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Fights, mayhem rule Saturday night in town

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Saturday night was a raucous occasion in the city of Sulphur Springs, with officers from three agencies needed to fully patrol and respond to reports of fights, gunshots fired and general disorderly conduct in and around Pacific Park, according to arrest and offense reports by police.

The wild night started around midnight Saturday with reports of a large fight involving what some said was an estimated 200 people at an event at the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center.

Two people were identified by officers as actively fighting. A Paris man, 19, was arrested just after midnight at the Civic Center by a city police officer and sheriff’s investigator for disorderly conduct-fighting. The other suspect managed to get away from police. At least one sheriff’s officer was reported to have been injured at the Civic Center and later received medical attention, according to arrest reports.

While still at the Civic Center, officers were notified large crowds were gathering at Pacific Park. Police responded. Several large groups were found gathered in clusters around the Grays Building. Patrols in the area were increased as sporadic fights began to break out

The crowds were settled down at one point, but officers were unable to get them to disburse. Deputies and, at some point, at least one Como officer, responded to assist, according to offense reports.

Four loud bursts from either gunshots or fireworks were heard in the area by officers. While officers were trying to get to the area where the sound was heard, police dispatchers advised they’d received reports of shots fired with one person reportedly wounded from gunfire.

Officers noted that crowds began running north through the park from near the Grays Building. Some police and and deputies headed toward Beckham Street to try to eliminate the threat there and look for wounded while another group of officers, noticing the large crowd still at the building, walked that direction.

People running by were noted to have been yelling and pointing at a black Chevrolet pickup, indicating that’s where the gun was located. Deputies and officers surrounded the truck and stopped it.

Police, weapons drawn, ordered the three men out of the truck. They were uncooperative and had to be forced out and put on the ground, according to police reports.

While cuffing one of the three Greenville men, officers noticed a revolver in the truck, in the center of the floorboard, where it would have been accessible to all three men. An officer carefully retrieved it and noted there were three spent rounds and one that appeared to have misfired in the pistol.
All three Greenville men, two aged 17 and one aged 19, were arrested for unlawful carrying of a weapon.

One of the 17-year-olds was treated by emergency medical services personnel for a facial laceration he told police he sustained when he was hit with something by someone in the crowd during a fight in the park, according to police reports.

Meanwhile, a Como police officer noticed a Crown Victoria leave the disturbance and stopped it for a traffic violation at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Oak Avenue. Police responded to assist.

The 19-year-old Greenville man driving refused to allow a search of the car. However, while walking around the car, a policeman saw a weapon partially wrapped in a cloth in plain view. The Greenville man said he simply carried it for protection. Police arrested the man, 19, for unlawful carrying of a weapon, because it was not concealed, according to arrest and police reports.

Around 2 a.m., police also broke up a disturbance on MLK Drive and Carter Street between a Commerce woman, 30, and a Sulphur Springs woman, also, 30, who was said to be her friend. The pair had been told several times by officers to leave the Pacific Park area after numerous disturbances and fights, according to police reports.

The Commerce woman was arrested for public intoxication. She was unsteady on her feet, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Alcohol was detected on her.

While being booked into jail, a female corrections officer found a clear bag with 10 blue tablets identified by Poison Control officials as hydrocodone/Tylenol while patting her down, which resulted in an additional charge for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.

The other Sulphur Springs woman was arrested for disorderly conduct. She refused to obey officers’ warnings to leave, and was said to be using profane language. She was very uncooperative toward officers, according to police reports.

Officers continued to check the area of the park but found no inidcators that anyone had been injured from the gunfire, police reports noted.




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