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Home News-Telegram News Main Street Theatre’s next play, ‘Gotcha!!,’ written by Community Players member; show opens Thursday

Main Street Theatre’s next play, ‘Gotcha!!,’ written by Community Players member; show opens Thursday

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An attorney sits in a WI-FI coffee bar, minding his own business. A beautiful blonde walks up to his table and – out of the blue – asks, “Will you marry me?” Did the guy have one too many grande lattes? Who is the bride? Is she for real? What happens if the attorney says yes? What happens if he changes his mind?

And what is marriage, anyway?

These are the questions at the core of “Gotcha!!” the Community Players’ new romantic comedy opening Thursday night at 7:30. The three-act play, written by Russ Korth and directed by Korth and David Woody, asks the audience to re-examine their view of matrimony. The plot has a lot of twists and turns, keeping everyone just a little off-center while wondering if the original questions will be answered. As with all light-hearted comedies, all’s well that ends well.

For the most part, the cast of "Gotcha!!" hit the boards well-rehearsed, knew their lines and were comfortable with their characters.

The relationship between the attorney (played by Philip Bickford) and his childhood friend, as played by Brandon Jones, is juvenile and familiar. They’re just a couple of goofy young men who refuse to grow up.

Serena Nekoti plays the mysterious bride and keeps her character’s true motivation pretty well hidden until the end of the action.

Tammy Vinson does a solid job in the role of coffee bar waitress who keeps her sense of humor, despite raising 10-year-old twin boys alone.

Additional comic relief is provided by Rex Talmadge as a customer who plays chess with Moe, a coffee bar version of Jimmy Stewart’s invisible friend Harvey.

The play’s strongest performance comes from Linda Mabe, the groom’s wise mother, an attorney herself. Although she loves her son, she is by no means blind to his faults. We should all have mothers this savvy.

The rest of the cast could take lessons from Mabe. During Tuesday’s dress rehearsal, she didn’t miss a beat, a line or the chance to be an effective maternal force. Although she doesn’t appear until the second act, she has been given the play's more memorable lines, which she delivers with complete confidence. Brava!

While “Gotcha!!” probably won’t make it to Broadway, the hard-working cast offers a light, pleasant evening of live theater right here in our neck of the woods.

“Gotcha!!” runs nightly May 7-9 and 14-16 at 7:30 p.m. at Main Street Theatre, 225 Main Street. Tickets are $8. Call 903-885-0107 for reservations, which are recommended.




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