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Bowling league report for jan. 8

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Kelly Shields tossed his first career 700 set during the Super Bowl Post Bowl league Sunday night. 

Shields could not miss all night rolling games of 216, 203 and 289 for a magnificent 708 scratch series.  In addition to his first 700 set, Shields also had a career high game as well with his 289 during the third game of competition, which also included 10 of 12 possible strikes.  Shields is the anchorman on his team, The Cowboys, and led the team to three of four possible wins for the session.  Looks like the only Cowboys on a winning streak in January will be right here at Classic Lanes.  
    Amy Sharp pulled no stops Tuesday night, firing an impressive 656 scratch series.  Sharp, Captain of team Wide Load & Company, posted games of 189, 236 and 231 to book the high women’s set for the night and the week.  Sharp led her team to sweep their opponents of the evening and move into a two way tie for third place in the team standings.  

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    Susan Shelton bagged a pair of 223 games and a 196 on her 191 average to complete the night with a solid 642 scratch series.  Shelton ended the session 69 pins above her average for series and helped her team, The Bears, to three wins in the process.  
    Shelton’s teammate, Mike Fletcher, recorded the second high set of the night with a 728 three game scratch series.  Fletcher charted scores of 258, 244 and 226 to end the night 71 pins above his average for series and pushed the team into a one win lead atop the team standing with an 18 and 6 record.  
    Jason Keller posted the men’s high set with a 729 scratch series that included games of 256 and 269 on his 221 average.  Keller’s teammate, Amber Burnett, recorded the only other women’s 600 of the night with a 607.  Burnett started the night a little rocky with a 171 on her 175 average but got herself together quick to finish the night with games of 211 and 225.  
    Jason Parmer shot 715 on lane nine and ten to lead his team, The Chargers, to a four game sweep of their opponents of the evening.  Parmer bagged games of 233, 267 and 215 to end the night 97 pins above his average for series.

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Allan Hague booked the high set of the night with an impressive 729 scratch series.  Hague was consistent all night shooting games of 224, 247 and 258 to help his team, The Cat’s Meow, take four wins for the match.  
    Tarry Davison was not far behind Hague, posting a 718 three game scratch set.  Davison knocked down scores of 222, 268 and 228 to take three of four possible wins for the evening.  Davison helped his team, The Underdogs, to a two way tie for fourth place in the team standings.  
    Dave Gholson just missed the 700 mark with his solid 693 performance during Tuesday’s mixed action.  Gholson, one of the more consistent bowlers week after week, scorched the lanes with games of 247 and 238 to help his team take four wins for the night.  
    Rachel Myers displayed significant improvement Tuesday night with her 494 scratch set on her 125 average.  Myers rolled a pair of 158 games and a 178 to end the match 119 pins above her average for series.  Myers teammates, Barbara and Jim Williams, chipped in with games of 140, 145, 169, 166 and 153 on their 136 and 152 individual averages.  The trio helped the team propel to seventh place in the team standings.  The fourth man on the roster, Nick Myers, was present for moral support.  

Men’s Commercial
    Jason Parmer led Thursday night with his solid 706 set that included games of 236 and 275.  Parmer completed the night 67 pins above his average for the night and led the team to take two wins for the session.  Parmer’s teammate, James Parmer, recorded an above average set with his 642 contribution.  James shot games of 201, 217 and 224 on his 199 average.  
    Robert Huggett and Kevin Booth led their team, Red & Company, to a four game sweep of their competition with sets of 607 and 612.  Huggett bagged games of 203 and 225 on his 171 average, while Booth fired games of 197 and 235.  The duo helped the team into a two way tie for fourth place in the team standings.      
    Cliff Campbell, leadoff man for Find the Way, shot an extraordinary 645 scratch series during men’s action Thursday night.  Campbell is a second generation bowler at classic Lanes behind his father and Classic Lanes Hall of Fame bowler, Wes Campbell.  Campbell bagged a pair of 195 games along with a solid 255 to help the team take two wins for the match.  
    Justin Haggerty booked the eighth and final 700 of the week with his 701 three game scratch set.  Haggerty led his team to four wins on games of 223, 266 and 212 to end the evening 71 pins above his average for series.  Haggerty will be fighting it out for first place next week, in the position round, thanks to his performance this week.  
    Justin Parmer, advertising director for Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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