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County Records Jan. 5-6, 2013

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Marriage licenses

George Silva and Avina Yesica B.Guadarrama


Thomas Oak Brown and Sharon Vernell Martin

Rickey Morris Ables and Constance Jo Johnson

Christopher Timothy Shaw and Patricia Ruth McFall

Barry Gene Washington and Lori Jean Washington

Donny Gene Henry and Amber Nicoah Dodd

Clyde L. Viers and Tammie Jacqueline Duck

John Charles Nichols and CIndy Marie Burleson


Land transactions

Gena Sawyer, independently and as successor trustee for the Edna Sawyer trust, to Manuel Anzaldua and Margret Anzaldua; tract in the S. Coy survey

Billy J. Clanton to Greg Fitzgerald and Chris Petty; tract in the Francis Hopkins survey

Kevin Lincycomb to Brandie Denise Cooper and Ronald Joe Cooper; tract in the Daniel Draper survey

Robert M. Lenington to Michael James Lenington; tract in the O. Barb survey

Sulphur Springs Hopkins County Economic Development to Northeast Texas Data Corporation; tract in the M.A. Bowlin survey

Carolyn S. Russell and James R. Russell to JRR Farms LTD LP; tract in the Thomas Norris survey

Carolyn S. Russell and James R. Russell to JRR Farms LTD LP; tract in the A. Caro survey

Carolyn S. Russell and James R. Russell to JRR Farms LTD LP; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey

Forest B. Hurley to Gail Brewer and Gerald Brewer; tract in the M. Ballanova survey

Doyle Wayne Potts, James L. Potts and Joseph Brian Potts to Judy Potts and Matthew Ryan Potts; tract in the Winnie Jewell survey

Helena G. Van Rijn, attorney, and Soeratinem Van Rijn to Ines Hildebrand, Susanne Ramirez and Charles Van Rijn; tract in the L.a. Cullum survey

Jack R. Adam to Delana K. Beadle and John Brian Beadle; tract in the Henry A. Reel survey

Johnny Flowers and Rita Flowers to Benny R. Kirkpatrick and Tilly Jean Kirkpatrick; tract in the John G. Procello survey

James E. Melson  to Benjamin B. Melson, Heidt G. Melson and James E> Melson Jr.; tract in the D.H. Agee survey

Maude Niblett, independently and as executor for the Charles Niblett estate, to the Brian Niblett trust; tract in the Wm Noble survey

Maria I. Perez to Edgar Sanchez, Heriberto Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, Mariana Sanchez and Mercedes Sanchez; tract in the Levi Landers survey

Alice Garza and Joe Garza to Federico Muro and Maria Muro; tract in the C.A. Galbreath survey

Charles Westbrook to Bernardo Banuelos and Cristina Banuelos; tract in the M.A. Bowlin survey

Bobby Bankston and Suzanne Thomas to Jason Horton and Jessica Horton; tract in the Elizabeth Mitchell survey

Earl W. Beeson successor trustee to Branita Beeson, Finley Leon Beeson, Clinton Coleman and Patricia Coleman; tract in the John H. Crook survey

Charlotte McDowell and William McDowell to Libba Land LTD; three tracts in Thomas Norris surveys

Charles B. Fielden to Sidney Scott Henderson; tract in the Joshua B. Hill survey

Clinlinta Beachum and Lenda Kay Pryor to Angela Zarco and Ricardo Zarco; tract in the Thomas Norris survey

E.W. Massey to Andrea Massey and Jeff R. Massey, co-trustees for Massey Ewell White 2012 GST exempt trust; tract in the Samuel Hough survey

E.W. Massey to Andrea E. Massey and Jeff R. Massey; tract in the J Y’Barbo survey

Randa Massey to Jeffrey Massey; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey

Jeffrey Massey and Randa Massey to Randy Hall and Ruthmary Hall; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey

Doris S. Herman to Gail Herman, Roy Herman Jr. and Gina Wilder; tract in the W.B. Benge survey

Bill Zahn, independent executor for the Jimmy M. Pratt estate, to Juan Barcenas; tract in the E. Melton survey

Samuel C. Ratliff to James Carver Ratliff and Samuel Bradley Ratliff; tract in the Hugh Barclay survey

D. Keith Dodson and Johnette F. Dodson to the Pickton Farm LP; tract in the Stephen Nichols survey

Neldon A. Smith and Tammie A. Smith to Neldon A. Smith; tract in the Mitchell Subdivision

Gary D. Speed and Larry D. Speed to Lisa Ann Pryor; tract in the U. Aiguier survey

Misty Abron and Triston Kentez Abron to Chris Diamond and Tanner Ragan; tract in the M.A. Bowlin survey

Northeast Texas Data Corporation to Net Data Partners; tract in the M.A. Bowlin survey

Kim Bowen, Brandon Cline, Josh Cline, Tim Cline, Donah Lamb, Hanna Cline Standberry and Lorene Stallard as independent executor and trustee for the Anita Cline estate to Betty Sue Crain and Doug J. Ferguson; tract in the M.A. Bowlin survey

Bryan Moore and Jacy Moore to Rebecca Berry and Ricky Berry; tract in the M.A. Bowlin survey

Carol L. Stoddard, Linda Carol Stoddard and Richard Timko to Michael Harris; tract in the Wm Castleberry survey

Gary Lewis to Joseph Wayne Archer; tract in the M.A. Bowlin survey

Laverl Edwards to Karl Ebel and Kelli Lebel; tract in the Henry L. Ward survey

Mandy L. Carmack and Jeremy C. Carmack to Taylor Ortiz; tract in the J.M Clay survey

Enrique Pulido and Rosa Pulido to Leticia Beles; tract in the John G. Procello survey

Lee Moore Blaine and Mandy Lea Blaine Carmack, attorney, to Jeremy C. Carmack; tract in the J.M. Clay survey

Brenda G. Stroud and Ricky J. Stroud to Alice Richey; tract in the M.A. Bowlin survey

C. Caddell and Jeffery Caddell to Jared Reece Cadell; tract in the Manuel Ybarbo survey

Jared Reece Caddell to Jeffery Randall Caddell; tracts in the James Webb survey


Divorces granted

Weston Dale Goldsmith and Betty Francis Goldsmith




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