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Antique tractors return to Fall Festival Sept. 19

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Antique tractors are returning to the Hopkins County Fall Festival this year as the Lake Country Antique Tractor Association gears up for the 4th annual tractor pull at the Hopkins Count Regional Civic Center in the air conditioned indoor arena on Saturday, Sept. 19, beginning at 10 a.m. and continuting until 4 p.m.

The tractors will pull a sled built by some of the Lake Country Antique Tractor Association (LCATA) members. The sled has an operator. The operator determines the gear ratio for each class and weight of the pulling tractor. For each weight class, the gear ratio is set and will not be changed until the tractor class changes. This gives each tractor puller a fair opportunity during the pulling contest. The smaller the tractor, the slower the gear ratio to pull the weight to the top of the sled. The concrete weights travel to the top of the inclined ramp, which transfers the weight to the front pad of the sled. The pad comes in contact with the ground causing friction between the pad and ground. This friction has a drag rating which will eventually determine just how far a tractor can pull the weight. This sled determines the capability of the pulling tractor.

Among the vintage farm vehicles that will be participating are small Farmall Cubs, Models A, B, and C, and small John Deere Models L, and LA, and H, some larger tractors, and some behemoths of different brands and colors. Each should pull the sled some 100-plus feet.

Each tractor must be weighed prior to being entered for the pull. The tractor weight determines the tractor class. A tractor may be entered in one weight class, but the operator may add additional weights so the same tractor can be entered into another weight class. There are normally about a dozen weight classes. Some of the big tractors will weigh about 10,000 pounds.

Announcers will give some specific information about a tractor or a class of tractors. To qualify for the Antique Tractor title, the tractors usually were built prior to 1970, the older the better.

There will probably also be some tractors that are not stock antique farm tractors. They are still antique tractors, but have something different, equipment that is not usually found in normal working farm tractors. These tractors are called “modified antique tractors,” and are said to be real crowd teasers and pleasers. These tractors will definitely keep the audience awake during the show. They do not compete with the normal antique farm tractors, however, as their modified motors and equipment provide them wth a advantage that is both unfair and a thrill to watch.

Plaques and ribbons are awarded to the winners.

Admission to the tractor pull will be $3 for adults, but children 12 and under ge in free. For more information call Bobby Neal ,903-439-7071 or 903-945-2722.




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