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Bowling league report 1-20-09

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Three bowlers hammered out some blistering scores in Classic Lanes league play during the week ending Jan. 15. Kieth Ethridge rolled his first-ever 299 game; Angela Allen popped a 289 game; Shayne Wilson fired another 300 game and narrowly missed an 800 series; and a total of six 700-plus series scores went on the recap sheets.
In addition, a number of shooters scored well above average. And in the Thursday Men’s Commercial league, the King Pins team fired one of the better team games and three-game sets seen in recent years in the local bowling center.
Ethridge, bowling with the King Pins on lanes 3-4 in the Thursday Men’s Commercial league, rolled his 299 in game two. Ethridge, a 198 average right-hander, strung the first 11 strikes before leaving a single pin on his fill ball. He said later that the final shot went just a bit high in the pocket and left the 4-pin standing.
Ethridge, averaging198 at the beginning of play, opened with a 246 before stroking the 299. As is often the case with the majority of gunners after a big game, he faded a bit in the third to a 170 and wound up with a 715 series for the night.
Angela Allen started the high-game outburst in the Sunday Night Mixed on Jan.11, firing a 289 in game one on lanes 5-6 while bowling with the Big Dogs team. The 289 propelled her into second place in the women’s high scratch game category for the league’s season, trailing only Becky Bowden’s 11-in-a-row 290 posted earlier.
Allen, averaging 177 going into the set, went on to shoot a pair of 180-plus games and rack up a 659 series on the night.
In the Thursday men’s league competition, Wilson – a 230-average bowler and also a member of the King Pins squad – added another perfect game to his extensive 300 collection in game one, and followed up with 248-242 games to barely miss a coveted 800 series honor mark with a 790. The lofty series was not Wilson’s best of the year in the Thursday league, however. He recorded a 798 block earlier in the season.
Highlights for the week included, by league:
Sunday Night Mixed
Nathan Crist, averaging 206 to open play, fired a 752 series on games of 263-255-234 to lead the men’s scoring, while Allen’s 289 game and 659 series topped the women’s scoring ledger in Jan. 11 action.
Jason Parmer and Tarry Davison narrowly missed 700s with 694 and 692 respectively. Other scores of note included Shane Quinn’s 222 game; Anthony Sweat’s 241 game and 637 series; Alan Roberts’ 225 game and 637 series; Harold McClure’s 234 game and 634 series; Corey Ogle’s 201 game; Michael Burnett’s 255-256 games; Ace Wiginton’s 247 game and 622 series; Richard Allen’s 223 game and 620 series; and Becky Bowden’s 233 game and 627 series.
Also, Allen Hague rolled a 642 set including a 246 game; Wade Crist fired a 180 game and 464 series on a 132 average; Deborah Crist, averaging 138, compiled a 465 series with 181 and 176 games included; Myra Crist popped a 192 game and 491 series after opening play on a 140 average; and Wes Crist shot 189 and 180 games on his 159 average.
Mark Miller had games of 213 and 205 in a 586 series; Jim Galloway fired 246 and 202 games; Sybil Galloway opened with a 202, 51 pins over average, and went on to a 528 series; Chad Dailey rolled 257-202-231 for 690; Alton Attaway, averaging 147, shot 170 and 191 games in a 517 series; Greg Pullen opened with 212 and carded a 606 series; Joe Freeman authored a 626 set with 221-200-205 games; James Allen had 227 and 238 games in a 634 set; David VanSickle and Terry Kozeluh each posted 205 games; and Robert Hugget, averaging 157 going in, fired a 212 game and 562 series.
Monday Night Ladies
Amy Sharp paced the women’s scoring with a 225 game and 577 series on Jan. 12, followed by Betty Russell’s 223 and Amanda Green’s 214 games, as Cindy Butler topped the handicap game chart for the night with 245 and Danilee Ogle and Green tied for high handicap series with 634.
Jo Kays, averaging 99 to open play, rolled 141 and 130 games; Dorothy Harrison put together a 506 series on a 152 average; Eva Phillips compiled a 168 game and 466 series after beginning play with a 136 average; Russell’s 223 game keyed her 536 series; Debra Morgan rolled a 150 game on a 116 average; and Myra Crist shot a 183 game on a 139 average.
Catalina Torres opened with a 166 game on her 139 average; Butler was 60 pins over average with her opening 188 game; Amanda Sims posted a 129 game on a 94 average; Deonna Watkins had a 180 game; Green’s 214 was the cornerstone of her 562 series; Ogle was over average each game, including a 188 game for a 514 series; and Shannon Hague posted a 203 game and 559 set.
