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Home News-Telegram News The time has come – ‘Celebrating 50 Years!’ - May 2009 Hopkins County Dairy Festival Udderances

The time has come – ‘Celebrating 50 Years!’ - May 2009 Hopkins County Dairy Festival Udderances

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We have kicked off the “Golden Jubilee” of Dairy Festival with lots of activity!

We hope you have all enjoyed the profiles of the former queens that Terry Mathews of this paper has written about. It is great fun to read about their Dairy Festival experiences, who helped them, and what their life has been up to now! The queens all mentioned what a great experience the entire festival was that it was a very memorable part of their lives and that it positively impacted their future lives - personally and professionally! They expressed their recommendations that young ladies of Hopkins County should not miss this opportunity to participate in something so special and unique.

As of now, we have attendance commitments from 30 former queens for the parade and 40 former royalty for the pageant! After our famous parade on June 13, the former queens will be treated to a luncheon at Mary Bonham’s home.

The Dairy Festival Board appreciates this newspaper’s staff and their work in getting these profiles printed each week. Also, kudos to David Watson for getting this process started and doing a lot of the initial leg work.

Usually the board moves into the new season in a rather leisurely pace, but not this year! Everyone is excited and we have had many congratulations on – and questions about – the 50th celebration, coming in from all over Texas and many other states. There are not many “small” local festivals that reach the “golden” mark. So, having been busy for months, here is some of the progress so far.

The slate of new officers includes as president Gena Prickette, vice-president David Black, treasurer Cindy Lancaster, secretary Carolyn McKinney, reporter Lonnie Fox, and historians Lynda Hager and Mary Campbell. So, if you have a questions, contact one of these officers!

We also welcomed new members Tracey Fox, David Watson and Mary Campbell (longtime board member returning).

We also really appreciated that we were able to move many of our inside events and meetings to the Southwest Dairy Museum, directed by Carolyn McKinney, one of our board members. The Southwest Dairy Museum General Manager, Mr. Jim Hill, has been generous and gracious in donating the museum’s facilities and Carolyn’s time and energy! The balloon pilots had seven different meetings there - some beginning before dawn! Thank you Mr. Jim Hill; it makes real sense for the Dairy Festival to have its activities in the Dairy Museum!

Mark your calendars now for the 2009 Dairy Festival: Friday, June 12 through Saturday, June 20.

Remember that the glorious hot air balloons kick off the festivities on Friday, June 12 as they fly in the evening sky! The balloon chairmen, Dr. David and Pam Black, had to turn away balloons last year due to available space and expense! The word is out among the balloonists that that Dairy Festival is a wonderful experience and that Hopkins County is the most hospitable of all festival hosts!

Yes, Dairy Fest has to obtain and spend money to support the balloons — which brings a great opportunity for you to experience a sponsorship and/or a partnership with a particular balloon and the balloon experience overall. Please contact David or Pam to find out how you can help and be a part of keeping the balloons flying at Dairy Festival. And if your business or organization is interested in being a part of a balloon crew, please contact David or Pam. Over 30 individual balloons plan to be here. We will be looking for help with general expenses — so commercial and corporate friends, please consider becoming a sponsor or a partner! Thanks!

And speaking of  “thanks,” Charles Askins of The Propane Company has been very generous in donating all of the propane gas necessary for the balloons each year. Even this year, in this economy, Mr. Askins has stepped up and has assured our balloon chairmen that he will fulfill all of the propane needed for the balloons to fly! Thank you!

Also that first weekend, be sure to catch the milking contest, enjoy the ice cream freeze-off, the Corvette show, and watch the balloons fly at dawn and at dusk! There is also a 5K run at 8 a.m. Saturday at Coleman Park and the 42 Tournament at 1 p.m. at the Civic Center Exhibit Hall. You do not want to miss a minute of these and all of the Festival events. Then on the next Saturday, June 20, we will have the Dairy Foods Contest (Johanna Hicks, 903-885-03443) and the NETLA Jr. Dairy Show (Amy Bowen, 903-488-2333).

At 7 o’clock that evening is when the 50th Queen’s Coronation Pageant takes place at the Civic Center. That day, 40 former Dairy Festival Queens will enjoy a brunch and have time to share memories. There will be a reception for them at 6:30 p.m. in the foyer of the auditorium, and they will each be introduced onstage during the pageant. The pageant tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door. Please purchase tickets from our lovely contestants, as they can win scholarship money for selling the most tickets! Scholarship money is also awarded to the queen and runners-up.

Our 2009 “Golden Jubilee” candidates for the 50th Dairy Festival Queen are (parents in parentheses): Katelyn Cody (Stacy and Kellie Cody); Brittney Woolley (Annette and Randy West, and Kevin and Juli Woolley); Callie Dennis (Mike and Holley Dennis); Daci West (Randy and Annette West, and Kim West); Elizabeth Sheffield (Charlie and Tammy Beliew); Daylan Burns (Bruce and Shannon Millard, and David and Tosha Burns); Jami Scroggins (Dickie and Amy Scroggins); and Mia Taylor (Freddie and Rita Taylor). All of these young ladies are juniors at Sulphur Springs High School and involved in many different school activities. They are recommended by letter from three sources, adults who know them personally, professionally and academically. The candidates are each sponsored by a commercial entity or community club. These young people are top-notch!

Since we have already chosen and voted on the parade marshals for 2009, we will announce them here and now: Randy and Sheila Koon and their family! Given that they are now TV stars (ESPN2), we hope they will still agree to serve as our 50th anniversary marshals! So look for the Koon family at the front of the parade, and please don’t miss any of the events. All Dairy Festival events (except the Pageant) are free and open to the public! See you there!




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