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Two-year-old fighting rare form of cancer

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Misty and Jason Floyd had no way of knowing a month ago when they took 2-year-old son Trent Caleb to the doctor for fever that it was the first step in what is expected to be a relatively lengthy battle with neuroblastoma.

And despite the lengthy medical treatments doctors predict will be needed, the Floyds said they have “such peace” inside and firmly believe Trent not only will get better but will be better sooner than doctors expect.

“We’re Christians,” said Misty Floyd. “I’m fully persuaded that God will heal him. He has the power and will heal him. We have strong faith in His ability. We believe in the word of God. We have such peace, indescribable peace.”

Mrs. Floyd said their son is a “fighter” and noted he’s already defying the odds. She explained the steps so far in Trent’s diagnosis and how he’s reacted to treatment.

First, the Floyds took Trent to the doctor after he’d been experiencing a fever. They were told it was likely from teething. He soon went back to the doctor for a bacterial infection.

“He spent three days in the ER here,” she said. “His left lung filled up with fluid. He was here a few days. They did a CT scan and found a mass in his chest. He was sent to Medical City Children’s in Dallas.”

At Medical City, medical officials told the Floyds that they had to get the fluid drained before they could begin addressing the mass. She said doctors indicated Trent’s left lung had collapsed and it was surprising that he was able to breathe as well as he did and that he didn’t experience worse pain due to his condition.

Medical officials were able to run tests and diagnosed Trent as having neuroblastoma, a type of cancer the Floyds are told is so rare it will affect only about 300 children in the country.

A biopsy showed that in addition to the mass, which is wrapped around his aorta, the cancer has also spread to Trent’s bone marrow, Mrs. Floyd explained.

“They started chemo immediately. He had five days of treatment. That was the first round,” said Floyd, noting that aside from some appetite loss and discomfort, Trent hasn’t experienced many of the side-effects many chemo patients experience. “He didn’t get sick.”

Trent was able to leave the hospital last Thursday after three weeks of treatments at Medical City..

She noted that if the mass in his chest is small enough, doctors will do the surgery to remove it. If not, it means more chemo sessions to try to shrink it. Trent is slated to under go a relatively new treatment called amenotherapy, which doctors hope will help keep the cancer from returning

The Floyds said since their only family in the area are sister and brother-in-law Tina and David Carrillo, who have been very supportive, their church family has really been a  tremendous source of comfort and support.

While the Floyds do have health insurance, it won’t meet all of the family’s needs.

The Trent Caleb Floyd Benefit Fund has been established at Guaranty Bond Bank for donations should anyone wish to assist the family. He will also require blood transfusions, and can get credit for donations made at blood banks and during local blood drives.

Trinity Harvest Church of God members have slated a blood drive as well as a lunch fundraiser, and are working to organize sign and bake sale fundraisers and hope to get local businesses to assist by allowing them to place collection jars at their establishments. Church members are also working with a local candle distributor to try to hold a candle fundraiser.

The blood drive by Carter Blood Care will be from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, July 26, at Trinity Harvest Church of God, located off Interstate 30 east at 1150 East Shannon Road. Blood donations to help Trent may also be made at any area blood bank or blood drive, by noting it is for Trent Floyd as well as SPON048240, any time. Blood donations do not have to be Trent’s blood type. Just noting it’s for the 2-year-old will give him credit.

Trinity Harvest Church of God will also be hosting a chicken spaghetti meal after church Sunday, Aug. 2, following the morning service, which generally ends around 12:15 p.m. The cost for the meal is by donation, with proceeds benefitting Trent and family.




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