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High game shootout headlines bowling report

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Okay, so it wasn’t the high noon walkdown in the middle of Main Street invented by Hollywood westerns. But the Thursday Men’s Commercial League featured dueling strikes between opponents on teams facing off at Classic Lanes on Feb. 5.
The shootout came in game two of the Classic Lanes-Ken Parker Services matchup on lanes 15-16. In that game, two bowlers – Turk Morgan with Classic Lanes and Mike Love of Ken Parker Services – each fired 279 games.
Love, a 188 average bowler, and Morgan, one of the elder statesmen of league bowling at the local center and carrying a 202 average, were shooting in the number three and number four slots respectively on the five-man teams when each hit the 279 mark. Morgan bracketed his big game with 193 and 216 efforts for a 688 on the night, while Love rolled 176 and 184 on each side of his 279 for a 639 set.
Fittingly, the two teams split, each winning two of four available points
And in the Tuesday Night Mixed league on Feb. 3, another shootout developed – but this one was the equivalent of the USS Missouri going against a leaky rowboat.
Dave Gholson, averaging 202, nailed the first nine strikes in game one, but missed the pocket on the first ball in the final frame and had to settle for a 275. Gholson was going head-to-head with me in that game. While he opened with nine strikes, I mostly just opened – proving that a heavy artillery shot will take out a 22-Short rimfire every time.
Hefty Triplicate
While all that was going on, Keith Ethridge, bowling with the King Pins team on lanes 1-2, fired a triplicate score – three consecutive games of 223, the top triplicate score this year at Classic Lanes. Ethridge opened play on a 200 average before nailing the impressive set in the Thursday men’s league.
Other scores of note for the week ending Feb. 6 included, by league:
Sunday Night Mixed
Michael Burnett’s 267 game and 684 series topped the men’s scoring, with Becky Bowden leading the women’s scoreboard with a 245 game and 626 series. Karla Dailey popped a 226 game and 611 series, while Tasha Crist, averaging 114 to open play, hammered games of 180-120-162, giving Crist the top women’s handicap game of the night with 248, and leading handicap series, a 666.
Karla Dailey’s 611 came on games of 181-204-226; Jim Galloway hit 204 and 221 games; Chad Dailey rolled a 213-233-204 block for 650; Adam Thompson shot a 204 game; Anthony Sweat compiled a steady 613 with a 209-200-204 effort; Ralphie Harrod closed with a 194 game; Greg Pullen shot a 228 game and Michael Bowden logged a 210.
Shawna Hall, averaging 147, popped a 186 game and 485 series; Brett Stovall hit a 225 game; Larry Stovall had a 237 game; Terry Kozeluh recorded a 209 game; David VanSickle shot a 237 game; Nathan Crist went 50 pins over average in a 255 game; Becky Darden compiled a 169 game on a 137 average; Kellie Booth was plus-32 pins in her 148 game; and James Allen cranked out a 235 game.
Angela Allen posted a 204 game; Deborah Crist rolled 154 and 156 games and a 449 series on her 139 average; Myra Crist was 40 pins over average in her 181 game and went on to hit a 478 series; and Wesley Crist, averaging 162 to open play, put together a 542 series on games of 179-179-184.
Alan Roberts stroked a 205 game; Shannon Hague closed with a 203 game for a 576 series; David Strain posted a 204 game; Allan Hague had games of 217 and 214; high school student Colby Pullen fired a 203 game; Danilee Ogle was over her 157 average each game and recorded a 505 series with a 182 high game; and Michael Burnett’s 684 included games of 240 and 267.
Monday Night Ladies
Amy Sharp’s 220 game topped the scratch scoring, followed by Debbie Miller’s 216. Shannon Hague recorded the top scratch series with a 587, two sticks better than Amy Sharp’s 585. On the handicap game side of the ledger, Patty Morgan took honors for the night with a 241. Hague paced the handicap series scoring with a 650 series.
Danilee Ogle was 41 pins over average with her 193 game and finished the night with a 495 series; Hague’s top game in her steady 587 block was a 205; Amanda Sims, averaging 95 to open play, compiled a 138 game and 347 series; Sharp’s 585 set included games of 220 and 205; and Joy Hoekstra had games of 133 and 137 in a 390 series after opening play on a 110 average.
Cindy Causey, averaging 128, closed with a 157 game; Emma Foshee, carrying a 143 average, rolled a 184 final game; Linda Brazil was 30 pins over average in her 169 game; Debra Sutterfield carded a 502 on games of 171-170-159 on a 140 average; Charlie Romanat went 35 over average in her 168 game; Deborah Crist carded games of 179 and 161 in a 456 series on a 131 average; and Debbie Miller rolled a 216 game.
