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Woman put in ‘violence cell’ after damaging jail computer

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A 55-year-old woman arrested for public intoxication following an assault investigation ended up in a “violence cell” at the county jail after she threw objects at a jailer and damaged a jail computer by dumping a glass of tea in it.

Police were called to an assault in the 300 block of Lee Street about 12:30 p.m. A nearby resident told officers Eddie Moon and Jameison Hawkins that his  next-door neighbors had been fighting.

The officers went to the home of the 55-year-old, but she refused to let them in her house. Officers wrote in reports that she was stumbling around the house, yelling about her neighbor, a woman some 8 years her junior.

She also had a severe cut on her thumb that needed medical attention, but she could not tell officers how it had been cut nor with what. Officer Eddie Moon kept asking her questions but she couldn’t or wouldn’t answer, although she did continue “rambling on about her neighbors, dogs, her residence and other subjects,” reports state.

Officers later talked to the victim, who said a prior altercation involving the 55-year-old’s son had left some bad blood between the two parties. The victim said she and her husband were in the back yard when the 55-year-old began yelling vulgarities at them. When the two women met at the fence, the victim told police, her neighbor attacked her, leaving scratches and cuts on her arm, face and neck.

Meanwhile, EMS personnel had been summoned to check on the older woman’s thumb, which was bad enough police believed it needed sutures.

While waiting for an ambulance, the 55-year-old tried several times to go back into her house but was stopped by police. She also continued to yell obscenities at the victim.

Officers suspected the woman was intoxicated, as she smelled strongly of drink and was unsteady on her feet, but she also displayed symptoms of having medications in her system, reports state. She had a “severe dry mouth” and talked with what sounded like a thick tongue. She also exhibited rapid mood swings and would go from being calm to aggressive in seconds.

When an ambulance arrived, she asked to be taken to the hospital. Once at the emergency room, however, she left on her own, but soon returned. Officer Matt Glenn found her after she returned and followed her when she ran into one of the rooms in the emergency department. The officer noted in  reports that when he made contact with her, she grabbed a bed and wouldn’t let go. He eventually gained control and took her into custody for public intoxication.

Once at the jail she continued to exhibit violent tendencies, cursing at the jail staff. At one point, she began “grabbing objects” and flinging them at a female corrections officer. She also “dumped” a glass of liquid, believed to be tea, into the jail computer, causing damage. For her safety and everyone else involved, she was put in  “violence cell” to await arraignment.

There were no indications the jailer was injured in the altercation. There were no estimates of the dollar loss to the computer or reports on the extent of damage to the equipment.

The woman remained in the county jail Thursday morning on the charge of public intoxication.




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