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CHANGE, PART II: A lot of work ahead

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Well that change sure didn't last too long. Now we have to see if the old ideas will bring anything new - or will we be looking for another alternative in two more years?

There is no doubt that President Barack Obama's promise of change led to yesterday's Republican uprising. And not just on the national level, where the GOP took back control of the U.S. House and made big gains in the Senate. That same uprising surely played a role all the way down to the local races, where two Republicans - Chris Brown in the race for Hopkins County Judge and Erwin Cain in the run for State Representative - pulled off big wins.

Now comes the truly hard part for the GOP - actually making a difference. The same party that was unceremoniously voted out of power just two years ago is making a comeback on the heels of the Democrats' loose spending and a flawed health care reform package. Voters want fiscal responsibility and that is the basis of most every Republican win on the national level. But can the GOP provide it? The party failed miserably when it had control of the country's purse strings during the Bush administration. It's what led to President Obama's surge in the first place. And now, with a combative President in office, the most we can realistically hope for is small gains and a lock on the national bank account. Cuts will be hard to come by.

Hopefully, that will be enough.

On the local level, both Brown and Cain have big shoes to fill.

Brown is replacing Cletis Millsap, a veteran of county government and an outstanding public relations ambassador - which is a large part of the County Judge position. We are confident Brown will be up to the task.

Cain is supplanting one of the most effective state representatives Hopkins County has had in recent years. Mark Homer has been a fan and a friend to the city and county since he first took office in Austin and he was poised to have an even bigger leadership role in the state House in the coming years. Cain will have his work cut out for him.

It is the GOP's turn once again. For all our sake, let's hope they learn from mistakes and make the best of it.




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