Debra Morgan, carrying a 119 average to open play, rolled a hefty 161 in game three; Patty Morgan fired a 189 game on her 134 average and finished with 451 for the night; Kelly Sutton shot 158 and 166 games on a 132 average; Cindy Butler closed with a 165 game, 35 pins better than her 130 average; Pat Michael, averaging 143, shot 164-144-157 for 465; and Catalina Torres rolled a 163 game and 455 series off a 140 average.
Tuesday Night Mixed
While Gholson was tossing his 275 game and 655 series, Mike Gilliland and Jason Keller shared the men’s scratch scoring lead with 670 sets. Marlo McKnight hammered out an impressive 233 game and Becky Bowden hit a 603 series to pace the women’s scoring. McKnight also recorded the high handicap game of the night, a 277, and high handicap series, a 712.
The chase for most improved average for men for the season closed to a fraction of a pin as Don Gammill and Trenis Turner faced off on lanes 1-2. Turner fired a 190 game and 470 series to increase his average by 16.08 pins for the season. Gammill closed the set with an improvement of 16.55 pins with a 557 series that included a 203 game.
Melissa Shelton leads the women’s chase for most improved average with an increase of 19.88 pins over Marcella Mitchell at plus-14.97.
Jamie Tomlinson posted a 365 series with a 133 game included after opening play with a 111 average; Mark Irvin was over his 128 average each game with a 132-144-142 set for 418; Rick Pearce rolled a 202 game; Jerry Thompson hit a 216 game; Ace Wiginton fired a 616 series that included games of 210 and 212; and McKnight, averaging 154 to open play, stroked games of 179-233-168 for her 580 series.
Chuck Russell had a 203 game; Steve Edwards, a 203; Tarry Davison, 237; Melissa Shelton, averaging 126 to open play, rolled 138-130-180 games for a 448 series; Darrell Green carded a 215 game; Jason Keller, 242 game and 670 series; Shannon Hague, 202 and 225 games in a 593 set; Allan Hague had a 212 game; Donna Soeder rolled a 187 game and 498 series on her 158 average; David Soeder posted a 601 set with a 212 high game; and Cliff Whitney rolled a 202 game.
Debra Sutterfield, averaging 151 going in, rolled a 488 series in a 169-162-157 set; Sybil Galloway carded a 180 game and 495 series on her 158 average; Jim Galloway had a 201 game; Larry Siegert a 204 game; Smitty Smith a 206 game; Gilliland’s 670 block came on games of 217-223-230; Kathy VanSickle shot a 201 game; Vonda Douglas fired an impressive 190 game on a 133 average; Pam Parmer compiled a 492 with games of 172-178 on her 144 average; and James Parmer popped a 234 game.
Thursday Men’s Commercial
Five gunners shot 700 or better series scores, led by James Allen’s 752 on games of 255-266-241. Mike Fletcher compiled a 709 in a 247-227-235 set; Shayne Wilson put a 708 on the board with a 238-244-226 outing; Scott Ogle hammered a 716 on games of 242-246-228; and Tarry Davison stroked 245-237-247 for 729.
Other scores of note included Red Skelton’s 207 game; Larry Stovall’s 211 game; Bruce Michaelson’s 674 with games of 237-226 included; Rocky Propes, averaging 176 to open play, hit a 189-194-205 block for 588; Ronnie Wooten was well over his 157 average with a 187-174-179 for 540; Buddy McClendon hit a 207 game; Robert Spurgeon carded a 200 even game, as did Zach Howser; Dave Gholson shot a 216 game; Bo Duncan posted a 648 with a 208-210-230 set; Jason Smith closed with a 236 game; Smitty Smith had games of 213 and 240; and Mike Gilliland just missed a 700 with a 691 in a 216-251-224 block.
Jerry C. Thompson carded a 210 game; David VanSickle had a 633 set with 212 and 226 games; Kenny Turner rolled a 529 series with a 182 high game; Colby Strain put a 620 on the board with a 213 high game; Jason Parmer shot 257 en route to a 637 series; James Parmer fired a 213 game; and Darrell Green compiled a 655 on games of 210-243-202.
Colby Pullen shot a 213 game; Greg Pullen had a 610 series with a 224 game included; Darreyl Dixon shot games of 222 and 233; Ken Hood, subbing with the Taking Care of Business team, fired a 258 game and 627 series; Jeff Wright carded a 217 game; Randy Youngs closed the set with a 200 even; and Jim Beard rolled 221 and 227 games en route to a 627 series.
Brian Gammill posted 208 and 212 games; Joe Bell fired a 232 game; Allan Hague rolled a 654 with a 232 in the opening game; Steve Edwards carded a 245 game and 639 series; Corey Ogle shot a 204 game; Duane Anspon recorded a 614 with games of 217 and 225 included; Lynn Mills shot 192-202-201 games in a 595 series; Matt Arnold put 235 and 221 games on the scoresheet; Wes Campbell rolled a 202 game; Matt Parker shot 237-216-209 for 662; and David Holt posted a 245 game and 616 series.



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