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Father-son motocross racers love ‘challenge, excitement’ of the sport

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Lumps, bumps and bruises go right along with the thrills and spills of motocross, and Cary Blythe and his son, Cary Jr., or “Bubba” as he’s known to family and friends, have both had their fair share.

“We love the challenge and we love the excitement,” said Cary of the sport he and his 16-year-old son enjoy together. “Your chances of getting hurt are pretty good.”

According to Cary, he has endured a couple of broken ribs while Bubba has broken both legs (not at the same time, fortunately).

“It’s very physical. You’ve got to have quick reflexes,” Cary explained.

“Yea, it’s a little scary to see your son or husband go flying threw the air,” said his wife, Audra. “You just kind of hold your breath and hope they land right.”

Cary, who is also involved with the Christian Motorcycle Association, explained that motocross is a wonderful family sport that can involve the whole family.

“Even though it’s an individual sport, there is a huge family showing of support at the events,” he emphasized.

And it’s not just for males. His daughter Alanah, 13, rode straight and circle tracks for a period of time before finding more “girly” things to enjoy.

According to Cary, Bubba has been riding since age 6, and he himself, grew up riding all types of ATVs on a 365-acre ranch in Colorado.

“It was either ride horses or four-wheelers,” said Cary, who along with his family has lived in Hopkins County for the past six years. “I did both, but I always liked anything that goes fast; three-wheelers, four-wheelers, dirt bikes, snow mobiles.

“I’ve done it all,” he added with a laugh.

Though he has been riding ATVs most his life, he said he only recently started competing.

“It just started as a hobby, but I always wanted to race,” said Cary, explaining he has only been in competitions for the past two years, with Bubba joining in about a year ago.

Both have done well, Bubba on his Yamaha YZ 250F, and Cary with a Suzuki RMZ 450.

Cary’s last competition was at Buffalo Creek, north of Canton, at round one of the 2009 Big Texas Summer Night Series where he took first place in his class.

“It’s huge fun,” he said. “Motocross is one of those things you either really like or don’t.

“It’s a great father/son sport, whether riding or coaching. We get along way better at the track than we do at home,” he added with another laugh.




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