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Bowling league report for Jan. 29

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Justin Haggerty hammered his competition Thursday night during the Men’s Commercial league.  Haggerty opened the night quietly with a 207 and followed up with two strong games of 290 and 254.  The second game of the night produced 11 strikes in a row for Haggerty.  At the conclusion of the session, Haggerty and his team booked two and a half wins and third place in the team standings.  

    Mike Gilliland has been absent from the headlines as of late, due to a back injury, but this week seemed to be his turning point.  Gilliland had a consistent night firing games of 257, 254 and 233 for a 744 scratch series.  Gilliland led his team, Brownie & Company, to a four game sweep of their competition and second place in the team standings.
    Rhonda Stevens bowled an outstanding performance Monday night during women’s action.  Stevens, competing on a 159 average, rolled games of 214, 175 and 153 to finish the match 65 pins above her average for series.  Stevens 214 was also the high game of the night.  The Lake Fork Hookers bagged three of four possible wins on Stevens’ impressive effort.  

Monday Night Ladies
    Taking the second quarter of the Fall season was team R U Kidding due to standout bowlers, Margret Hyde and Kathleen Bailey.  Bailey, who started the night with a 115 average, posted games of 151 and 177 in a 382 three game scratch series.  Hyde booked games of 173 and 122 on her 114 average to help the team take two wins for the session.
    Penny Shelton capped Monday night off with four wins for her team, The Gutter Mama’s, on her 522 three game scratch set.  Shelton tossed games of 171 and 199 on her 162 individual average.  Shelton’s 522 series was the second high for the night along with having the second high game of the night, 199.  
    Billie Weeks showed no mercy Monday night shooting a 411 scratch set on her 118 average.  Weeks rolled games of 150, 136 and 125 to end the night 57 pins above her average for series.  Weeks teammate, Hazel Dawes, shot games of 110, 119 and 128 to help the team, Roll On, take all four possible wins for the evening.
Tuesday Night Mixed
    Lynn Mills booked games of 188, 224 and 191 for a 603 scratch series Tuesday night during mixed play.  Mills, leadoff bowler for X-It, led his team to four wins and third place in the team standings.  Mill’s teammate, Donna Soeder, shot scores of 204, 168 and 167 to end the night 44 pins above her average for series.  Dave Gholson and David Soeder fill the third and fourth positions on the team’s roster.  
    Billy Painter led the Underdogs to three of four possible wins on his 664 three game scratch set.  Painter, who entered Tuesday’s competition with a 206 average, posted games of 226, 225 and 213 to boost the team to fifth place in the team standings.  
    Jean Banks and Darrell Green were ready for action Tuesday night booking three game sets of 536 and 603.  Banks recorded a pair of 183 games on her 170 average, while Green recorded scores of 191, 212 and 200 on his 186 average.  
    David VanSickle took advantage of Tuesday night’s prime lane condition to fire a solid 634 scratch series.  VanSickle rolled games of 202, 218 and 214 on his 193 average to help his team, We Got Game, to three of four possible wins for the match.  

Thursday Men’s Commercial
    Dave Gholson was ready for action Thursday night, after resting during Tuesday’s mixed league, firing an impressive 712 three game scratch set.  Gholson tossed games of 239, 215 and 258 to help him take the second high series of the night.  
    Mike Gilliland finished with the third high set of the session with his solid 708 effort.  Gilliland, following Gholson’s lead, shot games of 224, 235 and 247 to help their team, Just Do It, take a three win victory.  
    Jason Keller was nipping at Gilliland’s heals with his 706 three game scratch series.  Keller helped his team, The King Pins, to one and half wins on his scores of 237, 238 and 231.  Keller was the most consistent bowler of the five men able to shoot 700 during Thursday night’s match.  
    Dickie Harrison posted the fifth and final 700 set of the night with his 704 scratch series.  Harrison rolled games of 218, 241 and 245 on his 200 average to help his team, Harrison’s Crew, to sweep their opponents four games.  Harrison’s set pushed his team into a three way tie for first place in the team standings.  

    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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