With the deadline schedule, results from the Sunday and Monday leagues appear a week late. This week’s scores from those leagues will be included in next Tuesday’s report.
Tuesday Night Mixed
Jason Parmer and Tarry Davison rolled 758 and 705 respectively to lead the men’s scoring, while Kathy VanSickle led the women’s scratch game category for the night with a 235.
Chuck Russell put a 233 game on the recap sheet; Steve Edwards fired a 677 with a 218-247-212 block; Davison’s 705 came on games of 258-226-221; Donna Soeder rolled a 180 game; David Soeder posted a 222 game; Cliff Whitney had a 205 game; Melissa Shelton, averaging 124 to open play, rolled a 432 series with a closing 160 game; and Darrell Green fired a 237 in game one.
Justin Haggerty fired 246 and 203 games in a 622 series; Jesse Haggerty strung games of 231-245-162 for a 668;  Jason Parmer’s 758 came on games of 258-237-263; Jason Keller posted a 235 game; Becky Bowden rolled games of 213 and 202; Trenis Turner, averaging 131 to begin play, shot a 195 game and 473 series; Terry Douglas rolled a 192 game and 541 series on a 154 average; Vonda Douglas hit a 464 series on games of 163-146-155 on a 131 average; and Justin Parmer hit games of 213 and 239 in a 612 set.
Larry Siegert hammered out a 256 game in a 618 series; Mike Gilliland shot 214-205-259 for a 678 set; Joe Bell had a 202 game; Rick Pearce rolled a 617 series with a 207-215-195 block; Don Gammill compiled a 632 on games of 192-204-236; Dave Gholson hit 232 and 235 games in a 658 series; Jerry Thompson rolled 202-237-189 for a 629; Ace Wiginton compiled a 642 with a steady 213-215-214 set; and Marlo McKnight, averaging 152, carded 176 and 186 games.
Men’s Commerical
The R J Hauling team took the third quarter title by winning the final game for a 26-10 record. Members of the team are Chad Nuss, Zach Howser, Mike Nolen, Rodney Miller and Russ Nuss. Chad Nuss paced the squad in the deciding game with a 216 game, Howser added a 215, and Miller a 202. Russ Nuss had the high series for the winners with a 611, opening with a 247 game.
Jason Parmer compiled a 646 on games of 216-227-203; Ron Braswell, opening play with a 174 average, rolled a 235 game; and Darrell Green shot 210 and 209 games in a 607 series.
On lanes 3-4, the King Pins racked up a 3512 scratch team total on games of 1290-1214-1008, paced by Wilson’s 300-248-242 for 790 and Ethridge’s 246-299-170 for 715. Mark Smith added a 707 set with 238-245-224, Jason Keller contributed a 267 game and 661 series, and Mike Fletcher shot 239 and 246 games en route to a 639 series. In the 1290 team game, Fletcher led off with 239, Ethridge had 246, Keller  267, Wilson fired his 300 and Smith anchored with 238 for a 258 average per bowler.
Elsewhere, Steve Edwards compiled a 212-215-202 set for 629; Vincent Smith rolled a 202; Lynn Mills a 215; Matt Arnold a 214; Turk Morgan a 212; Joe Freeman a 235; Jim Beard, 245 and 217 in a 651 series; Koy Cline a 220 game and 613 series; Joe Bell, a 221 game; Scott Ogle, 640 series with 214 and 255 games; Glenn Taylor a 200-even game; Allen Hague, 224-213-231 for 668; Larry Stovall, 200 game; Wes Crist, 205; James Allen, 223; and Danny Burns, 236 and 222 games in a 609 block.
Also, Dave Gholson, 211 game; Bo Duncan, 248 game, 650 series; Jason Smith, 264 game, 654 series; Neldon Smith, 220 game, 601 series; Mike Gilliland, 245 game, 662 series; David VanSickle, 214 game; Jim Galloway, 206; Ace Wiginton, 222; Colby Pullen, 258 game, 609 series; David Strain, 204 game; Charles Harred, 233 and 231 games, 639 series; and Darreyl Dixon, 232 and 235 games, 610 series.
Rounding out the scoring for the night were Donnie Wooten, averaging 152 to start, fired 214-182-200 for 596; Ronnie Wooten had 217 game; Doug Brann, 206 game; and Tom Swingle, 233-235-189 for 657 on a 175 average.



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