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$1,000,000 must be claimed in person at the Commission Headquarters in Austin. Call Customer Service at 1-800-37LOTTO or visit the Lottery Web site at txlottery.org for more information and location of nearest Claim Center. The Texas Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, or for tickets lost in the mail. Tickets, transactions, players, and winners are subject to, and players and winners agree to abide by, all applicable laws, Commission rules, regulations, policies, directives, instructions, conditions, procedures, and final decisions of the Executive Director. A Scratch-Off game may continue to be sold even when all the top prizes have been claimed. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a Texas Lottery ticket. PLAY RESPONSIBLY. The Texas Lottery supports Texas education.



Brashear Water Supply Corporation's Special Utility District’s

Texas Water Code, Brashear Water Supply Corporation hereby gives notice that any person who subdivides land by dividing any lot, tract, or parcel of land, within the service area of Brashear Water Supply Corporation Certificate of Convenience and Necessity No. 10498 in Hopkins County, into two or more lots or sites for the purpose of sale or development, whether immediate or future, including re-subdivision of land for which a plat has been filed and recorded or requests more than two water or sewer service connections on a single contiguous tract of land must comply with “Subdivision Policy” contained in Brashear Water Supply Corporation's Tariff Special Utility District’s Policy.

Brashear Water Supply Corporation Special Utility District is not required to extend retail water service or sewer service to a service applicant in a subdivision where the developer of the subdivision has failed to comply with the Subdivision Policy.

Applicable elements of the Subdivision Policy includes:

Evaluation by Brashear Water Supply Corporation Special Utility District of the impact a proposed subdivision service extension will make on Brashear Water Supply Corporation's Special Utility District water/sewer supply service system and payment of the costs of this evaluation;

Payment of reasonable costs or fees by the developer for providing water supply service capacity;

Payment of fees for reserving water supply service capacity;

Forfeiture of reserved water/sewer supply service capacity for failure to pay applicable fees;

Payment of costs of any improvements to Brashear Water Supply Corporation's Special Utility District’s system that are necessary to provide the water/sewer service;

Construction according to design approved by Brashear Water Supply Corporation's Special Utility District and dedication by the developer of water/sewer facilities within the subdivision following inspection.

Brashear Water Supply Corporation's Special Utility District’s tariff and a map showing Brashear Water Supply Corporation's Special Utility District’s service area may be reviewed at Brashear Water Supply Corporation's Special Utility District’s office at FM 2653 N., Brashear,Texas 75420. The tariff and service area map also are filed of record at the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission in Austin, Texas and may be reviewed by contacting the TNRCC, c/o Utility Rates and Services [Certification and Rate Design] Section, Water Utilities Division, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711.



PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF DESTRUCTION OF RECORDS The Hopkins County Special Education Co-Op is preparing to destroy personally identifiable information that is maintained to provide educational services to students with disabilities. This information includes referral data, notice/consent documents, assessment reports and supporting data. ARD committee deliberations and the IEP Records on students with disabilities who left the district prior to the 2004-2005 school year will be destroyed. Reasons for leaving include: graduation; dismissal from special education; dropping out and moving from the district. Parents of students with disabilities or adult persons (age 18 and over) with disabilities whose records will be destroyed may notify Ron Stanley at (903) 885-7277 by November 30, 2012, should they want the records maintained. AVIOS DE DES TRUCCIONDE REGISTROS El Hopkins County Special Education Co- op esta preparandose para destruir la informacion per la que peuda indetiticarse a la persona que se conserva para ofrecer servicios educativos a estundiantes con impedimento. Esta informacion incluye los datos sobre el envoi de los consentimiento los informaes sobre evaluacion y los datos enque se (ARD). Y ei Plan Eductivo individual (IEP). Se destruiran los registros escolas 2004-2005 Entre las rezones de su salida estran: la graduacion, haberse mudado luerta del distrito. Lospadres de estudiantes con impedimento. O las personas aduitas con impedimento (de 18 anos de edad o mas) cuyos registros van a destruir peuden notilcar a Ron Stanley al (903) 885-7277, a mastarder el 30 de Noviembre de 2012 si descan que esos registros se



LEGAL NOTICE Original application has been made with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for Wine and Beer Retailer’s Off-Premise Permit by Rupinderjit Singh dba/Family Mart, 1601 Main Street, Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County,Texas 75482.



These Texas Lottery Commission Scratch- Off games will close on January 30, 2013. You have until July 29, 2013, to redeem any tickets for these games: #1416 Double Wild Cherries ($1) overall odds are 1 in 4.45, #1420 3X The Cash ($3) overall odds are 1 in 4.85, #1435 Bonus Ball Bingo ($3) overall odds are 1 in 3.98, #1442 Loteria® Texas ($3) overall odds are 1 in 3.99. The odds listed here are the overall odds of winning any prize in a game, including break-even prizes. Lottery retailers are authorized to redeem prizes of up to and including $599. Prizes of $600 or more must be claimed in person at a Lottery Claim Center or by mail with a completed Texas Lottery claim form; however, annuity prizes or prizes over





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