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Son of Priscilla Davis found dead

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FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — The son of Texas socialite Priscilla Davis was found dead seated on a Fort Worth bench, slumped forward with his head resting on a picnic table on a December day. His belongings were in bags, sitting on the table.

But it was two months later when his family would learn of his death. By the, Jack Wilborn Jr., 47, of Euless, had been buried unceremoniously in an unmarked grave in Arlington, at county expense.

The Tarrant County medical examiner's office found Wilborn died accidentally from a lethal combination of too much alcohol and too much morphine.

Medical examiner Nizam Peerwani said the staff identified his parents as Jack Wilborn Sr. and Priscilla Lee Wilborn, but found that they were dead. When the office could not find any other living relatives, he was buried on Dec. 22.

Jack Wilborn Jr. had an ex-wife, Laurie Dederichs, a 21-year-old daughter, Amanda, and a sister. His mother, Priscilla, died in 2001.

The medical examiner's office later learned his mother gained notoriety as the wife of Cullen Davis — the millionaire oilman who was accused in a deadly 1976 shooting rampage while the couple was going through a contentious divorce. Jack Wilborn Jr.'s sister, 12-year-old Andrea Wilborn, and their mother's boyfriend were killed in the shooting. Their mother, by then know as Priscilla Davis, and a family friend were wounded.

At the time, Cullen Davis was worth an estimated $400 million and was the richest man to stand trial for murder. Cullen Davis was acquitted in the murder of his stepdaughter, Andrea, and no one was ever convicted of the shootings.

When his sister died, Jack Wilborn Jr. was 15 and had been on a Colorado ski trip with a Christian youth group, Young Life. He and his sister lived with their father but Andrea was visiting their mother when she was killed.

The family learned tragedy had struck again in late February, when a social worker informed them of his death, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports in its Sunday editions.

A counselor for an alcohol rehabilitation center called Jack Wilborn Jr.'s other sister, Dee Davis, to check on his progress. Dee Davis said the social worker told her that her borther had left the program, apparently clean and sober.

Dee Davis, who lives in Euless, had not seen him since the Thanksgiving holidays. Family members said they now believe it is because he had been in and out of hospitals and homeless shelters.

"I had friends that were notified after their relatives got into a bad car wreck. I had relatives who were notified when their sons were killed in the war," Dee Davis said. "I knew that nothing had happened to Jackie because it would be like that for me. Someone would have called or come to my home to tell me."

Jack Wilborn Jr. lived with his sister, but when he was drinking or taking drugs, Dee Davis said he could not stay at her house.

A week later, the social worker called again to say that a database search showed that Jack Wilborn Jr. was dead.

Peerwani, the medical examiner, maintains that his staff followed procedures in trying to find the family. But he has agreed to help pay to have the body exhumed and taken to a funeral home of the family's choice.

"I have made a commitment to serve this family," he said. "We want them to have closure."


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