239, 224 and 234 for a 697 scratch set, while Gilliland rolled games of 227 and 260 in a 693 three game scratch set.  
Thursday Men’s Commercial
    Allan Hague, leadoff bowler for the Classic Lanes team, fired games of 238, 258 and 207 to help the team to three of the four possible wins.  
    Shayne Wilson followed up Sunday’s awesome set with an extraordinary 756 scratch series during men’s action Thursday night.  Wilson started the night hot with a 265 and followed up with solid games of 235 and 256 to help his team to take two wins for the session.  
    Tarry Davison posted the second high set of the night with his 722 three game scratch series on lanes 11 and 12.  Davison shot games of 237 and 277 on his 228 average to help his team, Watkins, into a four way tie for fourth place in the team standings.  
    Jason Parmer just missed the 700 club Thursday night with his 699 scratch series.  Parmer, who has been improving his game from week to week, recorded games of 257 and 235 to help his team, Walter’s Boys, to three wins for the match and a four way tie for second place in  the team standings.  

    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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