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City Manager's Report

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The following is the monthly report on city activities presented by City Manager Marc Maxwell to the City Council at the regular council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 4:

August 04, 2009




HOUSTON STREET — The Houston Street project continues to progress. The capital construction crew completed the street section between Mulberry and Davis including the intersection of Davis and Houston. Presently the crews are busy pouring all of the concrete driveway approaches as well as sidewalks.

Since last month’s meeting, things have gotten a little better with Oncor. A few of the most critical poles were moved, allowing the crews to finish pouring the street. Now we just need a few more to be moved so we can finish the sidewalks. The largest stumbling block seems to be that two of the poles to be replaced will be replaced with concrete poles instead of wooden ones. The concrete poles require a longer lead time. We don’t expect the concrete poles to be installed for a couple of more weeks, at best.

This all means that the project is behind schedule. We had originally hoped to be finished before school starts on August 24th. It now appears that we will not finish until mid-September.

Also, the project design calls for a four-way stop at the intersection of Houston and Church. TXDOT has denied our request to convert the intersection to 4-way. Church Street is a state highway. Later on this agenda you will find a resolution calling for a 4-way stop at the intersection. If passed, I will take the resolution to Austin and start visiting with TXDOT commissioners and senior staff.

CLAIMS – No liability claims were received in July. No Workers Compensation claims were received in July. We did have a lightning strike at the airport, however, that damaged quite a bit of electronic equipment including the telephone system and the copier. We have submitted a claim to Texas Municipal League.

MISCELLANEOUS – Elsewhere around the city, employees:

  • Fertilized all of the athletic fields.
  • Prepared fields for state tournament at Coleman Park.
  • Shredded around Coleman Lake.
  • Started trimming trees and removing dead trees at Buford Park.
  • Sold 12,168 gallons of Jet-A fuel and 1,910 gallons of AvGas.
  • Processed 468 tickets through the Municipal Court.
  • Responded to 247 animal control calls.
  • Placed 40 dogs and cats (75 percern) in adoptive homes.
  • Recertified all police radars.
  • Made four felony arrests in the Special Crimes Unit and filed 18 felony cases.
  • Wrote 455 tickets, recorded 91 offenses, responded to 49 accidents and made 89 arrests.
  • Checked out 6,643 books.
  • Responded to 95 fire/rescue calls including 2 structure fires.
  • Conducted 37 fire inspections.
  • Replaced four street signs.
  • Treated 170 million gallons of drinking water.
  • Made 42 street repairs (16 as a result of utility repairs).
  • Mowed 36 city properties.
  • Repaired baseball lights at Buford Park.
  • Installed timers on waterfalls at Coleman Park to reduce electricity costs.
  • Inspected runway lights.
  • Repaired flashing lights at crosswalk in front of the post office.
  • Repaired 18 water main ruptures.
  • Replaced 24 water meters and installed three water taps.
  • Unstopped 16 sewer mains.
  • Repaired four sewer mains and five sewer taps.
  • Treated wastewater to a daily average total suspended solids level of 1.90 parts per million.
  • Hauled 438 cubic yards of sludge to the landfill.



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